NASA Video Clip ‘Solar Tornadoes’ On Sunlight Fantastic Holy Bible Prediction

Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana reveal ‘Live’ video clip of fantastic Sunlight Solar Tornadoes (Paul does not have the video clip, however it launched by NASA and also being made use of for training function just).


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  1. ok i just want to say this i am a christian and i think we as people who have no idea how long our world has should stop trying to predict the end of the world it is pointless god says we will never know when the world ends only he does so stop trying to say the world will end itll end when it ends enough said leave it alone i say that your words are pointless because your not god or jesus or moses leave it alone

  2. hi paulim a 14 year old girl aand i would like you to make a video about something i experiesed recently in 2011 and 2012 well you see i live in akron ,ohio there are no train tracks around were i live there are none so i was going to sleep one night in my bed and i heard a train noise it went chuga chuga choo cho and i thought to my self wow sorry just watch my video paul repond please!!!!!well… i cant type every thing in here so ill make a videoon it please watch answer reply in a video

  3. believing in him is a lot different than worshiping him. You could believe in god's message though you have no idea who he is, doesnt change anything. Its not an exclusive club, everyones invited. It's about the love emanating from your heart. If you have it, than you have god xD

  4. @belovedgirltoHim I hate this, no where in the bible does it say you "have to believe in god" or you "have to confess your sins" to get into heaven. God doesnt want us to worship him, he wants us to empower ourselves, to the point of us sitting beside him, not under. It is a myth that he wants us to feel guilty, guilt only leads to hatred. It is not a Holy emotion. For the past couple of thousand of years we've been tricked into living in fear

  5. @Strafetyy Not saying the bible is bs, just saying to be aware of what your reading. I still believe its a highly benificial book, written with the intent to help make us aware. Especially the book of enoch as well as other banned stories.

  6. Theres a lot more than just the bible that leads judeo christians to believe in God. Its a very small part of the whole picture actually. A lot of major religions are based on one central, interchangeable idea. The idea that we are seperate from each other is the real illusion

  7. Do you not realize that your whole interpretations on christianity lie within a book full of testimonies of MAN, that means accounts written by people of what they saw thousands of years ago. People were way less smart back than, they didnt have the frame of reference to explain a lot of these events correctly. On top of that the religion (along with all religion) has been tampered with for the past couple thousand years, most of the content has either been misinterpreted or banned since than

  8. You guys know nothing of true judeo christian teachings. god gave us free will, that means we were given the path to choose the ideals we believe in. God didnt create all these problems of man, we simply chose it, he loved us enough to let us decide whats right for ourselves. Everyones opinion is as valid as the next. Thats why Lucifer and the rest of the fallen angels are allowed to exist.There's much that can be learned from suffering, this world is but a blink in the eye of eternity

  9. @VideoAudioDisco09 our sun is turning into a white dwarf, that has not happened before. Second of all this has not been going on for billions of years, atmospheres across the solar system are deteriorating as seismic activity and core temperature of each planet is sky rocketing. Oddly enough our sun is going down in temperature, so to say this has been happening with the same magnitude throughout billions of years would be completely false.

  10. @VideoAudioDisco09
    Religion is man-made. Jesus changed peoples hearts and as such hospitals, shelters, and food banks – to name a few – were started by people touched by the love of Christ.
    Simplest scrutiny? The only adequate argument you have is that science cannot prove God so therefore God is non-existent. Really? They only recently discovered something in space called dark matter and they are still trying to understand it, so does that mean it didn't exist before they found it?

  11. @BaconPeach
    dripping disdain for God. You are using words to fool yourself, I don't share the Delusion.
    dripping disdain for Religion, its doctrine, dogma's and history of repression.
    I can not hate what is not there, that is illogical.
    I have read the Babble and a good deal of the history surrounding its construction.
    It is clear that it can not stand the simplest scrutiny and thats why it is called a faith based religion. I detest diliberate ignorance.

  12. @VideoAudioDisco09
    You have obviously not read the Bible. How spectacularly biased and judgmental of you to make such claims without ever attempting to actually research or get to know Jesus.
    I see from your YouTube page that you have nothing but dripping disdain for God. It almost seems like it is your driving force to tear God down. How strange. I hope you do find a relationship with God, but He gave us free choice, so it will not be forced on you (BY GOD).

  13. @flib08

    I like to point out to theists that are anti evolution, science and reality.
    That the thoery is acctually called common decent and is used to explain the fact of evolution. They still don't get it but it is technicaly more accurate I think.
    It shows a theory is a set of testable explinations of an observable fact.
    However you are fighting against the profoundly Ignorant and mentally disturbed, good luck brother.

  14. How desperate are you. Get the facts first.
    These Solar Events have been going on for billions of years, just we now have the technology to see it. It is not new only our knowledge of it. Earth has weather the Sun has weather.

    Hunter's moon or Blood moon, the first full moon after the Harvest Moon happen every year.

    What century has ther not been all the problems, war, famine, leaders diposed. Again normal activity repeated over and over since recorded history.

  15. @flib08
    Again, you keep pointing out the errors of MAN. Yes, people are cruel in this world. Jesus died on a cross because people were consumed by hatred. Man has been like that since the fall from Eden. We keep relying on our own shortcomings rather than the glorious power and love of God.
    I am not debating that the Big Bang happened. It very well could have. I watched a few videos about how they think it might have been created when two dimensions split. Maybe God's vs ours?

  16. @BaconPeach He may preach love and forgiveness but that is not what happened to people who wanted to voice their own opinion? If I was to say I'm an atheist years ago I would have been murdered for not having a religion, that is NOT love and forgiveness. God did not create science, science was born straight after the big bang once the laws of physics were put into place and they have been the same ever since the big bang and will not change. Your argument about it being God's creation is invalid

  17. @flib08
    Okay, fair enough. You are not a fan of religion, because religion is only man-made, hence, full of errors. That still doesn't explain why you would refuse to read the Bible or seek any understanding about Jesus. He was preaching love and forgiveness which I think every human being longs for.
    Science is a wonderful thing because it is understanding and appreciating God's beautiful and mysterious creation.

  18. @flib08
    You refuse to read a book you obviously critique. Isn't the scientific community all about research, reading, studying, and then making a conclusion? How can you possibly make a conclusion surrounding Jesus if you have made no attempt to even understand Him? The Bible is not full of complete junk, but filled with (especially NT) how to treat one another – Love and forgiveness. What is so repulsive about that?
    Peace be with you.