Disney for Homosexuality|Revelation Update



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  1. Could you explain why you think homosexuals should not be incorporated? They go back to before the time when Disney said explicitly these characters were gay. You idiots are so obsessed with this notion of association with homosexuality as a sin- it’s not. You neglect to mention that all tribal humans before the Abrahamics, the Greeks & Romans also, utilized homosexual relations. Come off it already. We’re here. We’re queer and you better get used to it, Zealots.

  2. I remember when I was little and the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast came out in the 1990s and back then I wasn't able to see the indoctrination and Progressive agenda.
    There are more than one in that movie, one of them being beastiality that God totally forbids, and another there is homosexuality. Towards the end of the movie, when the Beast turns back into a human and the whole castle is celebrating and the brast and Belle are dancing, the guy that was once the Lemur, who played the Candlestick guy and the butler guy, I don't know what character he played but they ended up hugging and kissing one another and it was real quick and real subtle but it took one of the males by surprise, but then he kind of just brushed it off and went with it the big smile on his face. I know this because recently when I was at a children's doctor appointment that movie was playing, for the whole lobby! Now, seeing it as an adult, and having the discernment that I do, praise God! I can now see that this has been going on for a long time. Disney has a lot of anti-god subliminal messages and agendas and they consciously know it, that is their purpose.

  3. Well some may ask what is it alternative to Disney. I would say why does there have to be in alternative. If you have enough going on in your home and a family life with your children books interaction vacations spending time together. They won't miss it. My son took my granddaughters to Disney they were not impressed he went to Disneyland and they have no desire to go back. They have been raised in church all of their life even though their parents aren't saved. They would just rather go on ride somewhere else it didn't impress them. The French came out with a Beauty and the Beast movie I think you can get it here on YouTube or Netflix and it doesn't have any homosexuality or anything like it. It's clean-cut and pretty good if you want to do the Fairytales thing.