Homosexuality in the Last Days

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  1. The whole agenda of homosexual tyranny will radically backfire (similarly with radical feminism) whichever perspective examines it. The prophecies of Christianity obviously presents to it an unassailable barrier.  But even from a secular perspective, the moral and demographic fallout will inevitably result in a mass widespread backlash against homosexual rights that will be the antithesis of its present cause.  Brainwashing is soon rinsed out of people's minds when the reality of resultant pain and misery begins to overshadows its platform. The Nazi's discovered that in Germany. They also went for the minds and hearts of their youth.  It wasn't retained when the desecration of life was felt and revealed.  Neither will homosexuals or radical feminists. No one, no ideology, can ever reinvent humanity. Whenever it has been attempted it has always created a living hell.

  2. every day more and more heterosexual men are willing to have some type of homosexual acts with another male. either if it's just a hand job, blow job' or more… it seems like there's something demonic out there making them make these decisions. the internet has something to do with all this

  3. the wisdom of God is stupidity to the perverted fools who choose to reject the truth and establish their own Satan worshiping ways. ….you either serve God by obeying his word or you serve Satan rejecting God's way to establish your own…..Satan is your father if you can't stand God's truth to the point that it makes you go crazy!!! gays and lesbians don't want to believe they're going to hell. …ok. it's your choice. ..but. …calling God a lier isn't smart at all. ….

  4. There's 7 billion and counting people on the planet, and there's whatever advocating alternative lifestyles

    so retards like him think that being human automatically means that the 7 billion people on this planet are meant to get married , to a man or woman , have kids and all the other BS religitards come up with

    tell me what has homosexuality got to do with the heterosexuals who rape , sexually abuse , and murder their own kids , and each other , also cheating on their partner with others and having kids with them , it's a long list of things

    my point s wtf has it to do with homosexuality ? all i can see in this crap video is some ignorant in denial delusional religiously retarded finger pointing crackpot looking to blame others for what they inflict upon themselves

    i never knew religion or your god requires you to become obsessed with and by homosexuality , oh well i suppose they'll use any lame excuse

  5. Revelation 18:2-3 NKJV
    [2] And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird! [3] For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury."

  6. brother, I hear what you are saying but I am telling you, that you are about to be deceived. yes, if Hillary gets in she will continue the homosexual agenda, and liberal destruction of the United States. but why can't people understand that the Republicans never do anything that is good for the country either. they are not going to repeat these homosexual biased laws even if Trump gets in. Secondly, and more importantly you guys are deceived if you think that Trump is on your side. based on the hegelian dialectic, I know, I repeat I know that he is a Deceiver. The Democrats and the Republican parties, including the green and Centrist parties, has been in the hands of the enemy for decades. there is a new world order that is going to be brought in according to Revelation and Daniel. Frankly according to all of the prophetic books, this is going to happen. But they specifically on Daniel and revelation the Ten Kings are going to be set up on this Earth. The 10 Kings are the United Nations New World Order. Revelation that says that these Ten Kings will rule for a short period Of time and give their power to the Beast. then the Beast will run the New World Order just like it was in the days of their previous period of power , the Dark Ages. question? who was the most powerful organization who controlled all the kings of the earth and the people and enforced by Death , the worship of the people, and a rich vs poor Society during this Dark Ages? this was an agrarian society based on land owners being controlled by this beast power and then controlling the people under them. It was the Roman Catholic Church. Have you seen any of the Pope's running around busy in all the countries of the world lately? why is it that the Liberals who complain about anything that remotely looks like church and state , including prayer in school and the Ten Commandments on the wall, have never opened their mouths to complain about the Roman Catholic Church having a Ambassador to the United States government. if anything is a violation of the Constitution and is a mix of church and state , it is allowing a nation that is a church and state to have an ambassador to our country. and just who was it that gave them this ambassador? Ronald the traitor Reagan. I voted for that Wicked Man and he knifed protestantism in the back. today Protestants have become so dumbed down, that they do not see the danger that is approaching. but brother getting back to my original thought, Donald Trump is not your answer. if you all had any reasoning ability whatsoever , you would all write in a person that you know and Trust for president. you've been warned. Hillary and Trump are good friends. What does the Bible say brother? can two who are not agreed walk together? no they cannot.

  7. I have already discussed this with my 8 year old. I have taken her to the bible and showed her homosexuality is wrong. I decided to lay my impression on that issue on her before anyone else tries to pollute her mind and tell her anything different. God bless and help us all we are in the last days.

  8. This guy spends an awful lot of time whining about Obama, all while forgetting the following Romans 13:1-2:

    "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except by God’s appointment, and the authorities that exist have been instituted by God. 2 So the person who resists such authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will incur judgment "

    Notice how it doesn't say that Christians in the United States determine through voting who has authority. It says very clearly there is no authority that God did not put in place.

    Therefore, all of this whining about Obama and the LGBT laws of our nation (a nation which, by the way, clearly is defined in its founding documents as having NO ESTABLISHED RELIGION), is a resistance of the ordinance of God and will incur judgment.

    The United States military does not represent God or the Bible. It represents the FREEDOM of what the Constitution of the United States of America was written to establish.

    Now shut the fuck up.

  9. I believe Obama was chosen by the elite to blame a color man for all of these things happening. Obama should be as
    shame of all those ideas that go against the good moral and the order we had. He is a shame to his family and all the rest of us Americans. I am glad I did not vote for Obama and I believe, yes, it is an abomination all of that they are doing to the children and our society.

  10. I am a Christian, that is considered homosexual. I pray without ceasing, I ask for forgiveness, I believe that there is one and only God, our Holy Father, Jehovah (God). His son is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I don't believe in gay marriage and will not disrespect that. Am I still damned to spend eternity in Hell?

  11. We can NOT look at Trump and his 3 wives then can we??? They are all devils. Go somewhere and pray about this country. And y'all white churches need to spread love among the races. There is no law against that in the Bible. It's vote for the devil's priest or the devil himself. Furthermore, Trump and Clinton are in collusion. Stay woke!

  12. Homosexuality is not a sin or moral failure. Most gays suffer with the realization that they're gay for years, until they finally accept it.
    They then find joy, satisfaction, accomplishment, and all things humans care about.
    Homosexuality is just a part of this life, period.
    "End Times" has been going on for thousands of years.
    Really, it's about time you come up with something different.

  13. Wow…you all are certainly on the Trump Train even though his personal position supporting gay marriage and LGBTQ special rights is well documented, including his "shout out to the community" at the convention. He also interestingly did not mention Religious Rights or Sanctity of Life during his long acceptance speech. In addition, he crafted a convention that for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY had delegates from either party pray to FALSE GOD's. Donald Trump is not our friend any more than Hillary Clinton is our friend.


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