Satisfaction TransNation: LGBT’s Battle on Christians & God of the Holy Bible (2016)|HD

The LGBT Motion is fighting on Christian households, God and also the Church. Risk to talk your point of view or teach from the Scriptures you intolerant chauvinist hater? #pridetransnation Christians do not dislike the LGBT Neighborhood they simply have solid scriptural sentences that it’s incorrect and also plainly there is a program to take apart any kind of Christian precepts and also values in culture. Awaken! Resistance goes both methods & Satisfaction comes prior to the loss.

There is a distinction in between an individual that is a LGBT and also a LGBT activity. God likes everyone, all of us have actually sinned and also while we were yet sinners, yet He likes us. It has actually been challenging for all Christians to withstand this activity due to the fact that nobody wishes to explain the transgressions of others. While we are so very carefully being silent, shocking trainings have actually been tried in our public institutions. Priests have actually been endangered with claims, local business are being compelled to join tasks they prefer to not provide due to the fact that it protests our belief. Did anybody actually desire a priest to be compelled to wed them or was/is there a program to be had?

Michael Swift’s Gay Statement of belief wased initially released in February 1987 and also was labelled “Gay Revolutionary.” It was reprinted in the Congressional Document without the opening line defining it as an”eruption of inner rage on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor.”

The opening line is consisted of listed below. The remainder is public document.

We will sodomize your boys, symbols of your weak manliness, of your superficial desires and also off-color lies. We will attract them in your institutions, in your dorms, in your gyms, in your storage locker spaces, in your sporting activities fields, in your academies, in your young people teams, in your theater washrooms, in your military bunkhouses, in your vehicle quits, in your all male clubs, in your homes of Congress, anywhere males are with males with each other. Your boys will become our minions and also do our bidding process. They will certainly be modified in our picture. They will certainly involve long for and also love us.

Females, you sob for liberty. You state you are not pleased with males; they make you miserable. We, lovers of the manly face, the manly body, will take your males from you after that. We will certainly entertain them; we will certainly advise them; we will certainly welcome them when they weep. Females, you state you want to deal with each various other as opposed to with males. Go and also be with each various other. We will offer your males satisfaction they have actually never ever understood due to the fact that we are primary males as well, and also just one male understands how you can absolutely please an additional male; just one male could recognize the deepness and also sensation, the body and mind of an additional male.

All legislations prohibiting homosexual task will certainly be withdrawed. Rather, regulation will be passed which creates love in between males.

All homosexuals need to stand with each other as siblings; we need to be joined creatively, philosophically, socially, politically and also monetarily. We will certainly accomplishment just when we provide an usual face to the ferocious heterosexual opponent.

If you risk to sob faggot, fairy, queer, at us, we will certainly stab you in your afraid hearts and also dirty your dead, undersized bodies.

We will create rhymes of the love in between males; we will organize plays where male honestly touches male; we will make movies concerning the love in between brave males which will certainly change the inexpensive, shallow, emotional, subdued, adolescent, heterosexual infatuations currently controling your movie theater displays. We will form statuaries of stunning boys, of vibrant professional athletes which will certainly be put in your parks, your squares, your plazas. The galleries of the globe will certainly be loaded just with paints of elegant, nude boys.

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  1. Equal rights for all of them and no rights for us. Children need to be taught by us not the govt. this is beyond acceptable. We have no rights to our beliefs. They hate Yah!!, they are obviously worshipping Lucifer given the extreme hatred displayed against "peaceful" Christians merely speaking of the love of God.

  2. Psalms 2 is more enjoyable than this. Satan is full of lies, there is NO TRUTH in him. Repeating his false claims is unprofitable. Instead, repeat God's promises of victory, God's judgment to come on all the wicked. Don't worry about the goats, FEED the SHEEP for a change.

  3. That's the spirit of the Devil working in these people. That's why someone speaking up makes them so animalistic. This is the same thing that happened to the Prophets of ancient Israel and the followers of Christ. The Word of the Lord cuts down to the root of sin. We all feel this when the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and this leads us to repentance. But to the lost, the conviction of sin only leads them to harden their hearts. They become hateful animals and they act as such. Before the stoning of Stephan, Stephan gave the clear truth to the Pharisees who crucified the Messiah. Instead of humbling their hearts and repenting, they gnashed their teeth in anger, took up stones and killed Stephen. And for what? For telling them the truth.

    These people, deep in their hearts, know that they are wrong but they hate that truth so they desire to destroy the truth. I hope that they repent and find the true peace that comes from the Lord.

  4. NBP. The mile stone, of the hybrid human civilized historic culture, can be measured by the Sargon and Hammurabi Bronze Age governance, of kingship orderly society. In retrospect there is the recorded civilized movement, of all peopled groups. Significantly, no sodomy group or government people, is recorded in 200,000 years of natural society; and no mad men oligarchy in conquest, dropping atomic bombs, like that of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you know the rest of that story. The gods polytheistic world, has now changed by Caucasian A.D. anno domini new world order. What is that all about? The first criminal overthrow by the white crazy men of the Etruscan government, was never tolerable in 509 B.C. nor is it tolerable today. Those who read history, know about the first criminals of human corruption, started with a small group, at some point in time, identified themselves, as fake Romans. But sodomy made them seriously mentally ill, and make it difficult to hide their cultural aberration, and so their regime failed. In AD 406 and 419 the Romans lost a great deal of their empire to different German tribes. The Franks conquered northern Gaul, the Burgundians took eastern Gaul, while the Vandals replaced the Romans in Hispania. The Israel commonwealth, was overthrown by the parent Romans in 63 B.C., and the U.S. was overthrown by them with millions of casualties. What these sick white men soul really want, besides sodomy sex which makes them so dishonest, unfriendly and frenzy? This oligarchy is the first terrorist group known on Earth, and became the only superpower, and the only one of its kind. That is by reason of the invented vacuous spirit-God, of the monotheism Christian bible, which created a fictional, imagined epiphany world, and which many people with unnatural thinking believe in it. Yes people can't get enough of the white men mad sodomy character called a spirit-God, and the garden of Eden, sin ans curse– all by unnatural thinking, which flows from much white men sodomizing. Now these psychopaths, are living in sodomy fantasy, with the greatest military, and a foreign policy to dominate all nations on earth. With an attitude that they are not terrorist, not sodomites, not rouge; but the leader of a moral human world… ironically it's the Jekyll and Hyde character, that works well for 2017 years! These same men need no more evidence, for their hormonal suffering, from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. So why the white men U.S. military seeking, to brand North Korea as a world threat terrorist, and deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth? Are the gods Apollo and Marduk watching all of this?

  5. Gotta love being hated by both sides and I frankly want little to nothing to do with either. Gotta love being a Christian who likes dudes. And frankly, this video just shows and proves how hateful many "Christians" are.

  6. I can understand for what you people stand for against the Zionist jew,.

    But yet in your ignorance you shown just how divided and manipulated the brotherly loving Christians really are, by bleating quotations from the bible calming them to be the words of god, when in fact it is man-written.

    trying to scape-goat homosexuals, by saying they are destroying the family unit or they're evil.

    There is good and bad in every race, gender and sexuality corruption, degeneracy and immorality exists in all people. But yet you fail to realize that the Jews are the ones who are destroying & dividing us by promoting false causes and turning us against each other.

  7. LGBT people only seek equality and the rights that are guaranteed to them through the U.S. constitution. Those rights were denied to LGBT people largely through the oppression of Christians and Christian hatred taught against them from the pulpit. Sexuality is not a choice! There is no Gay agenda and Christians are not oppressed in any way, shape or form in society. There is a church on practically every corner and a bible in every hotel room. There are Christian talk shows, radio stations, universities, schools, publication corporations, rock bands, summer camps, tent revivals, broadcasting networks etc etc. Nothing has been taken away from you. The reason that LGBT people have won their rights through the supreme court is because there is no valid reason to deny them. Christians do not have the right to discriminate against LGBT people or ANY people. Society recognizes that ALL of our citizens deserve equal treatment, including those of different sexualities. We are a secular society that guarantees each and every citizen equality and justice through our constitution. Christianity is wrong about LGBT people and none of their arguments against them hold an ounce of truth. You had your chance in court to argue against marriage equality and you could not come up with a single valid reason to deny it, THAT is why we have marriage equality today. Stop playing the victim card because you lost the delusional and self defined right to discriminate against LGBT people. Jesus did not reject or judge anybody for any reason. Try living by his teachings. No doubt I will receive all kinds of abuse from you so called "Christians" for speaking the truth.

  8. That Pastor is right! ALL sexual sin is a CHOICE! Why do homosexuals think that their sin should be celebrated? No one else in other sexual sins can do that. We all must deny ourselves! Deny that flesh that is so weak, no matter if you believe you were born that way or not. This is why we all must be BORN AGAIN! They need to stop with the whole "born that way"… they still choose who they have sex with! End of story.

  9. This video is very disturbing…these people want respect and acceptance, yet you gotta give a little, to get a little I've had LGBT friend's and they've never been as radical as the people in the video????

  10. My wife INSISTED we take my 29yo Lesbian Step-Daughter to Puerto Rico on vacation with us this past Feb. One evening she tipped the party bottle too many times, then lit into me about how I should be conducting my marriage to HER Mother! I told her she wasn't qualified to instruct me on anything because #1 she'd never been married to a man, and #2, she was dating a woman! She completely wigged out, swung a cooking pot at me, missed, bent it on the counter, then picked up a kitchen utensil and cut my arm as I raised it to protect myself. Sodomites are ANGRY, AGRESSIVE, and vile individuals. NoOne will convince me otherwise……
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