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When males started to raise in number on the planet as well as children were birthed to them, the kids of God saw that the children of males were stunning, as well as they wed any one of them they picked. The LORD stated, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.” The Nephilim were on the planet in those days– as well as additionally later– when the kids of God went to the children of males as well as had youngsters by them. They were the heroes of old, males of renown.” Genesis 6:1 -4.

We frequently picture the Days of Noah, from a Sunday institution perspective with a type of charming little tale with the pets boarding the Ark in sets while Noah gladly views, a type of Disney-ish-Zippity-Doo-Dah scene with vocal singing as well as dance. Not! A mindful evaluation of the Holy bible tale paints fairly a various image, even more like something from the X-Files. If God damaged all living points besides Noah as well as his household due to Wrong worldwide, after that we had much better all be walking using lifejackets!

The length of time can you walk water?


” When males started to raise in number on the planet as well as children were birthed to them, the kids of God saw that the children of males were stunning, as well as they wed any one of them they picked. The LORD stated, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.” The Nephilim were on the planet in those days– as well as additionally later– when the kids of God went to the children of males as well as had youngsters by them. They were the heroes of old, males of renown. The LORD saw just how fantastic guy’s improbity on the planet had actually come to be, which every disposition of the ideas of his heart was just wicked constantly. The LORD was regreted that he had actually made guy on the planet, as well as his heart was loaded with discomfort. The LORD stated, “I will certainly clean the human race, which I have actually developed, from the face of the planet– males as well as pets, as well as animals that relocate along the ground, as well as birds of the air– for I am regreted that I have actually made them.” Genesis 6:1 -7.

God looked as well as did not like exactly what he saw, God regreted! His heart was loaded with discomfort as he stated that he was going ruin, wipeout, obliterate the human race, as well as the pet populace of the planet. He saw the improbity of the human race as well as besides Noah as well as his household all would certainly be eradicated. The countdown started as well as God being complete of elegance as well as grace offered production 120 years of advising!

Exactly what was actually going on? Exactly what were the days of Noah actually such as? Exactly what was life like prior to the flooding?

Why was Noah as well as His household the just one conserved from the flooding.

Every little thing you constantly would like to know regarding the Nephilim as well as the Return of the Nephilim.

Discover Devils, Fallen Angels as well as the Holy Spectator’s.

Why the Lord describes the the Days of Noah as resembling the present times in which we live.


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  1. the ignorance of some people is exactly what God warns us of in the New Testament, they have eyes but do not see, they have ears but do not hear, they have brains but do not use them. awake from your slumber and actually read the entire Bible, and not just once, or twice or three times…but many times…otherwise you do not understand what it is saying. you react to a message you don't understand and never will unless you read and pray. God Bless and Good Job on this post..Thank you!

  2. please tell me what septuaginrt translation we can find bnai elohim is written as 'angels of God' I have often seen this written as you have but never have i been able to find this term 'angels of God' in any translation anywhere for myself.

  3. Sure, let's build a theme park celebrating the mass genocide of every man, woman and child on earth… You people are fucking SICK…… They should paint a big Swastika on the side of it so they can celebrate the Holocaust as well…..Assholes, I hope they burn this piece of shit to the ground….

  4. If you are a christian you have an OBLIGATION to use your brain and with the truth that God has given us. The days of Noah that Jesus explains has NO reference at all about " nehpilum" nor does genesis 6, out of your own explanation look at what it says nephilum comes from the word nephal meaning fallen , there is NO mention of angels only man being fallen as it clearly states shortly thereafter, giants may not have been the most accurate word as we use it today but it is translated as their reputation , that is the sad case of the condition of the church today as well that many christians are being influenced by the world today, not fallen from grace ie; losing your salvation but walking away from Gods leading.If it were this alien prodigy then why didn't God wipe out all the " demons" instead of man . I am on htis site as there are many great teachings on here and the beginning of genesis is my favorite but I have to say I am tired of listening to christians promote this erroneous garbage.

  5. Genesis 6 talks nothing of fallen angels, it clearly states the fall was all mans doing, nephilum is a niv. bad intrepretation of the sons of God from Job, the sons of God are also already there before the supposed intermarraige with humans, this is only a fable that is being taught today that is horsefeathers!

  6. Only ONE book tells the truth?
    The Bible is a collection of historical records and religious instructions.
    The initial chapters of the Book of Genesis, recounting "Creation", are a mere synthesis of the Sumerian Tale of Creation.
    Many 'real characters' of Genesis mirror 'mythical heroes' of other People's historical recollections.
    In the original Hebrew, the "fallen Angels" are NOT fallen but "descend from above" and DO have a name, they are the Malakhim who generate the Nephilim (half breeds).
    So neither has anything demonic in their nature, much less "corrupt". Being halfbreeds (mulattos?) their character may have not been thesame as 'humans' but this has nothing to do with 'the Coming of the Messiah' .NOWHERE in Genesis does it say the Nephilim were evil! Quite the contrary, they were HEROES!God decided to save Noah because, as it says in Sumerian tablets which are thousands of years older than the writing down of the Book of Genesis, "Noah is ne of our kind". Does this make Noah a Nephilim? How on earth can a man and his three sons build an ARK that size, in four people alone? Ask any modern naval carpenter, it can't be done. The size itself of the Ark defies the laws of physics.
    All in all… this "Bible Prophecy" is one big bogus way of making money.
    Nothing more than a money making machine.
    "I knew Ron Hubbard before he ever started Scientology. I was in a writing group with him in Greenwich Village and he kept saying, 'You know, the only way to make any money, you can't do it with pulp writing, you got to, you start a religion.' And nobody took him very seriously. "Lyle Stuart — quoted in A&E Staff (December 14, 1998). "Inside Scientology". A&E Investigative Reports (A&E Network). Retrieved on 2007-11-01.

  7. Ezek and Ish are speaking of after the white throne judgement. Put a piece of paper in fire and it is consumed forever!!!! That's the Hebrew idiom – EVERLASTING FIRE. Understand BOTTING OUT – GONE FOREVER!!!!! Ezekiel ch28 explains Satans(Lucifer) Sin and his punishment, which is DEATH. That death doesn't happen till after the millennium, except for the 7,000 fallen angels which are blotted out at his second coming. Jesus Christ was to come from the seed(decendants) of the MAN ADAM in genesis 2:7 created on the 8th day. This is a different man than the ones created in Genesis 1:26 on the 6th day. Satans plan was to ruin the seed of THE MAN ADAM(2:7 from the 8th day not 6th – read it its documented in the word of God, not my opinion) so that Christ could not be born thus trying to save himself. God tells us – Behold, I have told you ALL things. Understanding Gods plan (and Satans) is very simple if you read, study, rightly divide and keep the subject matter in-line. Ive given you the scriptures that DOCUMENT what I have wrote – if you read it then it will make sense. Its easy to take a verse and surmize an opinion. To understand requires prayer, study, and a little bit of checking out gods word. Hebrews

  8. Satans only plan was not to ruin every race, but to ruin the decendants of ADAM. Jesus was to come from Adams decendants. That's why the bible only mentions Noahs lineage(Hebrew) and no other races.  It states in genesis that Noah and his sons and their wives were the only pure Hebrew(adamic) people left on earth. This was the biblical purpose of the flood. Note also that noah was commanded to take ALL FLESH. People are flesh. Any races in the area of the flood at the time of noah were also taken aboard the ark. The end of evey human is inconsistent with the flood story. The subject matter in the manuscripts is "the decendants of the man Adam" not all the other races. The races were created on the 6th day, yet THE MAN ADAM(eth hawadam in Hebrew) was created on the 8th day. The flood was to destroy the Geber of genesis, not every race. The bible is very easy to understand and makes perfect sense if we rightly divide the word of God.

  9. I believe the sons of God were the angelic beings who mixed and matched ,not only themselves with man ,plants and animal,but animals and men.I believe that these tares made their way into the post flood world by way of Noah's son('s) wife/wives.The Bible only says that Noah was of pure genealogy,but I believe it would extend to His wife because two people become one flesh,and Noah's sons would have been of this holy union,but not necessarily Noah's son's wives.God hates divorce,so if their wives were tainted I don't believe that God would  have had them divorce them.The parable of the tares and wheat,as told by Jesus,tells us that tares are born tares and die tares,the wheat are God's people chosen before creation.I believe this is the key to understanding God's elect vrs what is called 'the wicked".,the goats,the sons of the devil ect.Jesus told the evil pharisees that they didn't believe in Him because they were not of His sheep,not that they weren't sheep because they didn't believe.The Arminian gospel is that Jesus died for every individual,the Bible says all men,as in Jews and Gentiles,not Jews alone.God has people(sheep)of all nations,and they were known or foreknown(foreloved) as His people before creation.If Jesus died for every individual's sins and them most are going to Hell,then that would mean God is sending sinless people to Hell.

  10. This is another story that diverts peoples attention away from the result of sin. This is another evil attempt to change the message that God destroyed the world due to sin. Noah was righteous and so he and his family lived. Too many deceivers in the world today. Hmmm, as in the days of Noah.

  11. Well, the 120 years God was speaking about in Genesis was 120 Jubilee years (120×50=6000) the symbolic 6 days of creation (one day is equal to 1000 years). Which is the same time the disciples were asking about the end of the age. This time in our calender hits around the third quarter of 2017. Then the millennium.

  12. You can find the story of Noah floods very clear and simpler in Quran. Holy book of Islam it is word of God, sent to nations 580 years after Jesus was taken up and our creator sent son of man , prophet mohamed the son of Ishmael offsprings, So the One God sent many messangers. Through different ages to human being with one religion . Different names for one God I because of different languages, God ñever change. His religion (his law to be practice on ouf planet)) ……But Satan distorted the truth through wrongdoer human being.Do not judge the religion (( with wrongdoer humanbeing.)) We all love our Creator..Bless you all.

  13. Such wild speculation and nonsense. People really need to start reading the Bible and only taking in what the Bible actually SAYS and stop adding things to it. Unless of course, God Himself tells you that you are authorized to add to the Bible. This includes the claim that Satan's plan was/is to take over the world by interbreeding with humans. Whaaaa? Chapter and verse please, for that wild claim!

    You are also misinterpreting what Christ said about "the days of Noah." Jesus was comparing the day of His coming to Noah (and Lot's) day in only ONE respect: that judgment would come upon people suddenly, without warning, and they would not be able to escape it. That's it. Jesus never made a single other comparison to Noah's day.

    So even if you are correct about your claims that there were giants born from a demonic union between fallen angels and humans, Jesus never told anyone that someday this would occur again. 

  14. Brothers and sisters in the truth, thanks, great video. I notice that those that don't believe and like to shout about it, never come up with anything original. They can only repeat what they have heard other detractors say and like parrots they repeat the biblical incongruities and draw reference to the fact that God does not act like a personal cosmic butler, explaining all his actions to every man for approval. They will wax lyrical about how God or Jesus could not have done this or that simply because their arrogant and puffed-up pride in their personal power of intellect & scientific rationalization tells them that because they could not have done it, then nobody could have. They accept only witnessed accounts which are believed by the majority. They call believers "mindless morons" & deny their witness accounts but clearly, they are the ones who make themselves appear like mindless morons. The posting directly below this is typical of these idiots.