The Reality Concerning Tithing// Francis Chan

Mosaic regulation is inapplicable to the Body of Christ. We are not under the judicial economic climate of Israel in the Old Testimony– we are “not under the law, but under grace” (Romans 6:1,2,14,15). Paul likewise stressed that throughout guide of Galatians. The tax became part of the Mosaic Legislation, and also the Mosaic Legislation was nailed to a cross with Christ (Colossians 2: 14). The system of tithing is Legislation, legalism, executing to obtain God’s true blessings. The Scriptures states that the Holy Spirit will certainly not lead us Christians to go back under that performance-based approval system. Review just what the Holy Spirit via Paul created in 2 Corinthians 3: 17: “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” As Well As Galatians 5: 18:“But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.”

Once again, the Spirit of God will certainly not position us under regulation, we are under poise (Romans 6: 14). We are not required to provide cash today since this would certainly remain in total resistance to the Apostle Paul’s guidelines for the Body of Christ: “do not give grudgingly or of necessity, for God loveth a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:6 -7). “Cheerfully” indicates “giving whole-heartedly.” God desires followers to provide voluntarily, offering excitedly and also excitedly.

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  1. I have been tithing since I was 17,I am now 24!
    God has blessed me more than I can imagine.
    Tithing is a test of heart . The Holy Spirit asked me to tithe , And I been doing so since than and very happy about it ! 🙂 Its funny because I used to say I want to be blessed for myself and God changed my heart now I want to have so I can bless the world ! And show them Gods love !

  2. Jesus says, give me one of your money coins after being asked about paying taxes to Caesar. Whose IMAGE is on it he asks, Caesars the people replied. Then Jesus said, give to Caesars what IS Caesars and to God what IS Gods'. Whose IMAGE are YOU made in?? And in the IMAGE OF GOD CREATED HE THEM. God Bless You!!

  3. Tithes is the matter of heart if your money is not for the works of God, also is not your heart simple as that. This man is a liar and not referencing the word of God in context and Jesus did not say do not to tithe. Read your bible. Dont give up on God. Dont give up on yourself. Give unto God what is God. You give to the government, to the stores, to your personal appearance, but went it come to God why should it be an excuse.

  4. Wished you would have asked people to tithe of the most valuable possession that any of us have our time…our life….not money give you want to give then give to the orphans and widows that's what Jesus said…not to a giant church with lots of employees and tons of overhead..iam really not belittling churches so don't get me wrong. the sheep take care of the shepherd or does the Shepherd care for the sheep….listen if a true man of God works at a leadership position then pay him and pay your bills and yes that takes money…if God approves of your house of worship then you will make it by …by gifts of money and people volunteering with yard work housework cleaning babysitting all those things and you will enjoy your bounty…

  5. I give but I'm not Jewish and don't live under the levitical system. You should support a place if you're blessed there but they shouldn't teach it as a law. I also don't think New Testament leaders were building multimillion dollar facilities. Everybody nowadays wants to be a mega church.

  6. I do not know the Bible exactly from front to back and perhaps what i am about to share is idiotic to some.

    I am one of those that feels guilty when my 10% isn’t given. To the churches I’ve gone they do say it’s basically stealing from The Lord. I have given offering but it also isn’t a big amount. It can range from anywhere from $10-30. Still it makes me feel horrible when I’m not able to give “what should be given”. It makes me think God, is going to punish me for this.

    But God is good to me. My husband and I are hard working people who don’t have the best well paying jobs. When one of our relatives, or friends, are in need we gladly extend our hand and we give. There came a time that I received a check that was enough to pay my bills, but some of my family members were struggling as well and I decided to give without hesitation. It won’t always be money. Sometimes they didn’t have to buy groceries! And we would buy groceries for a family of 5! Reminder, we don’t have the best paying jobs. And as I said God is good to us! Because I literally received another check of a good amount that was not expected!

    The churches are suppose to help others with the money they are collecting right? I think it’s not necessary to give to the church ALL the time! As long as you are bountifully giving to others God will continue to bless you so that you may continue to help others! I’ve seen greedy people who make good money but for some reason it’s never enough! I understand churches have light bills and other expenses to pay, but it’s not necessary to have big screens, and lots and lots of lights. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I just believe that a humble heart praising God is more important than all these extra things.

  7. I don't tithe, why? I'm not under the Law, I'm under Grace. A Tithe was to be set aside for the Tribe of Levi and last I looked the majority of Pastors are not of the Tribe of Levi. If I followed this Law I may as well follow all OT Laws. I just give when needed. Also Churches in Australia should not have Tax exemption, they should be required to pay Tax, even Jesus paid Tax re: Jesus asking Peter to go down catch a fish and take the coin out of its mouth and pay the tax that was required.

  8. Being a giver means more than giving money. A giver gives what they have to give. It can be time, it can mean cleaning the church bathroom, teaching a Bible study, singing on the worship team or choir. It can be giving help in other ways because you love to give. Don't let anyone judge you as a Christian not in good standing with a church simple because you can't tithe. Giving all you can is greater than 10%

  9. We should be cheerful givers. I give 10%, and at times I give more, and there are a few times I give less. I've been prompted by the spirit to give certain amounts. I believe this is what Jesus meant. The prosperity gospel has run a muck, and has people looking at God as an ATM.

  10. The church I go to preaches that if I don't give 10% of my income to the church then God will curse me. They took it from Malachi. So basically I actually feel scared not to give 10% and I give out of obligation and fear rather than love and honor. I feel like because of the way I've been taught to give and because of my perspective on giving I have a real problem that God needs to fix in my mind and heart. I want to give out of love and honor for God and joyfully. But I don't want to go into heaven and see my giving Works burned up before the Lord is Haywood or stubble because I gave out of fear and obligation rather than love and charity. Please pray for me I need help

  11. I believe the tithe is required partly because it pre dated the law at partly because of what it is. The tithe was given to the ministers of God for their service. The ministers where the priests/prophets and kings Melchizedek being both king and priest. Now 1 Corinthians 9:7-19 says that ministers have power given to them by Christ to expect an exchange the carnal for the spiritual, and that it should be expected to be enough to support them and a wife and I'd assume children because with a wife you should expect children. He also said Christ ordained that they that preach the gospel should live of the gospel, in the same sense that the temple workers and the alter attendants took part of the holy things. This chapter also speaks of others that have this power, who are they? The Kings the other side of Melchizedek's ministry Roman 13:1-9 spells out how we pay tribute to rulers which brings civil servants into the equation, but doesn't exclude the ministers of the church. Hebrews 13:7, 1Thes 5:12-13. Now Paul suffered not to abuse this power, but he didn't leave it there because he taught in other places how to honor, he just didn't want people to assume he was teaching it for his own benefit, I would love to discuss this further with you sometime my name is Jeff Dilliard and I appreciate the innovation of your ministry. 954-801-4492

  12. If you’re not sure about tithing today just read Matthew 23:23. Jesus himself said we OUGHT TO TITHE. Wait, what’s this?? He said it in the NEW TESTAMENT?!?! You don’t have to tithe but Jesus said we ought to. 1st it’s all about the heart. Jesus is after your wallet cause he’s after your heart. Remember “Where your treasure is, there may be your heart also”. Imagine if you’ve never invested in a stock before, you’d be checking that stock all day long cause you invested a piece of your heart (aka your $) into it. Now imagine doing what the LORD said about “Bringing the tithe to the storehouse” (aka the church). You’d be invested in what God is doing constantly not only in your life but others. Tithing IS a blessing and will always bring a blessing upon your finances. If you don’t believe me just go ahead and read Malichi 3:8-12. And lastly tithing is a TEST. In the original Greek language tithe stands for “tenth” and “test”. THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART—>>>. Tithing is the only thing thing in Gods Word that God himself said in Malichi 3:8-12 that we can test Him on. Now if God is the same yesterday today and forever, why would we not tithe?? He literally said we can test him on this and see if He won’t pour out such a blessing that there won’t be enough room to contain it!! Through my testimony and can tell everyone that reads this that Tithing changed my heart and life forever. Through my walk and growing in Jesus I used to have a hard heart when it came to tithing and giving over and above. But when I first starting tithing and giving. God changed my life forever. He told me to test him in Malichi 3. I did and I’ll never be the same and I can only pray that you reading this unsure about tithing will reconsider. God Bless all of you!

  13. False teaching because the Lord require a tenth of the 100 He gave you. And just because we are under grace doesn't mean we shouldn't tithe. You twist scripture to fit your lifestyles just as gay marriage does. How will the word of God get spread if there aren't no funds to send ministers of Christ Jesus without the tithe and offering?

  14. He is not a true bible believer or confused, In my opinion . if tithies was not to do than the bible may have left it out or would have said with words not to do. But it is said the choice is yours obey god or obey man , just paraphrasing. It is not command but a test of the heart. The money is not yours its the lords. Did Jesus tithe, is the only question i ask myself in researching. Give to Cesar what is cesar and to God what is Gods. Untill i find evidence of not to tithe i will continue to tithe. God bless you on your spritual journey.

  15. So, let's take it for granted that tithe is still practiced in the church today; my question is: who's going to collect it, since only the Levites are allowed and commissioned by God to collect?

  16. True giving comes from the heart not the wallet or purse I was very confused about giving and tithing until I searched the scriptures for myself. It set me free from the guilt of not giving 10 percent.

  17. Christ this world teacher, God Man shared everything. I do not believe God is a Capitalist!! God is a Globalist!! If you believe God created everything!! Good and bad everything!!! Most modern Christians teach Sinner's are we all not!! They seem to have forgot!! This God man Jesus Christ died for ((all)) sin!!! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!! All is done!!
    So Now Hear This!!!!
    My son's, daughter's and all you other's!! He died for you not just the few!! Every single one of you are part of his crew!! He taught Love is far and above all hate will disapate.
    If you raise your children sinners they be!! What next will happen surely can't you see!! If every day I tell you your bad soon believe it and that is so sad!!
    Lift them up Lord show what's in store!! Love your Neighbors that is for sure!!
    Now Christians 2 billion strong seem to have forgotten a little song!! Jesus loves the little children ((ALL)) the Children of this World 🤔!!!
    One day a long, long time ago a human drew in the sand!! This was good thinking all that could!! The rain came down the marks not be found! At that time it was (( Good)) and we should!! Now it is ((Bad)) and really sad cause if they only had a simple (. ) pad!! Share it now with all that will see!!
    I am trying to explain a simple truth!! What was good yesterday may be better tomorrow!! Our first wheels made of stone (good) then came along fire stone( better)!! That stone wheel has become!!
    Do you believe God created everything?????
    There are Billions of beliefs.

    Why need a building??…we all have homes to share…TITHING MEANS SHARING WHAT YOU HAVE…YOUR HOME FOR ONE..

  19. May not be commanded but notice all those who make excuses not to give …..they have plenty to rent movies and go out to dinner etc. So God is testing us , Give to a GOOD CHURCH OR NEED and support spreading the word or keep it to yourselves and make those excuses

  20. so I guess the ten commandments are out the window too!? just plain ignorant!!! will a man rob God!! he sure will!! will you get away with it ?? lol good luck… don't listen to this fool !!!!

  21. Tithing

    abrahma gave 10% to melchizedic

    Jacob tithed about 500 years before the mosaic law

    New testament God calls us stewards not owners

    Jesus said to the pharisees you tithe with cumin, mint, spices, but lack righteousness, love, peace

    Money is not evil but the love towards money is

    pharisees were tithing from there paycheck but the poor woman gave from her need, common people would get one denarius a day

    Tithing is an act of obedience and love towards Gods kingdom, its an investment in the Kingdom of God

    Every tithe not given needs to be redeemed by 20% …..1/5

  22. Bible speaks about 3 different type of thithes. The problem with the majority of the churches, is that they only preach about 1. Then they condemn you and tell you if you dont give thithes you are stealing from God, so most thithe because of the guilt not because we give it with a joyful heart. And that is wrong. Tithing isn't a requirement. No church gave tithes in the new testament. Thithes began with levites because of the land they lived in…Anyway nothing wrong with thithing, its just taught incorrectly at most places and it is looked at as a sin if we do not give thithes.

  23. No you are not , that command was given to the levites because they was farmers. And the LORD said you can toil the soil six yrs and in the seventh yr the ground needs to rest. So they put away a tenth of there first fruits in the storehouse , so in that seventh yr when they cant plant the whole tribe still can eat for that yr.

  24. This is absolutely 100% false. yes you have to give 10% of your first fruits has no one read Cain and Abel? God does not need your money it is a test of your heart. Remember the love of money is the root of all evil not money. Instead of listening to just anybody go to your Bibles and pray to God and ask him for wisdom.

  25. I agree with what he is saying, and as someone who tithes with a cheerful heart I can honestly say God has blessed me more than I could ever have imagined. I encourage everyone I talk to to tithe

  26. Thank you, Francis. It's curious how much tithing is preached in churches, but one of the Ten Commandments, "Keep the Sabbath holy," is not. A day of rest God knew was good for our well-being. We gladly give to our church and sponsor kids through Compassion because of what Christ has done for us! Can't contain it, must pass it on. But I know people who tithe off their welfare checks! Unemployed people who feel guilty. Aren't they supposed to be the one who receives the "tithe"?

  27. Wow. Lots of good comments. I'd like to add a couple of my own: 1) I belonged to a church once that did not pass the plate. They trusted God for the money needed to keep the lights on and fulfill their mission commitments. It was so refreshing. And BTW, giving went up! 2) I have family members who belong to The Local Church (in Cleveland and in Columbus). They have no paid "professionals" but the members do the work of Bible study, small groups and Sunday meetings where they worship, study and share food. Francis Chan once said that if you read the Bible… all the way through…. about 20 times….what would the Church look like? I think it would look more like The Local Church than my current denominational church. So much money spent on just maintaining the staff and building – never mind supporting the regional and national hierarchy. I feel grieved about that. 3) The Church's (Jesus' Body's) prime directive is to go, baptize, make disciples. That's something worth investing in!


  29. I guess we dont have to tithe because its Old Testament law.

    So we should follow the New Testament church's example, and sell everything we own, and distribute the wealth to anyone who has need in our local church. UH OH!

    "And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved." ACTS 2:44

  30. Jesus said
    “What sorrow awaits you Pharisees! For you are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens, but you ignore justice and the love of God. You should tithe, yes, but do not neglect the more important things.

    Luke 11:42

  31. I never got the concept of tithing… why would we only give 10% when God gives 100%.Didn't Jesus say to give everything that was asked and more?

  32. We have to stop trying to be friendly oriented to the point that we water down the real truth for the sake of numbers or more followers.
    Scriptural to pay tithes and there are many verses to back that up… I pray God gives this man of God wisdom and understanding. We all interrupt differently and that's why you have to study to show yourself approved

  33. Malachi 3:8-10King James Version (KJV)

    8 Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.

    9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

    10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.


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