Tithing in the New Testimony


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  1. It is saying that we don't tithe today! Giving and tithing are not the same thing! Give as much as your heart desires to give!! But it is impossible to tithe! Heb 7:5 states (paraphrasing) 1: Only those of the Levitical priesthood could receive the tithe. 2: Tithing was a command according to the Law of Moses.

    Now what does that tell us? The Levitical priesthood was annulled so it is impossible to tithe properly because there are no more Levitical priest who can receive the tithe. It also tells us that the people tithed as a commandment according to the Law of Moses. As Christians, we are free from 613 laws, of which tithing was a part of.

    Finally when we research tithing in scripture what we find is that the substance of the tithe is/was never monetary! It was only agricultural! God is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow! He was specific about the substance of the tithe and it was never money. So who authorized the change from what God said he wanted given as a tithe (agricultural products)into whatever we decided to give as a tithe(time, talent, money)? Malachi 3:10 states that they were supposed to bring the tithe into the statehouse. Well how can people bring a tithe into the storehouse of there is no storehouse? The local is not the equivalent of the biblical storehouse!

    We.should give! We shouldn't call our giving "tithing" though! So while I 90% agree with you in this video, that 10% difference (no pun intended) is only because you said "does it mean that we don't tithe today? No, it's not saying that at all". Because scripturally speaking, it is saying that we don't tithe today. We give!!


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