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  • Feminism explained

    Feminism described

    A feminist mistakenly describes her view of the world. See more discussions with a liberal at: http://battlefield315 com. source
  • 8 Reasons I Hate Feminism

    8 Factors I Dislike Feminism

    ENJOY MY NEW VIDEO ABOUT MOMS AND DADS: New videos each week! Send this video to a FEMINIST! Trigger Caution: REALITIES. REASONING. FRIGHTENING THINGS. Please WANT TO battle the patriarchy, REMARK listed below, [...]
  • What is a modern feminist

    Exactly what is a modern-day feminist

    Today we will take a look at exactly what a modern-day feminist is. A contemporary feminist seems. source
  • The Myth of the Gender Wage Gap

    The Misconception of the Gender Wage Space

    Ladies in America are the freest on the planet, yet lots of feminists inform us females are oppressed. They promote this fraud through victim mindset propaganda and deceptive data, such as the gender wage space misconception. In 5 minutes, [...]
  • What is Feminism?

    Exactly what is Feminism?

  • The Problem With Feminism, and the MRA

    The Issue With Feminism, and the MRA

    This isn't really about attempting or preaching to obtain individuals to alter their minds, I simply wished to discuss and attempt why I - and a great deal of other guys - recognize as being a feminist, as I can value that the principle [...]
  • Lauren Southern: Why I am not a feminist

    Lauren Southern: Why I am not a feminist

    Did you understand that every year, more American males are raped than ladies? 80% of suicides are male. Learn more at:. SIGN UP WITH for more news and commentary you will [...]
  • Milo Yiannopoulos on why Modern Feminism is Cancer

    Milo Yiannopoulos on why Modern Feminism is Cancer

    Julie Bindel and I had a wonderful dispute at the University of Michigan, which I completely won (however she's beautiful.) The entire thing is excellent, however my opening gambit is actually fantastic. That's some quality me right there, and [...]
  • What Is Feminism

    What Is Feminism

    Find out - Exactly what Is Feminism. source
  • 19 Problems Feminism Doesn’t Solve

    19 Issues Feminism Does not Resolve

    Video I am reacting to:. Trump and Megyn Kelly:. BOP Stats:. This video is [...]
  • What is Feminism?

    Exactly what is Feminism?

    Feminism - this video discusses the standard argument of feminism about why ladies are structurally disadvantaged in our society. It takes the description from 'The Enthusiasm of Politics: the function of ideology and political theory in [...]
  • The Problem with Feminism

    The Issue with Feminism

    Sign up for conserve a kitty! Follow me:. Music by Brad Sucks, utilized with authorization. Tags:. Feminism, feminist, sexism, guys, females, equality, worldwide warming, [...]