How the New Apostolic Reformation is Organized: These ministries are all interconnected and built on an unbiblical pyramid plan like the Catholic church and the profitable cult called Amway.

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  1. louise ridder

    Best to stay out of a lot of today's church buildings and ministries.  We are not to submit to  nor let anybody have authority over us except Christ Jesus.  Anybody that teaches that they are your  'head'  and  'covering', and that you should remain teachable so you can receive them and their teachings – to be empty and willing, in order to receive their teachings and doctrines – are not following Christ Jesus'  Word, and you have to wonder what their true intent is because that is unscriptural.  Christ told us to stay far away from that.  If we accept a church or ministry, but overlook unscriptural teachings or hypocrisy  (the Word eventually will expose this), and if we have not  questioned or searched for the Truth in the Scriptures, then we defy Christ Jesus' warning to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.  Christ Jesus told us to examine the fruit of the people, to question, and to test the spirit against the Word of GOD, otherwise we will end up compromising the Word of GOD, which we were Commanded by Christ not to do, and fall ultimately under the influence of wolves in sheep clothing.  Seems there is a lot of this in the 5-fold ministries and the Apostolic (NAR) churches and ministries.

  2. Flor Daisy

    Thank you for this video. It is very important to be aware of the deception in the church, specially in this times of apostasy. Keep the good work! God bless you.


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