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  • What you NEVER KNEW about the SHOCKING beliefs of MORMONS! A MUST SEE FOR CHRISTIANS  YouTube.flv


    FEW Christians understand the core beliefs of Mormonism. This video will be a FANTASTIC aid in seeing to individuals caught in this hellish and blasphemous cult which perverts, rejects, and desecrates the Gospel, and REJECTS THE PRESENCE OF [...]
  • False teaching of Mormons. Mormon cult

    Incorrect mentor of Mormons. Mormon cult

    This video is a video of the incorrect mentor of the Mormon cult otherwise referred to as the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day state saints. The video is long and on depth. We talk about the origins of Mormonism and their incorrect beliefs [...]
  • Mormon God vs Christian God

    Mormon God vs Christian God

    Do Mormons and Christians praise the very same God? How are they various? Rogue Prophet Book: sr_1_1? ie= UTF8 & qid =-LRB- ******) & sr= [...]
  • The great MORMON election deception – It’s worse than you probably realize

    The nice MORMON election deception – It is worse than you most likely notice

    Impartial journalist Ryan Fisher discusses the nice deception that has been profitable in persuading trustworthy LDS into supporting secret combos influencing the 2016 presidential election. supply
  • 7.0 – My LDS Journey – How to Avoid Deception

    7.0 – My LDS Journey – The best ways to Prevent Deceptiveness

    In this video I will be going over some techniques that companies are utilizing to trick us and manage our lives. I have actually personally discovered this info to be extremely advantageous for my household, my health as well as my financial [...]
  • What Mormons Believe: After Death

    What Mormons Believe: After Death

    A video discussing standard Mormon beliefs about exactly what occurs after we pass away. To find out more about LDS beliefs directly from the source, do not hesitate to ask for a see from the missionaries at My [...]
  • 13 Reasons why Mormonism is a False Religion!!!

    13 Reasons Mormonism is a False Religious beliefs!!!

    Invite to another video here at my channel Jesus Fact. Your Contributions are Considerably Valued! & currency_code= USD & [...]
  • Mormonism vs. Christianity

    Mormonism vs. Christianity

    Ben Seewald interviews James Walker, a fourth-generation previous Mormon, on the distinctions in between the mentors of the Latter Day Saints and those of the Bible. source
  • Mormon methods of Deception! Racism in the BOM and the Pearl of Great Price

    Mormon strategies of Deception! Racism within the BOM and the Pearl of Nice Value

    Shawn goes into element the racism within the Guide of Mormon and the Pearl of Nice Value supply
  • Mormonism is freemasonic deception

    Mormonism is freemasonic deceptiveness

    Galatians 1:8 -9, "However though we, or an angel from paradise, preach other gospel unto you than that which we have actually preached unto you, let him be accursed. The MORMON Faith EXPOSED! The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints [...]
  • The True Beliefs of Mormonism

    The Real Beliefs of Mormonism

    If you desire to include unfavorable scrap send it to me straight, Do not publish it as it will be eliminated. Have an excellent day. Mormons are wicked and a cult. Long prior to 9/11with the Islamic cult pirating airplanes, there was another [...]
  • Book of Mormon – False Teachings?

    Book of Mormon – False Teachings?

    A peek into the mentors of the Book of Mormon and its buddy book, Doctrines & Covenants. Are these actually the inspired word of God through a modern Prophet, or is it (as some critics have called it) 'Christian fan fiction?'. Talk Beliefs [...]