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  • The Roots of the NAR Third Wave

    The Roots of the NAR Third Wave

    A quick take a look at the Pentecostal Revival, Charming Renewal and the so called "Third Wave" - likewise referred to as the "New Apostolic Reformation Motion". I likewise go out on the street to try to find proof of this 3rd wave Revival. [...]
  • The Christian chase for spiritual experiences and the New Age

    The Christian chase for spiritual experiences and the New Age

    Gold shine, splendor cloud, killed in the spirit, spiritual laughter, spiritual drunkeness and clearing one's mind through reflective/ meditative prayer are spiritual experiences that are being demanded by part of the emerging, pentecostal and [...]
  • NAR & Rick Joyner Simply Explained

    NAR & Rick Joyner Merely Discussed

    RCC moles concern ruin the church as representatives of the pope & satan. Knights of Malta. Devil worshippers. Army of the pope and inquisitors stating they are "charismatics" taking in incorrect Christians. Those who do not have strong [...]
  • Schooling us all on the TRUE meaning of third wave feminism.

    Education all of us on the REAL significance of 3rd wave feminism.

    Would you care to make a one time contribution? Please think about supporting me through Patreon:. The Satiratician [...]
  • How We Got To Third Wave Coffee and Peet’s Plan For the Future

    How We Got To Third Wave Coffee and Peet’s Prepare for the Future

    If you're addicted to pour-over and understand your barista by name, you're an item of 3rd wave coffee. This most current phase of coffee consumerism-- which has actually reproduced a generation of java obsessives-- is the item of locations [...]
  • The Reformation: Leaders

    The Reformation: Leaders

    VITAL STATEMENTS/QUESTIONS! - Exactly what does it imply to be a Reformer or Leader throughout the Reformation? - Why is reliability essential as a Reformer? - Exactly what are some examples of ACTION and DEMONSTRATION? - Exactly what do you [...]
  • The New Apostolic Reformation: What is it and where is it going? – Video Promo

    The New Apostolic Reformation: Exactly what is it and where is it going? – Video Promotion

    Hi. My name is Sandy Simpson and my ministry is called Apologetics Coordination Group. I developed a site called Deceptiveness In The Church in 1997 to handle the seepage of the Third Wave New Apostolic Reformation in the churches worldwide. I [...]
  • Bethel Church and the NAR’s False Ideas of Glory

    Bethel Church and the NAR’s False Concepts of Splendor

    In this unique "Bethel Church" edition of Cross Encounters Radio, Tony and his visitor, Jon Taylor, take a close take a look at the method Bethel Church and the New Apostolic Reformation abuse the term "magnificence" in their preaching and [...]
  • 11 Reasons to Reject The First Nations Movement – Preview Part 3 with Sandy Simpson

    11 Needs to Turn down The Very first Nations Motion – Sneak peek Part 3 with Sandy Simpson

    In this 3rd DVD sneak peek, you will see Sandy Simpson talk about the Very first Nations Motion. There have actually constantly countlessed possibilities on how the world's religious beliefs would join. Over the last numerous years, a [...]
  • The Deception of the Pentecostal/ Charismatic Movement

    The Deceptiveness of the Pentecostal/ Charming Motion

    Intro:. - Acts 20: 28-30 - The threat: Fact blended with mistake. 1. The analysis that the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a. secondary experience Acts 2:1 -4. - A misconstrued verse: Jn. 20:22 2. The persistence that the indication presents are [...]
  • Palin’s Churches and the Holy Laughter anointing

    Palin’s Churches and the Holy Laughter anointing

    From the research study group that made the global viral video struck that in Might 2008, inning accordance with the New york city Times (and a large range of other media consisting of the LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, AP, the Dallas [...]
  • The Third Wave – Official Teaser Trailer

    The Third Wave – Authorities Teaser Trailer

    ' The Third Wave' is an action, secret, thriller about a futuristic world without any federal governments or tricks, one worldwide country that is threatened by a guy with a bomb that he states is going to alter history. Mankind's only hope is [...]