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  • Fat Girl Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

    Fat Lady Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

    ENJOY THE MALE VARIATION HERE: The trick to real self-confidence ► Subscribe for more incredible videos! ► Tinder is among the most popular apps on the [...]
  • 2015 03 15 – 2 Pastor Steve Mitchell   “The Mysticism of Ann Voskamp and Sarah Young”

    2015 03 15 – 2 Pastor Steve Mitchell “The Mysticism of Ann Voskamp and Sarah Young”

    This message consists of a delicate subject. Audience discretion is encouraged. Eroticism and Jesus. Does this seem like the God of the Bible as portrayed in Bible? Ann Voskamp believes so. Passages in her book "One Thousand Presents" are [...]
  • Marcos-“False Jesus Calling”

    Marcos-” False Jesus Calling”

    Source:. Jesus informed his disciples that deceptiveness would be among the primary indications prior to of His coming - incorrect Jesuses declaring to be Him (Matthew [...]
  • Another Jesus Calling – Chris Lawson

    Another Jesus Calling – Chris Lawson

    Sarah Young is the author of the extensive and popular modern "Christian" devotional entitled "Jesus Calling". In this mentor session, Chris Lawson provides an "comprehensive refutation" of the book and its author, completely showing by strong [...]
  • Sarah Young: “In schweren Zeiten”

    Sarah Young: “In schweren Zeiten” source
  • Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Trump vs. Fact: Recently Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Donald Trump spreads out a great deal of incorrect info thanks to his day-to-day intake of early morning cable television news. , if just we might slip some truths into the president's media diet plan. . Get in touch with Recently Tonight [...]
  • Guide to Gifting: Teen Books!

    Overview of Gifting: Teenager Books!

    OPEN ME!!! *. *. DISCOVER ME SOMEWHERE ELSE. Goodreads- Facebook- Twitter- @hailsheartsnyc. Instagram- @hailsheartsnyc. Snapchat- @hailsheartsnyc. Main contact for organisation [...]
  • Millionaire Pastor Said Jesus Doesn’t Want You To Know How Much Money He Has

    Millionaire Pastor Said Jesus Does not Want You To Know Just how much Loan He Has

    Steven Furtick is the pastor of a megachurch in North Carolina who thinks in the success gospel. Relatively breaking the conventional mentors of Jesus, Furtick thinks that God desires him to be abundant, and does not seem like he needs to need [...]
  • Jesus Calling or Satan Calling?  – Sheila ZIlinsky

    Jesus Calling or Satan Calling? – Sheila ZIlinsky

    Jesus Calling or Satan Calling? Sheila Zilinsky. Sheila unmasks the top selling Christian devotional, Jesus Calling -by Sarah Young. Jesus Calling or Satan Calling? source
  • Jesus was born again— Pastor Chris.

    Jesus was born once again– Pastor Chris.

    Pastor Chris stated Jesus was born once again. Extra tags consist of: bishop, pastor, prophet, prophetess, apostle, evangelist, church, tbn, dianetics, scientology, witchcraft, COGIC, baptist, methodist, episcopal, catholic, catholicism, [...]
  • ‘DECEPTION’ (1st Place – BYU iOscars 2010)

    ‘DECEPTIVENESS’ (1st Location – BYU iOscars 2010)

    Mind-hacking legend 'Leo' has actually been employed by Sarah to burglarize her sweetheart's mind and stop him from weding her worst opponent. Things get made complex when Leo starts to succumb to his customer, putting the objective in [...]
  • Antichrist/false prophet prophecy in book from 1907,(lord of the world) part 1 of 2

    Antichrist/false prophet prediction in book from 1907,( lord of the world) part 1 of 2

    Released jan 5,2017 As all Christians understand the bible spoke on the antichrist and incorrect prophet in discovery 13 particularly, likewise the antichrist in daniel 9 likewise other locations spoken in our bible. Predictions are all over, [...]