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  • Mormon Deception – Doctrine & Covenants 101:4  Lie.

    Mormon Deceptiveness – Teaching & Covenants 101:4 Lie.

    How early LDS leaders tricked their own church members, detectives and the general public alike. See LDS Apostle John Taylors Handout pricing quote the D&C 101:4 lie here:. Pages 8-9 (Polygamy [...]
  • Another Jesus Calling Preview – Three Talks in Bend Oregon P1

    Another Jesus Calling Sneak peek – 3 Talks in Bend Oregon P1

    In part 1 of 3, author Warren Smith discusses his book Another Jesus Employing action to "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. source
  • Trespass – Movie Trailer (2011) HD

    Trespass – Film Trailer (2011) HD

    In a personal, rich neighborhood, top priority is put on security and no exception is produced the Miller household's estate. Behind their beautiful walls and manicured gardens, Kyle, a fast-talking entrepreneur, has actually turned over the [...]
  • Islam is a Religion that Has No Confidence in itself – Ex Muslim Testimonies

    Islam is a Faith that Has No Self-confidence in itself – Ex Muslim Testaments

    " Peace" is restricted to those who SEND to Islam. How does Islam, which excuses eliminating non-Muslims who didn't transform, consider itself a faith of peace? Occasion by ECI: Ex-Muslims & Critics of Islam at UCI. "Liberty of Speech vs. [...]
  • If You Like…Then You’ll Like This… | BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS!

    Then You’ll Like This … BOOK SUGGESTIONS!

    FULL LIST OF BOOKS LISTED BELOW! If you like:. - City of Bones. You'll like:. - Ruby Red. If you like:. - [...]
  • Tyler Baker “Jehovah’s False Witnesses”

    Tyler Baker “Jehovah’s False Witnesses” Here is the connect to make an online contribution to Faithful Word Baptist Church: source
  • Fat Girl Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

    Fat Lady Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

    ENJOY THE MALE VARIATION HERE: The trick to real self-confidence ► Subscribe for more incredible videos! ► Tinder is among the most popular apps on the [...]
  • 2015 03 15 – 2 Pastor Steve Mitchell   “The Mysticism of Ann Voskamp and Sarah Young”

    2015 03 15 – 2 Pastor Steve Mitchell “The Mysticism of Ann Voskamp and Sarah Young”

    This message consists of a delicate subject. Audience discretion is encouraged. Eroticism and Jesus. Does this seem like the God of the Bible as portrayed in Bible? Ann Voskamp believes so. Passages in her book "One Thousand Presents" are [...]
  • Marcos-“False Jesus Calling”

    Marcos-” False Jesus Calling”

    Source:. Jesus informed his disciples that deceptiveness would be among the primary indications prior to of His coming - incorrect Jesuses declaring to be Him (Matthew [...]
  • Another Jesus Calling – Chris Lawson

    Another Jesus Calling – Chris Lawson

    Sarah Young is the author of the extensive and popular modern "Christian" devotional entitled "Jesus Calling". In this mentor session, Chris Lawson provides an "comprehensive refutation" of the book and its author, completely showing by strong [...]
  • Sarah Young: “In schweren Zeiten”

    Sarah Young: “In schweren Zeiten” source
  • Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Trump vs. Fact: Recently Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    Donald Trump spreads out a great deal of incorrect info thanks to his day-to-day intake of early morning cable television news. , if just we might slip some truths into the president's media diet plan. . Get in touch with Recently Tonight [...]