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  • How YOU Can Easily Fight the Harmful Agenda of Republicans & Trump

    How YOU Can Quickly Battle the Damaging Program of Republicans & Trump

    When Americans do not have the time, energy, and resources required to be politically active,It's tough to get included in the political procedure. One basic method, nevertheless, is to keep the contact details of your agents convenient and be [...]
  • Separation of Church and State 6 – Secular Humanism Militant

    Separation of Church and State 6 – Nonreligious Humanism Militant

    The early propagators of Humanism and the authors of the Humanist Manifesto brand-new in order to achieve success that Humanism would need to be militant. That is it would need to advance itself by pressing and bullying its program through [...]
  • What is Secular Humanism?

    Exactly what is Nonreligious Humanism?

    If we are to win our country back to God we need to comprehend the approach and worldview that has actually pirated our Christian country, It is nonreligious Humanism. This video briefly discusses exactly what it is and a few of its core [...]
  • Secular Humanism

    Nonreligious Humanism ... "Are You a Nonreligious Humanist?" by. • --. Please SIGN UP FOR Science & Factor:. • • • [...]
  • UN Adopts “Education” Plan to Indoctrinate Children in Globalism

    UN Embraces “Education” Strategy to Indoctrinate Kid in Globalism

    A United Nations top in Korea today embraced an international "action strategy" requiring a planetary "education" routine to change kids worldwide into social-justice warriors and sustainability-minded "international people." by Alex Newman - [...]
  • Common Core: 101 – 5 Minute Breakdown With Dr. Duke Pesta

    Typical Core: 101 – 5 Minute Breakdown With Dr. Duke Pesta

    Dr. Duke Pesta is Academic Director of FreedomProject Education, a totally recognized, Typical Core Free, online Classical school, developed on Judeo-Christian worths for trainees from Kindergarten through High School. As part of FPE's [...]
  • The Humanist Worldview

    The Humanist Worldview

    To learn more, please go to:. View the total Public Schools mentor here:. source
  • The Matrix, Neural Lace, CRISPR and the Trans-Humanist Agenda

    The Matrix, Neural Lace, CRISPR and the Trans-Humanist Program

    The Matrix exposes the trans-humanist program to utilize Neural Lace and CRISPR gene modifying innovation to turn us into stock to be collected for our blood. source


    the supreme court exposed for exactly what it is a arm of the liberal nonreligious humanist program and the spirit that now operates in the kids of disobedience the antichrist spirit. END VIDEO LINK FOR MOBILE [...]
  • Secular Worldview – Roots of Secular Humanism

    Nonreligious Worldview – Roots of Nonreligious Humanism

    Nonreligious Worldview and the Roots of Nonreligious Humanism. My good friends at Top Ministries provide an excellent piece of relative world views with a research study of Nonreligious Humanism and the historic roots of Secularism in the [...]
  • What Was Secular Humanism? AP Euro Bit by Bit #3

    What Was Nonreligious Humanism? AP Euro Bit by Bit # 3

    In this video, I analyze the nonreligious humanist motion of the 15 th century. I concentrate on the concepts and works of Leonardo Bruni, Leon Battista Alberti, and Niccolo Machiavelli. source