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  • Christian Persecution: The FACTS | End Times | August 2016

    Christian Persecution: The TRUTHS|End Times|August 2016

    END TIMES, END TIMES NEWS, END TIMES SIGNS, Strange Weather condition, Scriptural Prediction 2016, End of Days, 2016 is Weird, Indications of Modification. Twister, Extreme Weather condition, Flash Floods. In 2015, there were over [...]
  • The Antichrist and the Four Blood Moons

    The Antichrist and the 4 Blood Moons

    -- Essential Site for your Redemption--. source
  • Worst Earthquake Caught on Tape

    Worst Earthquake Caught on Tape

    Well-selected worst earthquakes captured on tape in one brief video! Delight in worst earthquakes captured on cam and watch worst earthquake video footage. Please register for Silence Hippo channel loaded with intriguing, amusing and amazing [...]
  • Madagascar Food Shortage: Two million people suffer from drought

    Madagascar Food Scarcity: 2 million individuals experience dry spell

    Individuals of southern Madagascar are on the edge of a scarcity and require instant humanitarian help, inning accordance with the UN. Almost 1.9 million individuals in the southern part of the nation do not have a safe food supply with [...]
  • a girl and a dog survive in a flood  | The Flame in the Flood

    a canine and a woman endure in a flood|The Flame in the Flood

    Scout and Aesop are going to go on an experience! Subscribe Today! ► Light the Darkness ► Follow my Instagram ► Follow me on Twitter ► [...]
  • The White Table/My Impending Descent Into Social Depravity

    The White Table/My Impending Descent Into Social Wickedness

    A story concerning maturing with allergic reactions. source
  • Men of Reknown/Mighty men Are returning NEPHILM

    Guy of Reknown/Mighty males Are returning NEPHILM

    They state Those that do not find out thier real history are destined duplicate it, well its here and its quikening. RFB. mar/09/ [...]
  • HOW2: How to Survive a Tornado!

    HOW2: Ways to Endure a Twister!

    ➤ View more ▸ ➤ AO VIDEO GAMING CHANNEL! ▸ ➤ Do not be an apple! Subscribe! It's FREE! ▸ ▾ ▾ ▾ More remarkable things listed below ▾ ▾ ▾. MERCH:. TEE SHIRTS: [...]
  • tsunami gigantesco

    tsunami gigantesco

    algo de lo q podria suceder escenas impactantes. source
  • Persecution of Christians in Africa

    Persecution of Christians in Africa Christian Documentary: The Gospel Beyond Borders - Chapter 2 of 8 Persecution in Uganda, Africa. This chapter provides the story of a female who endured a few of the worst persecution in the history [...]
  • The TRUE Blood Moon Prophecy

    The REAL Blood Moon Prediction

    This year, 2015, will see the 2nd year of a lunar eclipse tetrad that will darken the moon of Passover and Tabernacles. The lunar eclipses have actually been called "blood moons". In a manner this is regrettable. Why? Due to the fact that it [...]
  • EARTHQUAKE – Northgard

    EARTHQUAKE – Northgard

    After being recommended this video game on Twitter, I downloaded it and began playing! Offer me a break on these very first couple of parts as I am still discovering the best ways to play, however let me understand if you take pleasure in and [...]