Israel’s 70th Year Holocaust Survivors Gospel Outreach Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat

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UFO – Lights in the Sky! Interview with Kate! Real footage 3-10-17

UFO – Lights in the Sky – Interview with Kate! L. A. Marzulli sits down with “Kate” who had an encounter of the first kind. She was able to film the event although it’s very sketchy. She also drew a picture for me of what the three crafts looked like when she originally saw it. […]

Fake and Lukewarm Christians Into Worldly Music: Episode #3 – Reggae (Bob Marley, Dominic Balli)

In this episode we take a look at Reggae music and the origins of the Rastafarian religion and movement. The satanic and wickedness is engulfed into the Rastafarian system of belief and is the same difference as Voodoo. I show the Ganja, Weed use comparisons in Rastafari as a sacrament practice very well exercised into […]

Persecuted Christians in Pakistan / WILSON CHOWDHRY

Wilson Chowdhry is President of the British Pakistani Christian Association. He talks about Pakistani Christians fleeing to Thailand where they are now facing further persecution. source

Jesus Prophecy of the Destruction of the Jewish Temple (Matthew 24)

See how biblical prophecy fulfilled can still be seen to this day in the land of Israel! source

Charles Stanley — Turning Our Crisis Into An Opportunity

Charles Stanley — Turning Our Crisis Into An Opportunity Charles Stanley — Turning Our Crisis Into An Opportunity Listen, Stay on & SUBSCRIBE!!! -Video Upload powered by source

CT4-04: BattleSHIP Apologetics – Patterns of Evidence as the Bible Declares

Watch the extended interview here… source

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Revelation’s 144,000

Revelation twice mentions a special group of 144,000 Christ-followers. According to Jehovah’s Witnesses these are the only people who will go to Heaven to live with God forever, while the remaining believers remain on a glorified new earth. Join me as I examine these difficult passages to determine whether the JW interpretation is plausible. Visit […]

CT3-26: Can We Trust the Bible?

Watch the extended interview footage with Tim Chaffey here… source