John Wimber’s Third Wave Paradigm’s turned down classical Pentecostal mentor in favor of a magical technique to spiritual experience which respected marvels and indications instead of the scriptural indications pondered in Pentecostal teaching. The l lth video in this series, this is the very first of a brief series highlighting the incorrect mentors of George Fox’s Quakerism, which were held by John Wimber, especially his mentor of the Remediation of Adam, as it relates to the uncommon symptoms of gold dust, gold teeth, gem stones, and so on


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5 Responses to “THE GLITTERING MISCONCEPTION (Pt 11 of 7 Mountains Heresy)”

  1. Erin Knight

    I'm with you on most of this, there is a lot of BS in these teachings. But, I can't make sense of what you and they say about Adam. What is God's will for us, if not our sanctification so we can glorify Him perfectly in heaven? (Not saying any of what they teach is in any way sanctifying). Wasn't Adam created without sin? (Before the fall). Out of their context, it seems to make sense, ironically. Maybe I'm failing to understand their point of view.

  2. Joanne Olsen

    I agree with the messages you are sharing, & have felt finally! I am not the only one thinking like I am in "Alice In Wonderland going down the rabbit hole" & really appreciate all the effort you are going to, in sharing these balanced teachings, but I am confused about something. You finish with the scripture of Jesus speaking in Matt 12:39 about no more signs & wonders, but in Lukes 2nd book – the book of Acts, several times it is mentioned about the apostles preforming signs & wonders, Im interested in you giving you perspective on this please . TIA

  3. scotT B.A.

    Man, some shocking material here! Thanks for exposing these lies and doctrines of devils! A minister I have trusted was praying recently and said that feathers fell on him. I was a bit taken back by this and have found myself perplexed by this. What do you think is the origin of these feathers?


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