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29 Responses to “The Hypocrisy of Third Wave Feminism”

  1. The White Pariah

    I think it's more because women become scared to call themselves feminists because of the amount of utterly horrific misogyny that goes on, and we're constantly told to hate feminists because men don't like it. So yes, it makes many women cross that others bow to that. That's how it can come across. But those tweets don't represent third wave feminism at all. That's just one woman being ignorant.

  2. Andriana Lagoudes

    Yees preach ! No identity fixation but just simple cut equality. Respecting everyone's opinion and choice. If you wanna be suggestive and inspiring do so but forcing people to identify with one thing?? NOPE.

  3. The Legend Of Bella

    I too have been attacked by feminists on Facebook simply for calling out the stupidity of Free The Nipple. Now, I can take different opinions but what I grinds my gears are irrational comments saying how I'm misogynistic and I'm JEALOUS, like tf. There's more important issues to proritize but these weaklings are affected by harmless cat calls and not having the right to be shirtless…like for realz? Stfu and focus on more harsher issues for women on third-world countries

  4. Tigerdancer21

    Feminazis are crazy, lying, bullying, SJW, radical,loud, retard, ugly in both the inside as the outside and abusive to men. I just saw a feminist(more like feminazi) punch a man and takes advantage that she's a girl that men can't hit her back. She get pepper sprayed instead! Third wave feminism sucks!!!😡😡😡

  5. Lord Zion-Kal Shuzen

    defining antifeminist traits

    lank hair
    plain jane face
    too much dark makeup
    skinny body

    shoeonhead, blaire white, this thing, Lauren southern all possess these traits

    no thanks ill take laci green anyday

  6. Confused Fox

    They like to be identified as feminists because they have nothing else to be part of in their lives. They don't fit in in any sports clubs, probably have no hobbies, no groups of friends, can't socialise with normal people so being a feminist allows them to feel part of something.

  7. Hiram Crumley

    I work in an office that is 85 percent women, and holy cow they talk bad about each other behind their backs, I mean guys talk alittle smack and move on cause honestly we dont really give a shit, but women hold grudges and get offended by the smallest shit even from other women..its sickening.

  8. raw data

    We don't need a balanced society.
    We need a just culture.
    Feminists are unjust by any reasonable persons measure.
    And men have been living under the boot of feminism for over 60 years.

    Longer than the Arab Israeli war.
    Longer than the Tibetan occupation.
    Long enough.

    Feminist days are numbered.
    MGTOW will see to that.
    And in case you women were entertaining thoughts that MGTOW is numerically too small to affect meaningful change.
    Think again.
    Islam will back us up.

    MGTOW currently numbers in the millions in all Western countries.
    Islam currently numbers in the Billions, soon to be in all Western countries.

    Are you little painted goddesses starting to smell the scent of defeat yet?

    While MGTOW and Islam are philosophically quite different, we do agree on one point.
    The need to control female nature.

    There's no game if 50% of the population refuses to cooperate.
    And we're done talking.

    Balance is just femspeak for the status quo.
    And you aren't going to get that.
    Give up that notion, right now.

    Feminist options at this juncture are down to just one.
    Unconditional surrender.

    Alimony and child support unless given willingly are forms of involuntary servitude.
    Slavery is a crime against humanity.
    And all women go along with it.
    Slavery is the worst human evil, and it needs to be dealt with.

    Your "balanced" female perspective is noted, but it is way too little, way too late.

  9. Jello Spade

    Ellie, you probably already know this by now, but speaking out against feminist and SJW bullshit is going to get your far more friends and allies, than enemies, and as far as any enemies/ haters you may get from this go….fuck them! :)

  10. Gerhard Thiel

    The following story is 100 % accurate: My college is named after a German Jewish poet, whose writings were burned by the Nazis, his name is Heinrich Heine. There is a less than lifesized statue of him on campus on a central place. A young lady complained about the statue, because it would make feel women less welcome on campus.


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