Hi. My name is Sandy Simpson and my ministry is called Apologetics Coordination Group. I developed a site called Deceptiveness In The Church in 1997 to handle the seepage of the Third Wave New Apostolic Reformation in the churches around the globe. I have countless short articles published and connected on my website in addition to a wealth of DVDs, books and CDs by myself and other apologists handling problems of deceptiveness in the churches. My website is utilized in practically every nation worldwide with Web gain access to and gets in between 1-2 million hits each month.

This is a video promotion for the 6-DVD series and book entitled “The New Apostolic Reformation – Exactly what is it and where is it going?”.
This 13 hour series is the most extensive take a look at the NAR out there and every pastor requires this series for recommendation! This makes an exceptional mutli-part research study series for study hall or pastoral personnel. The individuals in the DVD series are the most certified individuals I might discover to resolve the problem of the NAR. They are Expense Randles of Believers In Grace, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries, Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries, Mike Oppenheimer of Let United States Factor Ministries, Dr. Orrel Steinkamp of Plumbline Ministries, Pastor Gary Gilley of Believe On These Things Ministries, Dave Hunt of the Berean Call, Sandy Simpson of Apologetics Coordination Group, Gem Grewe of Discernment Ministries, Philip Powel of Christian Witness Ministries and others. This series exposes the NAR and it’s management of C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Peirce, Dutch Sheets, Expense Hamon, Jack Deere, John Eckhardt, Jim Laffoon, Ted Haggard, Mike Bickle, Mary Crum, Barbara Yoder, George Otis Jr., Ed Silvoso and numerous, numerous others utilizing a wealth of video of their real mentors.

I composed the book of the exact same name which is my DVD script with included commentary. The commentary by the other individuals associated with the DVD series is not in the book, however there are a lot more quotes readily available by NAR followers, and so on in the book than in the video series. This makes great recommendation product and is an important buddy and recommendation to the DVD series. The book is likewise readily available on CD-ROM and as a PDF/Kindle download, as are numerous other of my Books and dvds.

The 6-DVD NAR series is readily available as a Special deal here in this video promotion for $39 plus s/h., $10 off the initial cost. To find out more go here:.


The book is likewise readily available for $15 plus s/h. To find out more on the book go here:.



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