2017 … Scriptural Ruin Of Damascus Right Prior To Our Eyes

End Time Information And Also Scriptures Prediction Indicating Jesus’ quickly Return.

Isaiah 17:1,14
1 The problem versus Damascus.” Behold, Damascus will certainly stop from being a city, And also it will certainly be a crippling load.
14 After that see, at eventide, difficulty! And also prior to the early morning, he disappears. This is the part of those that ransack us, And also the great deal of those that burglarize us.

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  1. Here's a man brave enough to speak the truth of world events today. I only wish our own cowardly/lying 'leaders' in the West were brave enough to do the same !
    February 3, 2017
    Clip No. 5907
    Iraqi Cleric Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: The Iraqi Army Will Annihilate the Jews in the Battle of Armageddon
    Iraqi cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi said that the Jews were "the driving force" behind everything that has happened to Iraq. He said the there is an "historical enmity" between Iraq and the Jews and that in the battle of Armageddon, "the Iraqi army will annihilate the Jews, not leaving a single Jew in the world." The interview aired on the Iraqi Al-Fallujah TV channel on February 3.
    Interviewer: Who bears the responsibility for what has happened to Iraq?
    Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: The responsibility lies with the driving force, the Jews. Everything that has happened to Iraq was instigated by the Jews. There is an historical enmity between Iraq and the Jews. They know this, and we know this. It is in their scriptures and in ours. The Quran reads: "We sent against you Our servants, possessed of great military might…" This will come from Iraq. It's the same with them. The Talmud says that Iraq will fight in the battle of Armageddon. The Iraqi army will annihilate the Jews, not leaving a single Jew in the world, and it will restore Jerusalem to the Muslims for the fourth and last time.
    Interviewer: The Iraqi army?
    Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: Yes, the Iraqi army. So there is an historical enmity…
    Interviewer: You say that the driving force is the Jews, or the West in general, but we have the tendency to implement what they dictate us.
    Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: We have no such tendency. We are given orders, and we obey.
    Interviewer: So why do we do it?
    Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: By Allah, they wouldn't make you president, even if your father were Ali bin Abi Taleb, unless they believed that you were a traitor, Only then would they select you to be president.

  2. the choosen are leaving Rev 12:5, Heb 9:28.. Yom kippur very likely.. day of atonement. the CALLED -are the wise virgins/guests Matthey 25:1, 24:37-51.
    The Call Upon the Lord group Rev 12:6…The male bride child/overcomer
    are the called.. they go first, 7days later the woman/church leaves
    since she needs to be purified.. at His glorious appearing when the dead
    and the living are caught up. Lev 12:2. //Matthew 24:29-34

  3. We need to Stand close to Israel and with her, That's why we have prayed for Israel peace. I pray that the United States of America will do everything to protect Israel for we have been friends for a very long time.
    I know my Jesus Christ is coming soon and I am so grateful that Israel is coming to Jesus Christ now .
    I am looking forward to meeting my Beloved Brothers and Sisters from Israel, when Jesus Christ brings us with him in the clouds. Let's all be ready to fly with our Jesus Christ Yacheawa God Almighty himself. Till then let all pray for the peace of Israel .
    God Jesus Christ Yacheawa God Almighty himself Bless and Protect Israel and Jewish people all over the Earth, the same for all Christian people.

  4. Warned Jesus "Remember Lots Wife" complacency to Sodom, for a complacent one is already a Sodomite , reserved for condemnation. , America today's seat of Sodom where It prospers. glorified, exported , imposed upon in the beliefs of Egypt, the same underlying beliefs that killed Christ, revealing the Prophecy of Sodom & Egupt off the Pharisees(Zionism) through Freemasonry (off that ole iniquity) coupled with Theosophy, (the wickedness off hinduism , Lo Egupt) Zech 5, the two lamb like horns forming the second beast of revelation, even the biblical false prophet.

  5. For years, I have speculated that Iran would shoot a rocket at Israel and God Himself would deflect the missile into Damascus, destroying it as predicted. Of course Israel will ultimately be blamed but still. Might it be Russia who destroys Damascus?

  6. God is coming you need to follow all of his commandments. You need to forgive all who have hurt you. Please tell your church we are running out time they must ,must, must , follow his commandments here on out and repent daily . Their children also . Need to follow his commandments, repent daily.

  7. There are over 100 prophecies from the Old Covenant and NEW covenants yet to be fulfilled.Matt. 24,  Mark. 13 ,  Luke 21  and the book of Revelation commence at  the time of the end.  Dan. 12: 4  and 9.  May Yahweh give you all the understanding you need when the time of the end commences. The time of the end is 1,335 days before the second coming.  Dan. 12: 12. WHEN you SEE the SONS of Yahweh doing GREATER things than Yahshua did THEN you will know We are in the time of the end. Dan. 12: 4 and 9    John 14: 12. Rom. 8: 19.  May Yahweh give you all the understanding He knows you need to stand before His literal genetic SON Yahshua in all HOLINESS on that great day of Yahweh Almighty GLORIFIED for all the world to see.  Heb. 12: 14. Bless you

  8. isis are the mothers thag want to cut the head off all religion and all non Muhammad nations . Christians don't cut heads off , Jews don't, catholics don't, all other types of religion don't. but let's protect a region where you sleep with little children, rape women, cut the heads off chldren, ya that's what's gona save the world.. haha


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