Holy Bible Anticipates Damascus Damage

Damascus, Syria is the earliest continuously occupied city on the planet.

The bible anticipates that this 5000 year old city will certainly end up being a ‘crippling load.’

Today we see Syria’s present federal government run by Assad matched against tough core Islamaists moneyed as well as strengthened by the Obama management.

Presently Damascus is house to essentially every terrorist company in the world so you could ask just how it could worsen compared to that.

Response: If the tough core Islamists acquire the significant toolbox of tools of mass damage consisting of huge quantities of nerve gas.

The current fatalities from Sarin nerve gas were either from the hands of Assad’s federal government or from Islamist rebels attempting to mount Assad.

If from the Islamist rebels, it was most likely to get globe compassion from all the photos of dead ladies as well as kids.

There is one point we understand for certain:

There is a great deal of nerve gas in Syria, as well as Israel is greater than a bit worried regarding it going from negative hands right into even worse hands.

Will Israel strike Damascus, leaving it a ‘crippling load’ as prophesied in the scriptural publication of Isaiah phase 17, knowledgeable 1?

Time will certainly inform. Below’s Isaiah 17:1 in its whole. You prayerfully could consider the information:

“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”

We understand that the scriptures is real as well as just what it claims will certainly come to pass.

We might not constantly understand the precise when as well as where however we do understand the basic personalities as well as total information.

Allow’s analyze the feasible countries that could entirely damage Damascus.

We have Russia that is absolutely effective sufficient to do the unclean act other than for one point:.

They are allies with Syria as well as not likely to attack.

Next maybe an Obama-led intrusion, probably signed up with by Great Britain.

This can be in feedback to the Assad federal government of Syria allegedly going across the supposed ‘red line’ by apparently utilizing chemical tools.

We understand without a doubt that a person in Damascus made use of chemical tools. The concern is: That?

Given that when did the Obama management require any kind of evidence of anything in their pursuit to set up tough core Islamists throughout the Center East?

As well as if Obama provides adequate added assistance to the tough core Islamist rebels, they could round off Damascus on their own.

Going back to Israel, allows comparison as well as contrast their old adversaries with the present geo-political landscape.

When we do, we discover something amazing:.

The old adversaries of Israel are still there as well as residing in Arab countries all over them.

One of the most ardent adversaries of Israel called in Psalm 83 are: Hamas living in Gaza.

There are the Palestinians in Jordan as well as the West Financial institution.

As well as Hezbollah remains in Lebanon.

As well as in Syria itself, especially in Damascus, you have a whose of haters of Israel as well as Jewish individuals.

As well as once again, that could go from negative to even worse if the tough core Islamists topple a much more nonreligious regimen led by Assad.

There you have it:.

Israel has its multi-millennial temporal adversaries equipped to the teeth with even more loan as well as arms gathering from the Obama management.

Will Israel act pro-actively to earn its relocate to see Ezekiel 17:1 occurred?

Or will several of its adversaries make an action, compeling Israel to take fast as well as definitive defensive activity?

I do not declare to be a prophet however somehow I forecast that the utter damage of Damascus looms.

As well as when that occurs, the increased schedule of Armageddon starts, resulting in the battle of God as well as Magog.

As well as adhering to that is the battle of Armageddon that will certainly be ended up as well as won by Messiah Himself, That will certainly rule as well as rule for 1000 years of real tranquility. … as well as see even more video clips on our internet site at:http://Clean.TV


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  2. Jerimiah 49:23 Read It Now see what it says Concerning Damascus.Hamath is confounded and Arpad:for they have heard evil tidings:They are fainthearted:THERE IS SORROW ON THE SEA:IT CANNOT BE QUIET. SEE BOOM RIGHT THERE THE BIBLE IS REAL PEOPLE GOD IS GIVING US A CHANCE NOW FURHTER ON IT SAYS on Jerimiah49 26 it also says that all the men from the war will die plz people save your selves accept the lord before its to late!!! THE BIBLE IS FUTURE HISTORY U JUST HAVE TO STUDY IT !!!!


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