Israel to be attacked, after that Damascus damaged. Rev 11, Zechariah 14 Holy Bible Prediction

So Israel will certainly obtain appropriated initially, then quickly after Damascus will certainly come to be a crippling load. Will the looters originate from Syria? Will the vengeance assault on Syria be nuclear? Is this the fight of Armageddon? Zecharia 14:5 is your retreat strategy if you rely on as well as think Jesus as well as stay in Israel.

The divine scriptures is the fact.


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  1. I don't claim to know the answers to everything you talker about ,but it would appear to me that Rev 11 is the first part of the tribulation with the two witnesses. There is no reason to think that the Lord won't come to the earth at that time. The second part of the tribulation at the Lord's 2nd coming he comes and places His feet on the Mount of Olives and there will be an earthquake and the people flee to the mountains.Then comes Armageddon when all the Nations come again Israel .That's my understanding.

  2. is god shakespeare theres an awful lot of ye yea thee and thous and what happens to those who have never read a bible i was unlucky enough to have felt one as i was being beaten over the head with one never did me any harm once the headaches die down.

  3. Russia, North Korea & China… will never fight against America… these are just rumours… before things start Turkey will be invaded by Russia… America will go against the Zionist rule.. and push them out… Russia will invade and conquer Israel …will move till Libya and then return back… when the earth quake would change the whole map of the earth … America would loose it's title as a world leader and everything will be in ruins… within this time Jesus will appear and there will be peace on earth finally

  4. It is now three and a half years later and Damascus is in ruins. Also, I heard on another video that on the mount of olives, there are two olive trees that are over two thousand years old. They are referred to as the two witnesses because they are the only living thing that saw, or rather was in the presence of Jesus the first time.

  5. The Marauding Bunch of Ill fed Competents you're talking about is the Holy Roman Empire or the King of the North led by the Daniel 8 man that's coming on the scene soon to unite Europe. How do we know this? Because other Minor Prophets in the Bible talk about Assyria and the Chaldeans where God calls them a bitter and hasty nation the rod of my correction. Now we do a little research and we find out that modern day Assyria is who? Germany.

  6. So the greatest enemy of mankind in all of history, (israHELL) will get looted a little bit and damascus, who nobody ever cared about will get destroyed you think? Always remember this: ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

  7. Revelation 11 is september 11. NIV : the two witnesses stand before the lord of the earth like two olive tree and two lampstands.

    Originally the death toll was reported as 4400 Americans, but there was also 3300 foreigners also. When the first figures came out, they totalled to over 7000 vicitims.

    When the buildings collapsed, it caused an earthquake of 2.9 on the richter scale.

    1/10th of the borough of the city of Lower Manhattan collapsed. Lower Manhattan is delineated by 14th street.

    The second woe has past Tiger dan. We are already at the River Euphrates drying up, with three evil spirits like frogs that bring the kings of the earth to the battle of Armageddon. The 3 evil spirits like frogs (a pestilence that is evil) could be the three iterations of "Islamic State of Syria", "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" and "Islamic State of the Levant".

    We're past the 2nd woe, if you missed those days of the 2nd woe and didn't realize 911 was a prophetic event, then what can I say, you missed the information as they changed it because they were scared and tried to hide the figures.

    We are now on a straight line to Armageddon. Damascus is being turned into a ruin. Russia (Magog) has been brought out with hooks in its mouth. Israel might take on Russia and kick the Russians out of Israels backyard …… that could be a trigger for Armageddon, I don't know. Russia doesn't want NATO looking over Russias fence into their backyard, why should Israel have Russia looking into Israel's backyard.

  8. Contrary to the popular lie the Israelite Bible is not a Christian book, nor were the followers of  Yahawashi the Negro Messiah Christians (but Israelite who were called Christians-Acts 11:26), nor is there any Christian doctrine written in the Israelite Bible. Furthermore, contrary to the popular lie the Khazar’s (imposter Jews), Canaanite (whites) and Edomites (the caucasians whites) are not the Jews or any members of the 12 Tribes and their pagan invention of Judaism (Judaism was invented at the Council of Mainz Germany 1000 AD like Christianity was invented by the Romans pagans at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD) has no relations with Negro Jews from the tribe of Judah. Genesis 15:13-14 prophecy relates to the Israelite captivity in the Americas (New Egypt which is the house of bondage) and not ancient Egypt.Therefore, the Children of Israel (descendant of slaves) are God’s chosen people according the Bible and they would be identified by the prophecy of 400 years of slavery & oppression in a strange land among strange people. The Children of Israel entered ancient Egypt as privilege people under the leadership of the Israelite Governor Joseph for approximately 200 of the 325 years before they went into slavery.

  9. THANK YOU for mentioning the sites that you use in your study! I knew about Bible Gateway but hadn't seen the site Bible Study Tools, which is very handy!! thanks for the TRUTH! Praise our Elohim for Yeshua is coming quickly for those who love Him!!

  10. I am more inclined to believe that the two witnesses are present in front of the antichrist in the power of the Holy Spirit to withstand him and hold him off in his objective until they are taken out of his way by the Lord's will.


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