Revelation Alert -Aleppo Is Falling-Damascus Is Following

End Time Information And Also Holy Bible Revelation Indicating Jesus’ quickly Return.

Isaiah 17:1,14
1 The concern versus Damascus.” Behold, Damascus will certainly stop from being a city, As well as it will certainly be a crippling stack.
14 After that look at, at eventide, problem! As well as prior to the early morning, he disappears. This is the part of those that ransack us, As well as the great deal of those that burglarize us.

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  1. Take easy man this is will not happend if all syria will destroys damascus will be saved becuse the god protect her from the evil ,the war will be done and our people will be back to built our beautiful counrty sorry for bad english ✌😍

  2. we muslims believe in the evil people of Gog and Magog thier land will be open and they will bring Corruption and murder to people and to Earth , before that , the messiah (you call him the Antichrist) will come and many many people will follow him believing he is God , while the other remaining good people the believers of real God will end up surrounded and gathering in demascus and they are all tired and avoiding to fight the Antichrist while he is surrounding them ,at that time Jesus Christ will come down from heaven as the savior sent by God , the good people they see him and know him and follow him , After Jesus Christ and his followers finish praying , He head to face the messaiah and on the moment the messaiah see Jesus he know he is Defeated and start to run, Jesus Christ kill the messiah and his followers ,,,, …. you see people we believe in Jesus Christ as he is a massenger of God like Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad, peace

  3. "Damascus is already a heap, and has been so before in history. The main question here is where does God stand in all this?
    Is he supporting the US/Israeli program to bring down all these Islamic states with the millions of casualties? Or, is this simply a murderous power play by NATO/Israeli lobby in DC? This worldly kingdom building and wholesale killing certainly was not the teaching of Jesus…But, on a positive note, we know God is righteous and evildoers will be punished."

  4. Doesn't America give Israel a bunch of money every year? America should be taking care of their own people. Not giving other countries our money while most of us live in poverty. America has an illegitamite gov. they are nothing but thieves. They should not rule us anymore. they should be kicked out. they spy on people too. they watch their private sex lives and shit. sick fucks. our tax dollars pay for it too. WTF! SOMEBODY STOP THEM.

  5. if you would really think we all have destroyed a place we live in, just have faith in the 1. As its said " History repeats itself, well that's exactly what's been happening for past millennia today, nd will in the future. keep in mind humans have jus better tech. to annihilate each other.

  6. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST WHICH IS A CHIP THAT WILL BE PUT IN YOUR RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD. THE CHIP REPLACES ALL CREDIT CARDS AND MONEY. THE CHIP WILL CONTAINS YOUR MEDICAL AND PERSONAL INFORMATION AMONGST OTHER THINGS. HERE IS JESUS CHRIST EXPLANATION THROUGH OUR SISTER WHY YOU MUST NOT BE IMPLANTED WITH THIS CHIP….Kerry-Ann I was woken early this morning and given this message 9-17-16."The Mark of the beast will be like no other. People think it is a chip that can easily be removed, it is not. It is a bio chip that will integrate itself into the human system and run off the electrolytes in the neurologic system. It will become part of the human body. The government has mapped the human brain. The goal was to isolate the part of the human brain that is stimulated by religion. The goal is destroy that part of the brain. Make no mistake that once a person accepts the Mark he will no longer have a conscious thought of God, his creator or Jesus, his savior. The Mark has the ability to heal the human body. The poisons in your air, water and food are causing many illnesses. People want to be well and out of pain. The Mark will be promoted as a cure all. Many will accept it, they will find some relief until the sores come and all written in Revelations occurs. They will cry for the rocks to fall on them and they will not die. Relief will not come.This chip is so much more insidious than anyone knows. It tracks your every move, it kills your free will as it destroys parts of your brain. It causes pain, suffering, forgetfulness of love.  People will become like zombies in allegiance to the government with no thought of their own. The brain has been mapped, it is known how to make servants of the people. When a persons usefulness is done, they will be turned off, sent to Hell. Once given the Mark the hour of repentance is lost. The desire is terminated. There is no second chance. Do Not be deceived.  It is better to suffer for Christ a short while and spend eternity with Him than to take the Mark and damn your soul to an eternity in Hell.  Remember as these things come to pass for the introduction of the Mark, the Mark will be promoted as new way of life, it will make life so much easier, all your information is on it, no more forgetting passwords, many will buy into this. Those who get sicker through the poisons and haven't taken the Mark will be told it is a cure all. This will bring many to accept it.  Remember the Mark must be accepted, it will be a savior to many. The Devil came to steal, kill and destroy. Those who take the Mark, damn their souls to Hell.  You have been warned. Do Not doubt that this is coming. It is here. It is like nothing you can imagine. Heed My warning. I will protect My people. I will give you boldness. I will give you strength. Lean on Me, Pray. Talk to Me, I hear. Be not afraid for I am with you. I am with you through the valley of the shadow of death. You will not fear evil, for I am with you. Be not afraid.  I am your Rock, your comforter. I am with you always. Call on Me, I am listening. I am by your side.  I have told you what is to come. Read My word. Grow stronger in Me. Warn My people. Many do not know the hour in which they live, they are blind and refuse to see.  Warn them, plant the seed. They may mock you but their blood is no longer on your hands. They can no longer say they did not know. Once told it is up to them to accept Me or deny Me. Once the seed is planted another will water it. You may not see the harvest but your reward will be great for being faithful. I love My children. I wish that none should perish. The evil one hates free will to choose Me and has been working a long time to destroy it.  The chip destroys free will to choose.  Time is running out. Warn the people. The war for their eternal souls has gotten hotter and many will be lost who refuse to hear. I wait at the door and knock.  I wait. Shalom"

  7. +The Watchman … I just found your channel here and subscribed after only 3 minutes of this video. Then, at the end, I was HIGHLY IMPRESSED with your excellent work of "flipping through the pages" and sort of walking us viewers along "Romans Road", so to speak, for our Salvation! I pray that those who are at the point of making their personal decision to accept Jesus will enter into His Family due, in part, to the wonderful work you have done here! Maranatha! 🙂

  8. Turkey is next. The oil pipeline runs from Saudi Arabia to Europe. Iraq first, Syria then Turkey. America took over Iraq and Syria now Turkey needs to topple so the pipeline can go through there to continue on to Europe.

  9. WE THE PEOPLE know the Isis and hisbola is not good for Syria and President Donald TRUMP knows this also. I don't understand why Israel is saying Isis has fallen and I hope Damascus falls also for the Syrian government and Christians. GOD BLESS SYRIAN CHRISTIANS


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