The Devastation Of Damascus Will Be The Begining Of WW3

The Devastation Of Damascus Will Be The Begining Of WW3 as well as the adversity.


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  1. Stop this nonsense will you and please interpret the bible well and study your ancient history books. “The burden of Damascus” refers to the capital city of Syria. This chapter is contemporaneous with chapter 7 and predicts the downfall of the coalition between Syria and Ephraim. Tiglath-pileser of Assyria destroyed Damascus in 732 B.C., a fulfillment of this prophecy. Jacob shall be made thin refers to the famine that followed the devastation and deportation of the northern tribes by Sargon of Assyria in 722. B.C. 

  2. I agree – I have been told since almost 10-12 years ago that when DAMASCUS is destroyed that will be the beginning of the end – this person who has been saying this for years has been right about ALL of the predictions/prophesies he's interpreted from the bible. He always said that when Damascus is destroyed (and he quoted I believe the part about "Damascus in flames/ruines", that's when you'll really know the bad times are coming and you should find somewhere safe to move. He recently moved.

  3. Yikes, so many problems on this beautiful blue planet, and sad state of affairs that nuclear energy was developed, with Fukushima two years ago, 3 mile incident in pa. back in the 70s, Chernobyll and now the possibility of nuking of Damascus, nothing good but ya got a great point there good buddy!

  4. that could possibly happen, the bad thing is Russia has the most nukes in the world, the most land mass in the world. nuclear war is on their side. whats really horrible about it is theres enough nukes in this world to destroy it even if every single nuke was shot down in the earths atmosphere. suffering from nuclear fall out is such a horrible way to die. if nuclear war happens; I hope I die in the blast.

  5. i agree with you, but my thoughs about it are a bit diffrent. i think that isreal will strike russian missles headed for syria. in turn russia strikes back aginest isreal. then isreal has to use a nucler weapon as the russians are just to powerfull for isreal to handle without a nuclear weapon. with that said ww3 starts. people, and everyone who reads this. we have to protect isreal!!! as the bible says isreal will be attack from all corners but the lord said that isreal will survive this.

  6. maybe you are right but a doubt it. I like your video though, I just disagree about Israel nuking them. as of now Israel has a huge advantage over Syria; I could only see Israel nuking them if Israel was losing and a lot of their people are getting killed. Russian s-400's would be a huge game changer and Syria will get them very soon. they already have s-300's and people claim they aren't deployed yet but they were evaded because of low altitude flying. s-400's cant be evaded that way.

  7. that's false, I looked into it because it was all over youtube. Damascus is less than 150 miles away from tel aviv Israel, nuclear fall out travels over 300 miles away so if they nuke Damascus they are also nuking their own people. there would be no way they could hide evidence of this. nuclear fall out leaves a huge mess and could be easily proven with tests. there's no need to nuke a single building that was above ground. the video does appear to be convincing but it wasn't a nuke.

  8. Uprated. True what you say about WWII. I remember talking for years to my late friend Henry Alter — he got permission to leave Austria in '39 from the Nazis, ostensibly to see the NY World's Fair. He got out with a friend, both just had suitcases. The friend got processed through Ellis Island & was rejected, returned, never heard from again. Henry joined the US military to be granted citizenship & worked in psychological warfare. He said people could see it coming but many stayed!