The Destiny of Damascus and also the Psalm 83 Battle

Concerning the moment of completion the scriptural prophet Ezekiel informs of a future intrusion of Israel by a huge union of countries, called the fight of Gog and also Magog, we discover this in Ezekiel phases 38 and also39 As we checked out the headings in the papers these days, and also witness the disputes between East, it’s not tough to visualize that this intrusion forecasted over 2600 years earlier, might be satisfied in the instant future. Ezekiel 36-37 forecasts an event of the Jews to the country of Israel, which will certainly be adhered to by this large intrusion. For 19 centuries, the Jewish individuals were spread throughout the globe, and also up until May 14, 1948, there was no country of Israel to get into. With the country of Israel currently a truth, the phase appears established for the battle that will certainly introduce the adversity and also the increase of the Antichrist; a battle that will certainly finish with the damage of Israel’s adversaries by God Himself, and also cause the finalizing of a tranquility treaty with the Antichrist.

As you check out Ezekiel 38 and also 39, it isn’t really simply the development of the country of Israel that makes this prediction promise to be satisfied in the future. The countries that God informs us will certainly create this union versus Israel appear most likely currently compared to possibly ever to create simply such a partnership.” The leaders of this union will certainly be Russia and also Iran, and also presently both of these countries are ideal on Israel’s front door, under the pretense of fighting ISIS in Syria. I think that there are a few unfinished revelations that will certainly lead-up to this large intrusion of Israel, and also as we check out today’s headings, we discover that the gratification of these 2 forecasted occasions, might occur soon!


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  1. looks like it's time. it will be exciting to see how close your explanation is to the events as they unfold. God bless
    the Gospel message at the end is very good. is that posted somewhere by itself so I can share that also?

  2. Hey Bro, where Jesus at? Most of your opinions is not correct. A Lot of the scripture you use about Israel (all 12 tribe) at peace and returned to the land is during the millennium when Jesus and the kingdom of god is on the Earth(Dan 7:27). Cute video but so wrong about so much….

  3. Who wrote these so called Prophecies Jews? so this bullshit is believed by Jews the christ killers .these new borders you are talking about will never happen the Russian is a warrior unlike these satanic bastards you talk about LIERS LIERS LIERS

  4. The psalm 83 war has already happened. It started in 1948 till today. Some nations such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are now allies hence why they are not mentioned in the later wars and Saudi Arabia (Sheba and Dedan) even protest the invasion.

  5. Theses people are lying your does live for ever you are the Soul and when MAN dies you put him in the ground all of him Soul and all , Because not 1 time Jesus ever promise to take you to heaven it's not in the bible , The only in the entire Bible who say he won't to go to heaven is ( Satan the devil) Why because he was kicked out long before Genesis????!!###

  6. Do theses people read the book ! Edom and the ishmaelites are in Israel already , Psalm 83 is not a end time war that's the biggest lie ever been told psalm 83 took place 1000's of years ago " Who's in the land right now Esau who the world thinks is the Jews and the ishmaelites the Palestinians " See read Joel 3:1 , What do it say , For behold, in those day's and in that time , when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem , Now how could Psalm 83 be a war against Israel enemies when ( Joel 3:1 just told us Judah and Jerusalem are still in captivity and in ( Jeremiah 50:4) In those days, and. In that time, saith the Lord, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together , Again the bible tells us that the children of Israel are still in captivity , So who ever dude is he's telling a bad bad story

  7. The Bible says that God cannot lie. But yet God can send you a strong delusion that you believe in a lie because you loved not the truth.

    "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." – Isaiah 45:7

    If God judges me for being evil, God was the one that made it happen.


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