The Tale of Gog as well as Magog (Ya’ juj And also Ma’ juj)

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  1. I always had a question…. Just 1 billion Muslims means that's 999billion yajuj majuj….how come that Kind of super massive human population is stuck between two mountains??? They would engulf the whole earth with that population!!….do they even live on land? Or down in the earth?

  2. Allah u Akbar! May Allah give us understanding of heart, understanding of mind, knowledge , wisdom and strength to understanding our Deen. May Allah give us fahmm ul Quran.
    So we do good the good which is Momen do.not just normal Muslims do.
    So our good deeds can be accepted and may Allah grant us Junnah. InshaAllah. May Allah Give us highest level of Emaan.

  3. first ww3 has to come which will come and than al dughan the smoke will come ,after the smoke the kingdom of Saudi will fall apart alot of them will be killdand than the hole middle-east will start to hear isa/jesus  have returnd but it wont be jesus,it will be Dajjal alot of people will follow him ,just small group of people will be against him Mahdi will come ,his real name is muhammed ibin abdullah ,than ISA[as]will come and kill Dajjal after Dajjal dies the world will go crazy they wont belive Arabshave won they will say how how and than months later or year, the Absolut evil will spreadon the earth ecsept the islands they cant reach,somehow i belive they cant swim,and ISA[as]will ask ALLAH for help and ALLAH as allways will help ISA[as] the evil will die ISA[as] will live will get maried alot of children will have. ALLAH KNOWS BEST!!!


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