Globe Battle III (Gog-Magog): Why Turkey, NOT Rome, is Trick

In this 7 mins clip from the 2 hr training, I reveal why revelation instructors have actually missed it by concentrating on Europe as opposed to Turkey. See the total training at:

Just how precisely will Globe Battle III (also known as the “Gog-Magog” Battle) unravel? Ezekiel forecasted it almost 3000 years ago … lastly all the gamers remain in location. The complete 2-hour training will certainly respond to:.
– Exactly How Ukraine and also Malaysia Airline Company MH17 are connected to Holy bible revelation? You will certainly discover the most likely identifications of the 4 Horsemen of the Armageddon.
– That is Gog and also Where is Magog? We check into concepts regarding the most likely gamers of the upcoming worldwide dispute: Russia, Turkey, Iran, the -stan nations and also Korea.

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  1. read the Koran. Did you know that muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet of God? Stop your racism and stop believing in racists. Aaaaaand "NO"! Turks killed less christians than what christians have done! So according to your logic, who's the anti-christ now????? I suggest you "atleast" read the bible. Maybe there you will find your anti-christ. It's mentioned in the bible that the anti-christ is actually a fake Jew. "Go for it."

  2. So if this dude loves the bible soo much that he really reads in bethween the lines to se the prophesiez,,he could also then tell us who the authors are,you know,,the authors of the bible,,i mean if you are to take it as a word o god then you must know who wrote it or was tickled by the holy spirit to write these things ??
    also isis has nothing with islam to do..the ones that made isis is jews from israel and usa,,the leader of isis is a man from jewish intelligence agency. dont believe me,look it upp,,he has big ties with politicians in usa and together they started isis to destabilize the area wich isis is now active in…ask your self why and org that calls them selfs muslims only attacks muslims,,doesnt make sence when there is an ongoing genocide of palestinians in the hands of jews and this isis attacks only muslims..
    it would be something like,,im an french nationalist and i only kill french ppl,,,,doesnt make sence does it

  3. Damascus will be left in ruin,the the roman catholic church is paganism,the first religion,to YAH (God)was the Jews,china is the army from the East,and Turkey from the NORTH,and from the west,ALL NATIONS AGAINST ,GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE;AND THE LAND OF ISRAEL,AND WORLD TRYING,ÀGAIN AND AGAIN,TO DEVIDE GOD'S (YAH) HOLY CITY,THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL,JERUSALEM

  4. It could be. A couple of years ago I had a dream, about one city, in the dream I was told this city is the "Throne of satan". Then a map appeared, the location pointing on Turkey, and go figure the location of the city was exactly where the city of Pergamon is located. When i went to check the location of the city on Google it was exactly on the place like in my dream. I was shocked. I must say that I had this dream long before I've read The Bible and I've never heard about this city before. Isn't God amazing?

  5. And why these four nations can brings this world into WW3? But turkey today is a leader of moslem countries and no doubt for that. After trump decision about jerusalem, turkey always trying to gather moslem nations againts US.

  6. Turkey already occupied and RULED jerusalem hundred of years ago.It gave all 3 religions freedom of worship…..both christians,jews,and muslims lived together in peace…. Turks conquered jerusalem without bloodshed "Search Salahuddin general" the turks tolerated all religions under it rule,this has already happened. America is the beast,IZRAEL IS ITS MARK……WHO KILLED JESUS??? Muslims???? Hindus???? Muslims do not hate Jesus!!! Neither hindus…..izrael murdered Christian GOD!!!! Whos the BEAST STILL ROAMING???!!!! I support freedom of worship

  7. First off not that it will probably matter but I will never the less correct you number 1 ( I. Am the ANTICHRIST that is a fact ) number 2 if you want to point at that country in the middle East that called it's self Israel and pretend that they are the ISRAELITES or even one of the 12 tribes of the ISRAELITES guess again the 12 individual tribes were promised land for each of there tribes for example the tribe of Benjamin let's take a look biblically at the well documented location and nationality of the Tribe of Benjamin Paul in the book of Romans ch 11vs1 declared that he was an actual blood descendent of Abraham Paul tells us in Romans ch 11vs1 Paul States that he is an ISRAELITE of the seed of Abraham OF the tribe of Benjamin he's 100000% certain about that fact and Paul tells us exactly where the Tribe of Benjamin is located in the book of act ch 22vs25-29 Paul when being confronted with the possibility of being beaten comes straight out and ask the guard this quistion is it lawful to beat a native born Roman citizen keep in mind a native born Roman is a man or women who's BLOOD lineage isn't of any of mixed mixed race you can call them pure blood lines Paul's quistion to the guard was is it lawful to beat a native born Roman was challenged by the guard when he asked Paul are you a native born Roman citizen to which Paul States that he is Paul tells the reader exactly where he was born in Tarsus a city in the county of Cilicia Rome now here is Paul a flesh and blood descendent of the seed Abraham an ISRAELITE of the tribe of Benjamin who just happens to be in his spare time a full time native born Roman citizen from the city of Tarsus from the county of Cilicia Rome Paul is telling you that the native born white Roman people are the ISRAELITE tribe of Benjamin read it for yourself number 3. The jews over in the country called israel have been playing word games for several thousand years now let's take a look at there word game they named there country israel in an attempt to to get people to convince themselves that this must be one of the tribes of the ISRAELITES yet there is no tribe called Israeli the 12 tribes combined are the ISRAELITES but no tribe is called israel so in order to get people to use there personal imaginations the people call themselves the jews most people think that the word Jew is an acronym for Judah but the tribe called Judah but no it's not OTHER wise they would say we are the country of Judah remember Judah is an ISRAELITE tribe /country on its own each of the 12 tribes has there own land / individual countries and or you can call each tribe a nation so judah would be called the country of Judah or the nation of Judah yet the jews didn't call there country the nation of Judah or the country of Judah now did they ? No they came up with the name Jew which again isn't an acronym for Judah there is no tribe of Jew nor is there a tribe of Israel you can ask any Jew which one of the 12 tribes of the ISRAELITES that they are from and you Will either get from them some word game such as I'm an Israeli there an Israeli hum let's see there is no tribe called Israeli so they didn't give you a answer your question is which one of the 12 tribes of ISRAELITES are your people from ? To which they will say I'm a Jew. Well as we have already seen there is no tribe of Jew now ask them point blank to tell you are your people from the Tribe of Judah because after all 99% of the people tell themselves that the word Jew is short for Judah you can go the mile with this joker that calls themselves the jews and you'll never get one of them to tell you which tribe the Jewish people are from and there is a damn good reason the people that call themselves the jews absolutely believe with out doubts that curses work they have cast them upon many of people and they are well aware that there is a severe curses that will come upon anyone who claims to be from one of the tribes of the ISRAELITES and isn't don't think for one moment that THOSES people that call themselves the jews don't believe they do now the above listed as number 3 is a little long and you should reread it several times until your 100% sure that the ALPHA AND OMEGA gave exact names to each of the 12 tribes of the ISRAELITES these names are important and this same ALPHA AND OMEGA doesn't play name games your either the nation of Judah or your not there is no tribe called Israeli no tribe called israel no tribe called JEW no tribe called Jewish so who ARE these jokers then ? No 4 in the end time prophecies concerning Gog of magog the people called Gog come through the country called israel but the ALPHA AND OMEGA doesn't call that country Israel the ALPHA AND OMEGA calls that nation the land of Canaan that's right that whole region is referred to in the end time bible prophecies as the land of Canaan and you can read in the bible that the people who are in control of Canaan are not called the jews nor the Israelis no the people who are in charge of that country are called the Assyrians the Jewish people just in case you didn't know this have made several statements in the past that the ANTICHRIST would be a native born Jew and at other seperat events the jews have claimed that the ANTICHRIST would be an Assyrian born native what the Jewish people are telling you is this the Jewish people are the Assyrians and yes they are well aware of it Gog is the blacks and Arabs who have been declaring a future war against the white EUROPEANS it is the European race that are the ISRAELITES the jews in the past have even admitted to it the children of darkness are rising up against the children of light Gog is rushing into the white EUROPEAN ISRAELITE nations and openly declaring that they want war the Assyrians if you'll go online are mentioned in the end time bible prophecies as being in League with the Gog who comes against the 12 nations of the ISRAELITES and it is the ANTICHRIST that will do battle against THOSES nations who come up to fight against his people the ISRAELITES aka the white European race they are the ISRAELITES Rome being the ISRAELITE tribe of Benjamin so says Paul sincerely the ANTICHRIST

  8. Turkey is no need to start a war. but seems someones thinking to start it before losing its position. these are people fearing from islam. These are people trying to invade Qudus. They will be responsible from any war.

  9. Gog and Magog is the war after the thousand year expired in Revelation 20: “And when the thousand years are finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall come forth to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to the war: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up over the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down out of heaven, and devoured them” (Revelation 20:7-9 — ASV).
    Is Armageddon the same as Gog and Magog ? Please answer my question whoever know the answer.

  10. Gog is not the Antichrist , Gog schemes to plunder the people of God only with a few nations and is killed on the mountains of israel and eating by birds and beasts.

    The Antichrist comes with all the nations of the world to declare himself to be God and sit in the holy of holies of God of the temple rebuilt in jerusalem. He sets out to destroy the great babel city before rising his world army to meet in the valley of meggido which is called har-mageddon. The antichrist and his prophet are captured and slain by being cast into hell alive while his army is killed and gorged on by birds of the sky.

    The book of revelations is to reveal and clarify the prophecies foretold by the old and new prophets of their appointed times. The only reference to Gog and Magog from Ezekiel is at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Jesus when Satan is released from the abyss to stir rebellion against Jesus and his people whom are a peaceful people, at rest and without walls being secure thus why unsuspecting of the plans of this final revolt as Jesus is already reigning on Davids throne.

    The battle is not before the tribulation nor at armageddon but strictly at the end of Jesus reign before the 2nd resurrection and white throne judgment. The purpose of the battle was to show the whole remaining mortal world that Jesus is the Lord and the burying of these armies, were to cleanse the land.

  11. Dear brothers and sisters,christian or muslim,this is total bulshit! dont loose your time on this guy. the fackt that the gog magog war is gonna heapen after 1000years of kingdom on earth this guy totaly ignored.

  12. This battle of Gog and Magog happens at the Second Coming of Jesus at the end of the Tribulation. Me proof is found in Ezekiel 39: " So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord, the Holy One in Israel." Ezekiel 39:7- NOTICE in all the verses in the Old Testament say this: 'the Holy One OF Israel', but here it says "the Holy One IN Israel'.Now we can see why and when Israel will spend 7 years burning weapons, cause Jesus is on the Throne and Israel is at peace for 1,000 years, so naturally, they would want to cleanse the Land for farming,et.