The Brewing Psalm 83 Battle Versus Israel & Ezekiel 38-39 by Costs Salus

NEVILLE JOHNSON – Psa. 83 is a pythonic psalm anticipating a future battle in Israel by Islamic countries, as well as the countries that make a strike versus Israel are really called. In Psa. 83:4, ‘They have stated, Come, as well as allow us reduce them off from being a country;’ isn’t really that specifically just what is being stated today by much of the Islamic countries?’ that the name of Israel could disappear in remembrance.’ VERSUS 5, ‘For they have actually gotten in touch with along with one approval: they are confederate versus Israel:’ See, now there’s a confederation of countries getting in touch with with each other to obliterate Israel.

He names these countries (versus 6-11), he stated,

• the country of Edom which is Southern Jordan
• the country of Ishmaelite, the papa of the Arabs
• Moab, Central Jordan
• Haggarites which is Egypt
• Gebal which is Lebanon
• Ammon, Northern Jordan
• Amalek, the Sinai peninsula
• Philistines as well as Tire, that’s the Gaza Strip
• Assyria, which is Syria as well as Iraq

The entire globe will certainly state, “God interfered in this circumstance,’ God will certainly accomplishment in this battle which is in between Creator as well as Allah as well as introduce a duration of tranquility as well as success in Israel, as well as somehow Jesus the Messiah will certainly disclose himself to Israel as an absolutely Jewish Messiah

Psa. 83: 17, ‘Allow them be dumbfounded as well as bothered for life; yea, allow them be placed to pity, as well as die: That guys could recognize that thou, whose name alone is CREATOR, art one of the most high over all the planet.’ It’s going to take place in Israel, however the entire globe will certainly state, “GOD STEPPED IN IN THIS SCENARIO,’ the entire globe will certainly recognize. You see, it mentions that God will certainly accomplishment in this battle which is in between Creator as well as Allah; God is mosting likely to accomplishment. The entire globe will certainly recognize.

THIS BATTLE WILL CERTAINLY RAVAGE ISLAM AND ALSO INTRODUCE A DURATION OF TRANQUILITY IN ISRAEL. ISRAEL WILL CERTAINLY FLOURISH AND ALSO ACQUIRE FAR MORE LAND, LAND THAT WAS PROMISED TO ABRAHAM AND ALSO IN SOME WAYS, JESUS THE MESSIAH WILL CERTAINLY EXPOSE HIMSELF TO ISRAEL AS A GENUINELY JEWISH MESSIAH. You state, ‘Exactly how will this take place?’ I aren’t sure. You recognize, Jesus has actually been disclosing Himself to lots of Islamic clerics as well as Islamic spiritual leaders in lots of countries, which concern them in desires as well as visions as well as personally disclosing That He is. This has actually been taking place around the Islamic globe.

Isa. 60 will certainly end up being full-on; it’s time the Jews as well as the Gentiles will turn into one brand-new male
as well as move with each other. There’s mosting likely to be a section in Israel, hundreds of Messianic Jews that will certainly move with the church.

The revelations of Joel are connected to Psa. 83; this future fight is mosting likely to be so ravaging to the Islamic globe; after that the church will certainly end up being a globally entity which the globe will certainly need to pay attention to

Joel 3:1 -2, ‘For, see, in those days, as well as because time, when I will bring once again the bondage of Judah as well as Jerusalem, I will certainly likewise collect all countries, as well as will certainly bring them down right into the valley of Jehoshaphat, as well as will certainly beg with them there for my individuals as well as for my heritage Israel, which they have actually spread amongst the countries, as well as split my land.’

THIS UPCOMING FIGHT IS GOING TO BE SO DEVASTATING TO THE ISLAMIC GLOBE since the Lord is mosting likely to disclose Himself like never ever prior to in Israel as well as conserve them. He is mosting likely to do the very same in the church. Hallelujah! THE CHURCH WILL CERTAINLY COME TO BE A GLOBAL ENTITY which the globe will certainly need to pay attention to. IN A TIME OF TERRIFIC DARKNESS REAL CHURCH IS GOING TO INCREASE.

Joel stated, ‘I will certainly evaluate them for,’ 2 points he stated, ‘I will certainly evaluate you for (1) THEY SPREAD MY INDIVIDUALS, we have actually seen that take place, however likewise (2) THEY SOUGHT TO SPLIT MY LAND. We see that taking place currently. You see, lots of Holy bible revelations can greater than one fulfilment.

Israel as well as the Church have to constantly move with each other in a time of reconstruction

Currently the revelation that we know with in Joel 2: 22 is this, ‘Be not terrified, ye monsters of the area: for the fields of the wild do springtime, for the tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree as well as the creeping plant do produce their toughness with each other.’


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  2. Revelation 3:9King James Version (KJV)
    9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    Zionism is the deceiver and Jewery is the antichrist spirit. 1 John 4:3

  3. The wars described in Psalms 83 and 68 have already happened in 1982, the successful Lebanon war designed to get PLO out of Lebanon triggered by the failed assassination attempt by PLO on Israeli envoy to Great Britain; and Psalms 68 was the 6 day war which happened in 1967. Psalms is an end days calendar. Check out the Indian Ocean tsunami in Psalms 104 (date 2004), and 9/11 which appears in Psalms 102.

  4. Whoever comes against Israel will be like they are shooting water pistols, and their guns will backfire in their own face! God almighty is to be feared! Call on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and be saved! John 3:16 God bless Israel and weapon will be formed against them, Gods people, the apple of His eye!🙏✝🙏

  5. The twelve tribes of Isreal ten of the tribes headed up into europe where the barbarians already were did they conquer them no what of their women well the same thing that would of happened to the other two when Jeruselem fell to the Rome the males worked sunup to sundown on major const projects and the femsales worked in the bath houses of the roman empire and they were to serve the legions. This is of importance for their children would of been slaves to for the promise god made to abraham that his decendents would number the stars in the sky as for my ancestors the Scandanavians when they crushed a roman outpost well those decendents would of been their play toys so you see 2000 years a new generation every 15 years which is how it was for most of those years I could be a decendant of Abraham to but not because of what this guys talking about. The Gauls Greeks Germanians Slavakians Hungarians Huns for short all practiced the same warfare kill the males and take sex slaves. Their just is not enough room in Isreal for all of Abrahams decendants He talks about 4 and 5 thousand years ago Im talking about the last 2 thousand years ago since Christ died.

  6. obaydiyah54. I must have an outdated bible please send me a correct copy. Mine says in Acts2:21 and again in Romans 10:13 that whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. That doesn't sound like skin color is an issue.

    Also it seems to me that Jesus told the disciples to go to all the corners of the world and make disciples. He didn't say we should avoid "white people".

    And additionally Paul says in 2 Cor. 11:4 and Galatians 1:8 "if anyone preaches a gospel contrary to what he taught they are to be accursed". From what you have been writing you are certainly preaching a gospel contrary to what Paul taught and he was trained by Jesus. Unless you start changing your ways, it sounds like we can see who is going to run into many problems. Why don't you go peddle your hatred somewhere else we want none of it?

  7. People Isaac had twins remember Easu is running around saying he is the Israelites and people are believing it remember the Israelites are scattered and won't return until Jesus come and Jesus tells u that and people this psalm 83 war it's not no war people and Ezekiel 38-39 is in the latter days this is after the tribulation and Armageddon this is when the real Israelites return people it's clearly in the bible stop believing theses nuts they are out too just make money