The Psalm 83 Battle as well as Ezekiel 38 & 39’s Magog Battle

Alan covers the information concerning the Psalm 83 Battle as well as the Magog Battle of Ezekiel 38 &39


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  1. LOVE the nuggets of TRUTH you uncover.  Places listed defined!  The ONLY person on line who seems to realize gog is a demon!  NOT a place.  Just found you today…will tune in often!  Learned so much that I did not know.

  2. Allen I have a question. I grew up in a Muslim family from Yemen believing in one God. There's so much information out there that at one point I'd get confused. I noticed how you mentioned that calling Yahweh by names as Lord or God is blasphemy. At one point I heard that Allah is actually satin so I got confused I don't want to be misled. These days when I pray I call upon Elohim the God of Abraham Isaac Solomon Moses and Jesus. Here is my question can I call upon Yahweh by Allah because I'm Arab and from my understanding the word Allah comes from Elloh which is from Elohim? Or from your knowledge is Allah an incorrect name instead should I be calling on Yahweh and Adoni only? Thanks in advance I don't want to be misled or confused!

  3. The Holy Spirit whispered "Psalm 83" to me all night long as I slept, a year ago last November.  When I awoke, I read the Psalm and wept. Jesus confirmed it again this December, a year later.  We must be very close.  I heard that Aleppo was overtaken this very day.

  4. I do have a question regarding the names of God…the bible refers to Him as "God" and stresses the difference between the "one true God" and false "gods". And He's referred to as "Jehovah Jireh", "Jehovah Nissi", etc….And the disciples referred to Him as "Lord…" Even Jesus referred to Himself as "you will say to Me, Lord, Lord, when were You hungry…?" And Adonai means Lord in English. So, is it a translation issue???? Couldn't it simply be broken down to the translation from the original Greek/Aramaic/Hebrew into English? This is rather confusing. Thank you, ahead of time, Alan for your time in answering this. Bless you, our endearing brother.

  5. Thank you, my brother, for this most informative "class" on Ps 83 and Ezk 38-39. I so appreciate your heart for our Yeshua! And your demeanor is so different from others who teach on youtube…you are so calm, peaceful and just so pleasant. Thank you so much and may our Adonai bless you greatly with His peace, protection and provision.

  6. As Psalms 83 could happen before Ex 37,38 and Israel defeats the surrounding nations (could be ISIS) we could be see change in the Arab World – which slowing turning from Islamic viewpoint to Communist/Atheistic national alliance.  Similar to raise of Nazi German Pride movement we might see Arab Pride led by Turkey. Could Beth Togarmah be NATO or Mongolian/-stans central Asia which will partake with Gog (Turkey). As USA goes down and Britain Separates and Turkish population strengthens in Germany we could be witnessing the raising of the Beast the 10 horn kingdom in the Middle-East.

    The psudo-christ mentioned in Ezekiel : 38-39 king of Gog looks to be a middle-east communist/occult (a Nazi form of atheism) leader who is following the Chinese communism experiment with Dragon's(china) help in Middle-east after Ps83 war, to revive the  lost pride of the middle east similar to what Hitler did in Germany. So if Psalms83 war is going to happen before Ez38-39 war, then it looks like Mohammadism is going to see a shift to non-religious national pride movement similar to Chinese communist revolt to overthrow Qing Dynasty after they lost war with Japan. Else it will be something similar to Nazism where Germany to regain its lost pride approved Hitler’s occult cum psudo-atheism making a pact with UFO’s/Witchcraft; the dark forces of the underworld.

    Because even Daniel said that this Assyrian northern leader will disregards the God of his father, and will make a strange new God of fortress.

  7. hi,
    eze 38-15 says; "you and many nations with you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army".

    I noticed this and thought throughout history armies were never all on horseback or riding to get to the battlefield.  The royalty and officers rode, most walked.  The Mongols might be the exception, but this says many nations, all riding.  Leads me to conclude this is only possible today.

    what do you think about this?