Battle as well as Damage: A Research of Isaiah 17 as well as Psalm 83

Component 2 (of 2) – The Upcoming Battle In Between Israel as well as Her Next-door neighbors

Activate the information today as well as you will certainly listen to many records of problems as well as issues around the world. Pay attention for long, as well as it comes to be noticeable that stress bordering the small nation of Israel are amongst the leading tales.

Utilizing occasions occurring prior to our eyes, Priest Kevin Lea examines the significance behind 2 of one of the most intriguing as well as alarming revelations of the Holy bible. Located in Isaiah 17 as well as Psalm 83, these revelations define a damaging problem in the center East in between Israel as well as her next-door neighbors.

Isaiah 17:1 states”Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap.”

With old disgust of the Jews remaining to our day, battle in the center East has actually taken place prior to as well as is anticipated to occur once more. The city of Damascus made a crippling lot? With modern-day weapons as well as present stress, this Scriptural revelation has actually never ever appeared so near gratification.

Sign Up With Priest Kevin in this 2 component research study as he checks out the timing as well as situations of the problem that triggers this dreadful judgment on Damascus as well as will certainly transform the globe.


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  1. Israel armed chief claimed his whore coalition of Wahhazied terrorists, Sunni allies and Zionist West with Israel will overcome Iran ambition with its own Shia allies including Russia. This Isaiah 17 prophecy will see the destruction and desolation of Damascus, together with Tehran and Moscow. This end time prophecy is really about God's love and still wants to save his people now in the Synagogue of Satan.

  2. Here we are 2017. The Church began with Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. NOW, the world  & Israel are on the SAME road : Isaiah 17:1. I believe it's imminently time for the Church's Departure, and God's Grand Plan for Israel to begin,  wherein the End of Psalm 83, and the Ezekiel 38,39 Prophecies shall happen. We must be OUT of here, so that our loving God may COMPLETE His Written Word for Israel, that they & the whole world shall know that HE is The LORD GOD!  That remnant of Jewish Believers shall BE SAVED, as the result of The time of Jacob's trouble.  We, Christ's Church/True Believers/His Body/His Bride, ALREADY KNOW that HE IS The LORD GOD~ NO more proof is needed for us, nor necessity for us to be here.  I also believe that Ezekiel 38,39 is the "Set-Up" for the Time of Jacob's Trouble`~unspecified time  between Ezekiel38,39 & that covenant confirmed, which is the beginning of the 70th year of Daniel's prophecy for Israel.  May God BLESS all who already believe, & may He open the hearts & eyes of any who should believe upon Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, PERSONALLY, so that they may escape that time of WRATH coming upon the whole world! "Time is of the essence"! DO it TODAY, because TODAY is the Day of Salvation for every human being with eyes to see & ears to hear!! Blessings!

  3. Ezekiel 38 and 39 do not mention Russia as a country that attacks Israel. The Northernmost tribes mentioned are in Turkey and the lower Caucus. I do not understand why people keep claiming that it mentions Russia when it clearly is not in the KJV. As to the identity of Gog and Magog, there is no historical reference to that being Russia. These names also point to Asia Minor.

  4. Name one of the Arab nations that publically said they wanted Israel wiped off the face of the map?  I have a friend from Iraq that speak Farsi; his name is Wisom.  This guy told me the translation of Iran's presidents words regarding wiping Israel was all wrong.  Wisom said the president never said anything close to wiping anyone out or off  anywhere.  I do not speak Farsi but I know better than to trust the whore called the American news media and stupid preachers regurgitating it as fact.

  5. God gives us the leaders we DESERVE…
    Daniel 4:16 “`The decision is announced by messengers, the holy ones declare the verdict, so that the living may know that the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the LOWLIEST OF MEN.'” In the case of this current ‘Traitor-in-Chief’, God has certainly given us the LOWLIEST OF MEN!

  6. I have really enjoyed the talk, and so much is clearly being set up today that we can be in no doubt of the fulfilment of prophecy around the corner, Amen.
    I am not being patronising when I say it really was a great effort, and I hope I can help by clearing something up (perhaps not, check it out!). I have something to share regarding what the pastor says at 52:00 &c:

    It is clear from Revelation 20 that the Gog/Magog war is after the millenial reign… that's 1000 years after the tribulation period, 1000 years after Christ is accepted by the remnant of Israel, that is when they have no walled cities because they've been living in peace with Satan locked up. So to put Ezekiel 38/39 into context it has to be with Revelation 20, and nothing to do with the tribulation period of Islam and the antichrist.

    Interesting note: Christ comes to destroy the beast (whom He uses to judge Israel), to save a remnant of them, and to set up His kingdom on earth – the millenial reign. Satan is bound for this period, but when Satan is loosed after it, he goes about to stir up the heathen (inc Gog) against 'unwalled' Israel. This stirs up the fury of God the Father, and He destroys them together, Satan is destroyed, and then comes the judgement.

  7. I believe in part, the false peace of Satan will be made possible by the many misled Christians of this day. We are in a time that most Christian leaders evidence (no) discernment at all, they do not even know who the enemy is, and have many Christians praying for Satan's success.

  8. Why Christian preachers try to localize the fall of the 'State of Israel' singularly to Muslim Middle East is beyond me, because full context and the book of Revelation explains Luke 21:20, as those involved that will destroy within this earth age Jerusalem (symbolic Israel), and these are the "Gog and Magog army of Satan." That this army is more numerous than sand on the seashore, travel abreast across the earth to surround Jerusalem, does this not give a adequate description, of (all) the lost belonging to Satan. These preachers will (only) use Old Testament verse like Ezek-38, that identifies Turkey, describing "Gog and LAND of Magog", and relate this as Rev-20 "GOG and MAGOG", the Army of Satan. Do you know who the "sanctuary of Satan" hates most today, it starts with Muslim, next Christian, and ends destroying the true (faithful) Jewish (Hebrew). The Muslim religion did not (begin) until after the ministry of Christ, beginning around the year-600AD. When ever these preachers start off with Ezek-38, you are in for 'false teaching'.

  9. Ezekiel 38 and 39 lists nations led by Russia that will come to attack Israel with the intent to take a spoil.  Some think it will be because of the land that Israel gains in Psalm 83, as you state.  But others think it will be their new found gas and oil fields.  Time will tell, but they will come with a desire to take something that Israel has because that is what the prophet has said.

  10. Janes Youngblood~ You do NOT "rightly divide" the Word of God, and this causes you to err in your beliefs! Paul, that great Apostle of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles plainly and clearly reveals all the "mysteries"-SECRETS-Jesus Christ PERSO-
    NALLY revealed to him, which include The Bride(The Church), and The RAPTURE! If you dismiss Paul's epistles, and disbelieve his revelations from our Risen Christ, then you have "dismissed" much of what is so IMPORTANT for us Believers to KNOW and to "hold fast to" as Christ Himself told us in Revelation 3:10 !!!!

  11. James Youngblood~ Matthew 24 IS the tribulation, and Jesus is speaking to Israel~ the JEWS! The Bride of Christ, the Church, those who BELIEVE that Jesus Christ DIED for the sins of ALL, Who rose again on the 3rd Day, and Who will raise to ETERNAL LIFE with Him anyone who comes to SALVATION by the GRACE of God, through FAITH (BELIEF) in Christ's FINISHED, Atoning work, will be RAPTURED (RESCUED) out of that time of God and The Lamb's wrath on the whole Christ-rejecting world! Paul's Gospel tells us plainly and clearly how to be saved!

  12. I agree completely, and time will soon tell whether we are correctly understanding what God has told us in His word. I pray that these coming wars will be a catalyst to God's people to double our efforts to witness. The unbeliever needs to know they must repent from a life of sin and rebellion against God and receive God's forgiveness through faith in Jesus as their Savior, while there is still time.

  13. & also if we are taken during Ezk 38- then we most likely will be here to see & experience the Psalm 83 & Isa 17 war occur which should do allot to cause Believers to share the Gospel even stronger as we see the day coming at our very door. The mid-east goes up in flames, Israel beats 'em all & is at rest after this 83 / 17 war. Then Russia/Iran see Israel at peace controlling all of her new land taken & her oil sales going up & jump at the chance to start Ezk 38. I get the feeling you see this

  14. I agree with you. I believe, and have taught for years decades, that the Ezk 38-39 war seems to mark the time when God pours out His spirit on the Jews as He again deals with them (as prophesied in Dan 9 – the final week of years remaining to be fulfilled). With God again dealing with the Jews as His chosen people, it would make sense that the grafted in, chosen, church has been removed. We may see the start, but won't see the end of this coming Eze 38-39 war.

  15. Pastor Kevin concerning the Rapture have you ever noticed Ezk 39:24-29? It says that GOD pours out HIS SPIRIT on that day at the end of that War & GOD never has HIS SPIRIT in Both the Body of CHRIST & Israel at the same time. So that seems to show that the Rapture much happen during that outpouring or just before so we might see the Ezk 38/39 war start & vanish during it & the confusion of this War, which would hide the Rapture so no one could believe by SIGHT, but still must use FAITH alone.l

  16. I wish to commend Pastor Kevin in His EXCELLENT Explanation & EXPOSITORY on Psalms 83. He has done one of the best teachings on this book I've heard in a long time. I recommend any an all Christians either new or long time Christians to listen to this teachings several times & read Psalms 83 your self. I cannot thank GOD enough for this man of GOD & His good & clear teaching on this subject.Finally someone who does study, read & see the Truth of GOD & explains it correctly. PTL.

  17. Where does the Bible prove that the people you call Jews today are the promised people of God. Do words produce pictures? You are a victim of western propaganda, and interpreting bible prophecy is not given to you or the Jewish people. Ask yourselves why!

  18. The jews are the childrenn of the devil.

    The christians are children of the devil.

    BOTH must be born again. John 3: 1- 8. 1 John 3: 6 and 9.

    WHEN a christian is born again they CEASE from being a christian and become part of Israel.

    ONLY the Children of Israel will be saved.

    No christian has been saved and no christian will be saved.

    christians must be born again and grafted into The Vine of Israel.

    Zionist jews and christians are children of the devil.

    both must be born again

  19. There will be no war between Israel and Syria.

    Isa: 17: 1 will happen in one day.

    Yahweh's chosen ONES are the children of Israel.

    The jews are NOT the children of Israel.

    The first reference about the jews it says: The jews made war against Israel.

    The last reference about jews it says: The jews are a congregation of Satan. Rev. 2: 9. Rev. 3: 9.

    These are Zionist jews and christians.

    Zionism is evil.

    ONLY the Children of Israel will be saved.

    bless you

  20. The Bible is so very clear that the Jews are the promise/witness people of God. There is no room for misunderstanding what it says, which means you have chosen to refuse to accept what God says. I pray that when the future events prove that you are deceived, that you will humble yourself and believe in Jesus as your Savior, then you will also accept what He says about the Jews and the future. We can agree that Damascus is destroyed in a future war between Israel and Syria (Isaiah 17).

  21. The jews are NOT the children of Israel.

    the jews are the children of the devil.

    Syria will drop a chemical weapon on lake galilee and this will cause the jews to Nuclear bomb Damascus. This will cause the RAM in Dan. 8 to form. The Ram is Iraq and Iran joined together. The RAM will unite the muslims and they will go to Israel and put to the sword all the jews in Israel. NO surrvivers. This will cause the Goat with the large horn to go to israel.The large horn is America. Dan. 12: 4 and 9

  22. If we are living in the time of Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 fulfillment, then the world is about to change in a big way. "Normal" life will become a distant memory. I have told our church that there is nothing sinful about having some food and water stored up for times of trouble (earthquakes, fires, wars, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.). Doing so prevents us from having to wait for the government helicopters to drop water bottles, and also frees us up to preach the gospel to a shocked population.

  23. The only update I can give is that it appears we are very close to the fulfillment. The scriptures remain the same and have not been added to. I tried to do the best job I could in accurately teaching what the scriptures of Isa 17 say, nothing more, nothing less. I do not see verse 4-6 implying any rapture connection. I am a pre-Triber (with a capitol T), but we may be here to see this war and some formation of global govnmt, and all the little t tribulation that comes with it. Looking up!

  24. Gog and Magog already occupy the land of Israel, the sons of the Khazars. They rule in all the nations and want their high priest Pope to be enthroned in the future temple on mount Zion. The re-construction will soon take place even in the next couple of years, but initially there will be a peace treaty and concessions to build.

  25. Hey Pastor, love your message. With all going on right now concerning Syria an update would be greatly appreciated. Also, in Isaiah 17 : 4 when it mentions the glory of Jacob fading, seems maybe a double meaning by implying a possible rapture indication. The Christians are the main supports of Israel even in these time when Israel is a burdensome stone on the whole world and if the Christians are removed Israel's support would fade and interestingly enough verse 5 and 6 speak of a harvest. 🙂

  26. Moses mercilessly beheaded 3000+ Cow Worshiping Jewish animals.Those Jewish bastards didn't give up ! They again created a Man Worshiping Jesus Cult.This time they chose the unwary Gentiles ! Christ said ' But in vain they do worship me' He continued ' Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from me, you evil doer '

  27. israel is the smalest nation in the world.. but there father is the bigest one of all.. keep up your good work and come on to israel you and all your army.. israel have the best general ever. his name is the god of israel/ israel was here. it is here and it will be here