Nostradamus Forecasts Globe Battle 3!!!

Stress develops all over the globe. Is Globe Battle 3 unavoidable? Inning accordance with Nostradamus’ revelation, Globe Battle 3 might be closer compared to the majority of assume,


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  1. MABUS is president Bush who fired the first salvo of the Battle for Mesopotamia/Babylon/Iraq on January 17, 1991. NOSTRADAMUS GREATEST PROPHECY IS THE 27 YEARS WAR IN MESOPOTAMIA. 27 years and the battle still rages that began on January 17, 1991 meaning few months from now (January 16-17, 2018); it will end. How it will end is anybody’s guess. Pray…! Please read revelation 9:13-15.

  2. from the time the Angel visited the Great prophet there is now 40 years. the 40 year refer to the the 40 year of Israel in the desert out of Egypt. Every prophet has limitation of not revealing everything he sees. remember the word of Jesus; no one knows the time and the day. Daniel was told to go and to keep secret the vision to be revealed in the of the end. What end is that ? Revelation 12 says that a woman wearing the Sun. The woman is Leah the first wife of Jacob. The Sun is the Husband Jacob. Under the feet of the woman is the moon. That moon is Rachel the young sister of Leah. Rachel is waiting her turn to wear the husband. So the end of Leah marriage With Jacob is the beginning of Rachel marriage. from Leah is born a king who is Judah. from Rachel there is also a son to be a King. the end of Leah marriage is also the end of Judah[Jesus] . from Rachel there is ….

  3. WW3. Will be between N Korea and USA. China will help N Korea. They will be defeated after a nuclear battle. The name Mabus is actually a sort of anagram for Sadam. After his death lots of death and misery, which has been proven correct.

  4. I can accept there is certainly a chance of a nuclear confrontation, but not because Nostradamus says so. His predictions can be interpreted any way anyone wishes to, they're so vague. Besides, if people believe this so-called prophet has a window on the future, then you could believe Jesus rose from the dead. Same gullibility.