WW3 Predictions/Simulation (100% Precision)

A simulation of WWIII. If it was to ever before happen. It would certainly be the most significant battle ever before … This is simply a simulation, Do not take it so severe.


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  1. Africa and Oceania didn't get involved in this prediction making it not WW3. Another, why would Russia randomly invade Ukraine? It would either start out with North Korea or the middle east, not a country getting bored and invading a country it lost a while back that has a fairly well economy :/

  2. Perhaps true. The USA is ending. May be the USA will be a colony of other state. Sorry for that. I personally don't want it. But it is almost exactly going to happen. The USA is diplomatically a weak country now a days. Still, if it happens, 70 percent of the World will be Deserted by the war. This will be the last blow of the COLD WAR. Horrific!!!!!!!!!

  3. are you fuckin crazy m8? Russia wont even dare to attack anyone in europe cuz they know America will woop their ass. And why the hell would you think putin wanted back and change back to the soviet's and china agreeing with Russia like wtf!?! Are you that much of a retsrded peice of shit? Trump would give zero fucks and bomb russias ass. And nk winning over sk they would lose!! nk leader fat fuck kim jong un would be dumb enough to attack sk and lose