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  2. Look up Executive order 11 3 1 0 , And 11 0 0 5, 11 0 5 1 ,This is why they want the illegal's here ,They want them here when they open up the prison and camps, And all they have to do now is to get the guns they have the illegal's , Think about it there is terrorism in America big time GMO food fluoride water chemical trails vaccine abortion war famine economical warfare ,We have Lie to all these years about all these things ,Our government has been paid off by the Illuminati the banksters rockefellers rothschilds build a burgh ,Ted Turner Bill Gates So on ,They are at war with the population ,Look it up do your research ,Don't bring your beef to me I know what's going on I will not answer You I will not Answer or read anything That is sent to me.

  3. of course red china is the leader. they have the slave system that all the countries want. producing goods for the world while the workers live in barracks and work 12/12 shifts so one can sleep in the bed while the other is working. then flip flop. pay in bowls of rice per day.

  4. First, it's the COMMUNISM that built China to a super power as it is today. In the contrary, it's the neoliberal psycho capitalism which made America face a collapse. And second, there's nothing wrong in the commercial. Chinese Communism proved to be much more humane, healthier and social juster than the SICKO neoliberal capitalism which, if not stopped by China and Russia recently, would have killed the world and humanity with its sick intentions to put profit before everything else. Bravo for Communistic China, and may the world follow your way!


  6. We all have to give up burning coal whilst China and India have a green light to burn it until 2030. China's renewable industry contributes about 3% to their power supply. I definitely do not want a Chinese future. One party to vote for. Absolute control and manipulation of their population.

  7. The United Nations agenda 21 and 2030 are blueprints to commit mass murder and genocide. Anyone that supports Crimes against humanity are heinous criminals and will be brought to trial for their obscene acts towards their fellow man.

  8. I try to educate family and friends on these subjects and they can all care less.. I'm a conspiracy nut to them. They care more about their television shows then they do the truth.. Our ignorance will kill us quicker than they will.. It's so sad. Americans have become a bunch of docile sheep who've been conditioned to 'not' ask questions.

  9. During the cultural revolution in China, Christians suffered intense persecution, being jailed and tortured for simply having a bible in their possession. Its also currently happening today, in North Korea, another communist country, that Christians are jailed, tortured and many killed. They are accused of being enemies of the state. So this talk of 'inclusion' is a joke. In reality, there is no inclusion for you if you consider yourself a Christian.

  10. Lisa loves–one of the reasons solar is not better is because they are dimming the sun intentionally. If they would stop their insane climate intervention we could all live with free energy. That's the last thing they want. They want that control and they want the money.

  11. I get so sick and tired of looking at these smug bastards at the City Council meetings always in the background laughing their asses off because they know they're bought by the corporations and what you say doesn't make a damn bit of difference. I see it in every video where someone is trying to stand up for what is right. What gets me is how in the world do they get every one of these people on their side? Is it all about the money and nothing else now?

  12. Stupid!!! Scaremongering. This is the future, we have to change because things around us are changing. Do something about it, don't run scared, come up with your own ideas instead. We can't stay the same. Inprove our world with your own ideas.

  13. I noticed there is no North America on the map at the end; Interesting. But the Chinese are degenerate gamblers & if u think the IMF & the likes of Jean Claude Junker or Marie Legrand are gonna hand over control to a chinaman then it's time to stop smoking weed!

  14. The west caused this. They wanted more investments and higher profits so they moved manufacturing to Asia.
    Its only a matter of time for China to become the super power the US use to be.
    In the mean time higher unemployment and more people with low buying power will weaken the west's economies.

  15. lol five year plans are now communism.. next time youre at a job interview and they ask where you see yourself in five years, tell them "defeating your communist ass" and run out of there while you still can

  16. Everybody knows what they're doing. That's what those empty Chinese cities are possibly for. The globalist have webots that gather & save all information from the internet. Using sophisticated algorithms, they data mine or harvest all our activity continually. They make and adjust their plans according to what we are saying & doing on the web. They live in secrecy behind a one-way mirror, seeing everything about us while we know nothing about them. The seat of all their power & authority comes from the Jesuits in Rome as it always has. In reality, Jesus is our only hope. He will either come again soon, or he will stop or slow down their plans as he has always historically done. May his will, be done on earth as it is heaven. Jesus in his love & infinite mercy died for the whole world. He died for those who are doing good & evil. It's not his wish that any perish but all come to know, love and obey him. Honestly, that's what I myself have trouble understanding? Nevertheless, he does love all mankind. Our lack of understanding doesn't make it untrue. Pray for our leaders and our enemies, this is biblical. This world is not our home we are only passing through. May the Lord God Almighty give each of us safe passage in our journey.

  17. there's never been any independent nation since the fall of Adam! America is a myth, and a slave colony! the district of Columbia is what? 10 square miles of the vatican and banks of Europe controlling the slave state as a woman or gender bender , Columbia! the Holy Spirit must go first! then! you see these people emerging and their puke is emerging! may hell enjoy this plan! not me! they will never rule me! the gates of hell will not stop evangelism and these scum bags will submit to the saving power of the evangelist! when I'm gone! let them do their thing! but I could speak to these mountains and they will be removed! why? because I have faith in the gospel! yes! the quakers are few! but? we are the mighty ones! tearing down strongholds for practice! entering arenas, and taking the captives of lies, even these lies of puke! yes! look out devils! we're preaching his name! so shake, rattle and roll your scummy rears out of my soul saving, and nurturing way! now! like right now! even now! someone is considering seeing and serving jesus the messiah! yes! amen! that's who rules! not these puke bags of traitors! to the poor and hurting! lies~ lies! you want to see power! watch me! watch the Devils run as we pray and take the captives and bring them light! oh ya! I got the power! they are weaklings, these liars of demons, looking for christ rejectedrs! well,? don't reject him! you out there! then!? you've got the power! thine is the power~ ! yes! my God reigns! you wanna watch him in action!? follow the evangelist! you'll see real power! in the name~ jesus purposes bring absolute authority! love wins sirs! love rules! watch the evangelist go where no one else can go. ! yes there's power! wonder working soul saving heart restoring power! go! go you born again! go! heal! deliver! save! watch these scummy powers kneel to his work! amen! the prophet of jesus has spoken! shalom and maranatha! go! his ministry for you cannot be stopped! unless he authorizes it! so go! build a love retort testimony! go! against that day!

  18. Why are Americans surprised? Do we not comprehend Capitalism? All our values are about money and it's attainment. So we have been sold to the highest bidder, under our own rules, values and morals.

  19. Grindall …you need to destroy your TV that is programming your sub conscious…After you have not been exposed to the incessant advert hollering and marketing trumpets and fake fraud scripted MS Media "news" in about 2 months of TV detox….You will feel like a brand new human being whose drives are wiped clean…and you will feel motivated to get things done that matter…

  20. That's all we need. Human-rights abusers and communist dictators "leading the world" in anything. These disgusting people have mobile organ harvesting vans for their own people who object to the state. China is a criminal, not a leader.

  21. when China came out of its shell people around the world thought that China would work to become part of the world … but China is working and always have been working to change the world more to Chinese standards/ideas …

    people are still talking about the horrors of Nazi-Germany … but China is 100 times worse … why are we letting them rule the world?

    I really do not care … I am a dead man talking …. I am 47 years old and I do not believe I will end up an old man …. and it is not because of people driving their cars ….

    "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever."
    – George Orwell

  22. China became a superpower due to money hungry corporations. Millionaires are being minted at a ridiculously fast pace. They're coming over to Australia, and buying up property, agriculture and mining land. Young families simply can't compete with wealthy Chinese buyers. Baby boomers are laughing all the way to the bank, but young people are being pushed further and further from the CBD. You walk into the city, and it looks like Beijing. Heck, diverse restaurants are all becoming Chinese dining locations. My course is about 95% Chinese. Poor English and cheating is such a pervasive thing. Australia's future is China. If China's economy ever collapses, Australia is fucked. I have little hope for a future in Australia. I might have to move elsewhere.

  23. What a partisan idiot you are grinell. 80% of the airwaves is owned by right wing corporations and you say media is for the left? Lol, how do you figure? The plans for the future are being pushed by the right wing global capitalists….lmao, I mean…how can you say its the left? Thats just laughable dude. So, your saying that left wing, working class people want to be enslaved?….wow. Dude, slavery is a capitalist concept, ok? Capitalist=screw the working class. Capitalist=republican. Capitalist=No Freedom. Capitalist=No Democracy. Capitalism=No Constitution. Unfettered capitalism is not compatible with Freedom, Democracy or The Constitution but spells death to all of them and you say its the left… Wul, you and your channel are dangerous.


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