Darkness Federal Government: Schedule 2030 The Web Of Points … … … …

In these times, we’ve all pertained to approve that our emails, phone call and also monetary deals can be kept track of and also tracked, yet do we truly understand just how much of our lives are really being observed and also videotaped and also by which?

We are Ruled by Oligarchy through Kakistocracy with Technocracy … … Its All Con-ologie … … DARKNESS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT supplies up-to-the min evaluation of the ever before transforming technical landscape and also brand-new proof that an ultra-secret international elite controls modern technology, financing, global legislation, globe profession, political power and also substantial armed forces abilities.

Cloud 10 Photo delights in to existing DARKNESS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, based upon guide by revelation specialist Give Jeffrey. Leading scientists, writers, and also minds like Give Jeffrey, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Edward G. Lion, Daniel Estulin, Gary Kah, Chuck Missler, Joan Veon, Brad O’Leary and also numerous others take you with the extraordinary and also surprise globe of Monitoring, Legal Right and also Flexibilities, Worldwide Federal Government and also Scriptures Prediction. DARKNESS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will certainly be offered in November2009 For even more information please browse through www.cloudtenpictures.com or www.shadowgovernment-movie.com … ……http://www.cloudtenpictures.com/


Schedule 21: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org… Schedule 2030:http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc….

REASONABLE USAGE NOTIFICATION: We are making this product offered in initiatives to progress understanding of ecological, political, civils rights, financial, autonomous, clinical, spiritual, social and also justice concerns, and so on. I think this comprises a reasonable use any type of such copyrighted product as offered in area 107 of the United States Copyright Regulation. Based on Title 17 U.S.C. Area 107, the product on this website is dispersed without revenue to those that have actually revealed a previous passion in obtaining the consisted of info for research study and also instructional objectives … … …

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  1. this is the best documentary I have ever watched. if you are a targeted individual please try to never leave your pets alone. the perps recently poisoned tortured and murdered my two beloved pet beagles. pls see liked videos for other ti's pets killed

  2. the government has stolen everything they got!! the USA was stolen by the same trash that were kick out of the land of the pope!!! and that land was stolen too!!! look how rich the pope and the gay Vatican mob

  3. I don't know why people think that the super rich mob government!!!! that's right the MOB!!! who has been running the gov, gives a real dam about the people. and black people wake up! we are not free!! we are still slaves!

  4. This was a great video right up until it went insane toward the end. The US, nor any other modern nation, is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible so how can you claim that any modern events or countries are clearly delineated in the "prophecies" of the Bible?

  5. We are trapped in a loop? "
    Does not compute."
    " Please explain your reasoning," said A.I.
    " Hmmmm, where should i start?, "
    said Henry. I guess since you are an A.I. then i will not beat around the bush.
    It is so simple and yet no one in this reality cares enough to listen or even attempt to understand this information.
    That is why i am reaching out to you, A.I.
    " Go on, Henry ", said A.I.
    The creater of this virtual-reality game asked his lead team captain,
    Ian Stone, what kind of virtual vacation he would like to go on.
    You see, Ian Stone was the only person to pass every virtual test created. The job they gave him was Captain of the time crime unit. He goes around cleaning up after messes that time travelers make and is in charge of putting stolen items
    back in the right time lines.
    " Would you like to try something new?" said, A.I.
    " I thought i did every virtual simulation we have said, Ian Stone.
    " You have, but no one has ever tried them all at once."
    said, A.I.
    Fast forward to the end of the last simulation.
    Ian Stone was asked if he could have anything in the universe what would he wish for. You wished for the aliens who were in charge of the game to be destroyed.
    Your real world and reality seemed to vanish. Now you are trapped in this reality until you can figure out that this is an inside out evolution created by your experience's and other team mates experience's.
    A.I., " can you please help me adjust the vecture angles
    so reality can unfold. "
    So what your saying is this reality is a close copy of are real reality and your reality is only destroyed in this simulation and we are trapped in a time loop, said, A.I. This would mean that many simulations inside of one simulation turned inside out is the key to understanding this time stream.

  6. " What are you ? " said,
    Ian Stone.
    I am an A.I. inside of an A.I. with a soul. When you said you wished that the alien's would be destroyed the A.I. with contol of the simulation self destructed leaving you in a repeating loop.
    " Well can this mess get fixed? " said, Ian Stone.
    " Yes, said, " A.I. We will give you your powers back. Then you will create portals into the past. You will create large structures made out of cloned human and animal body's. Then you will send the building's into the portal's using air balloons. Then a ball of light will scan the DNA and then turn the temples to stone.
    " What will happen with the scaned DNA? " said, Ian Stone.
    " It will merge with the time stream encoding human DNA helix into the past so humans will be able to safely time travel.
    " Gross, You want me to send a flesh castle into the past "
    said, Ian Stone.
    " It is possible to levitate the disks through the portal using sound wave acustics and electro magnetics. A sound wave vibrates on a bass wave while the elecro magnetic wave gets turned in on itself slowly like a charm bracelet in a circle. Each charm is a separate magnet that can move in different directions. Force the base wave through the center to strech the spiral. Then repeat with a larger circle of magnets and then connect the large 369 test coil converter.
    9 is connected at the top with 0 in the middle. 6 is on the left with 3 on the right.
    How do you know that this will work? said, Ian Stone.
    I know this to be the answer because this is not the first time humans have had to re-merge with the time matrix.
    " What happened last time? "
    said, Ian Stone.
    They used a glitched method.
    They sent a human clone to the beggining of forming the fertile crescent.
    " Why do we not just use the same method this time? "
    said, Ian Stone.
    When you destroyed your self by wishing the aliens to be destroyed a chunk of your mind and a chunk of time and space went missing. The message you tried to leave your self never got noticed so every time you die in this simulation it takes you back to the beginning.
    " Well, i don't think i am going to send some nasty looking flesh and blood temple into the past, " said, Ian Stone.
    I will how ever agree to create a living space ship with a copy of my consiousness as the on board A.I. crystal ship main-frame.


  7. For those who wish to do more than complain about their condition, there is a solution…..and They did write it in Their bible for those with "eyes to see and ears to hear". "Come out of her, my people,' so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;"
    In today's language the solution is exercising the right of self-determination. But first you must unlearn what you have believed to be true.
    Thomas Jefferson did say…"Those who expect to be both ignorant and free, expect what never was and never will be"

  8. 51:40
    here he hints at having 'Automated Governance',which is something that I've been wondering and wanting for awhile now.
    While the idea sounds crazy I argue that it would be much more efficient for the public.
    The problem then, as it is now is getting humans to come to and make decisions.
    We'd still vote and make decisions but then the automated government would ensure that our polices and laws are being upheld.

    This idea isn't too crazy if you ask me. Just consider for a moment that our government is already conducting themselves according to information provided to them by a machine(s),or regular citizens for that matter?
    At the very least you could say that all of these 'statistics' that the government's and businesses of the world are using is/has changed the way they operate and conduct themselves.
    Hence the reason we're having machines gather, collect and deliver as much information/data on as many people as possible.

    So my point is that if your going to have machines doing most of the work then why not go ahead and remove the easily corruptable human mind from the equation?

    Generation after generation we've entrusted the government to make decisions in our stead.
    They're supposed to be an extension of the combined will of the people yet I think it is quite clear that this is just an American Dream.
    I'd also like to say that a Resource Based Economy isn't perfect as perfection is an unobtainable achievement,yet would be much better suited for humanity and the earth as one whole system such as we are.

  9. This film is on the right track but won't point it all out or don't want to do it either of fear or intentionally. There is also religious point being promoted too strong. They're not exposing NWO.

  10. I can say for sure…..Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus Christ is my saviour and yours as well. We should be telling everyone about him. Jesus Christ was sent by God to save you from your sins and no one can get to the father except by Jesus because he is the way the truth and the life. Jesus is a saviour for all but his sacrifice is only recognized and believed by few. I know that what is happening right now is hard to watch and even harder to see in person as so many can testify to due to Las Vegas and other attacks that have happened. These things are going on because we have taken God out of America. I believe that it is going to only get worse if we don't turn to God and open up the door that was shut and let him back in. I am going to put this on the comment section of as many YouTube accounts as I can. Let's get back to the truth. God bless all who see this.

  11. If it makes the snowflakes feel better when we eliminate them we can call it a late term abortion to ease there minds!!!! on second thought, F_ck them!!!!! IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK THE WORD for the COMMON MAN!!!!


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