The U.N. Schedule 2030 for Lasting Advancement – Subjected

In this video clip, Dan Titus of iAgenda21 com, clarifies just what Sustainable Advancement (SD) is from the specialists cases as well as provides a counter perspective. He discusses the genesis of SD as well as just how it is roused via dilemma, fabricated shortage, as well as compelled preservation also known as, rationing. He formulates his disagreement within the structure of 2 international warming costs in The golden state as well as connects them straight to global impacts of U.N. Schedule 21 as well as The U.N. 2030 Schedule for Sustainable Advancement.

Publications referenced in this video clip are readily available for evaluation at:


Technocracy Climbing by Patrick Timber.

Spreading out the Riches, by Stanley Kurtz.


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  1. First thing we need to do is take back out National parks from the UN. They did not belong to president Clinton to give away. then tell the UN to stay the fuck out of the USA or they will be fucked up
    by our 2nd amendment right.

  2. The woodsy roomy world I grew up in is now wall to wall houses on small lots. I grew up in a US with 200 million people. Now there is 320 million. Anyone who wants unlimited population growth is insane. Who ever is flooding this country with immigrants from large family cultures is trying to destroy the US.

  3. A Muslim man from Saudi Arabia come by my job couple weeks ago. Looking to purchase a vehicle and he said Saudi Arabian government was paying him $6,000 month for college at Mississippi state University! The reason he said was 2030 agenda and I played dumb, saying what is that? I've known for years about 2030 agenda. He went on to say, it's sustainable development of globalization. So if you don't believe this is actually happening now, you better wake up. One thing I didn't believe what he said was that Saudi Arabia was paying for his college. The United Nations is paying him

  4. All the tolls, gas taxes, water taxes, etc in California is going to pay for the high density development. People are not awake and just don't get it. I explained all this to a socialist and she called me a conspiracy theorists.