UN Schedule 2030: Worldwide Prepare For Lasting Advancement!

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UN Schedule 2030: Worldwide Prepare For Lasting Advancement!

U.N. Schedule 21 has actually been changed right into U.N. Schedule2030 17 typical objectives, to be carried out by almost 200 nations. The goal: Lasting growth. To finish hardship. To raise equal rights. Accessibility to tidy water. Food, electrical energy, and also hygiene. Appears advantageous for everybody?

UN schedule 21 2030 GMO genetically designer environment modification worldwide warming.


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  1. Oh God. Dude. Up until you mention Hillary CLinton everything you say is 130% certified weapons grade paranoid bolognium.

    1. Lots of things are getting done by that money we're investing in fighting climate change. TONNES. Domestically: we've achieved parity in the efficiency of wind. HUGE. Abroad: we've sown the seeds or renewables that have created states whose renewable energy programs eclipse ours, like Brasil. HUGE.
    2. Even if they didn't work: we gotta do something. IF you've got a better solution: do it. Otherwise: we HAVE to try.
    3. You're not 'forced' to pay any tax. You can move to another country without taxes and live there. (Friendly reminder that I'm opposed to ANY taxes on people, so don't think I'm defending taxes; I just don't think this is a fair critique)
    4. Moving people into these megacities, or whatever: is a good thing. Not for the governments, the people. People don't want to live in the country. Burbs are getting desolated worldwide, because no one wants to live there anymore. You know there's a housing shortage in the city, right? I'm sure you've made a video about it. There's nothing wrong with this plan, it's completely logical and reasonable.

    BUT: colossal caveat: I'm sure that any of the things I responded to CAN be used for evil. I'm not saying not to be skeptical; I'm just saying: wait until there's proof… Hillary Clinton being involved is proof enough for me though. She's pure evil.

  2. My understanding is 2030 is the implementation on a local level – I think the date 2030 is the year by which it will be implemented (started not necessarily finished) in all 200 odd countries. Once implemented it will be impossible to stop, the structure has to be in place and operational by 2030

  3. Great Video. Of course the MSM would NEVER talk about the globalist agenda and 2030 is the next phase. Our biggest concern with any UN or Global directive is simply this- The members who conceive the plans are NOT ELECTED. So basically we lose our freedom to vote. They know that as do the Central Banking cartels. They make the rules (behind the curtain) while we all fight over the right and left candidates of our locality. So basically there is ZERO accountability. Rothschild famously said 'I care not who makes the laws (politicians) as long as I issue the money.

  4. Most likely it would finance the development needs of the private sector or for profit companies infrastructure . The one X factor they fail to admit is that of the Grand Solar Minimum We will see temps really cold by 2024 due to the decreased sun spots combined with the planetary alignment of earth and the gas giants . Which will ever so slightly pull earth away from the sun . By 2019 we are forecast to see food prices 15 x higher if not more . GSM Or Solar Hibernation where in by 2030 we will have seen tens of millions dead from food shortages starvation and related symptoms or outcomes of it . As well as the increased geothermal activity . Combined with contrived wars . This is the Thinning of the herd the eugenicist elites have been salivating over . They never let a good crisis go to waste . Especially one they have known for at the very least 60 + years . History tells us of the 200 + 400 year cycles . This is the reason for the global warming lie . Because they love Duality . RED + BLUE -HOT AND COLD ETC .

  5. Since we're on the subject, I'm assuming you all have read the Georgia Guidestones. They want to maintain the world population at 500 million people. That means essentially 90% of us are going to get wiped out. All in the name of saving the planet.

  6. How to make a politician instantly contradict himself? Ask about the economy and the environment.
    Economy: We need stimulus programs to increase consumption
    Environment: We need to create taxes and regulations in order to reduce consumption

  7. We went from local to state to regional to national economy from 1700-1990. NAFTA created the first formal continental economy. The teams to get in on the ground floor created generational wealth. Now the world is smaller and there are competing teams to formalize the world economy. These families want to never have to worry about their local wealth drying up (which can happen overnight in revolution). The UN has a government framework in place. Is the UN represented by one team or competing teams within?

  8. Food for everyone? We are planting canola on canola again here in western Canada. We could grow food, if it could turn a profit. Wheat under $6.80 a bushel is at a loss. The market dictates what a farm can grow now, not what the people need. They prefer bio fuel over food for people. Sorry but I plant canola or don't pay the bills.

  9. The world is in poverty because of corrupted banks and the people behind it, top 5% run the planet, Like I said the corrupted people down to local Gov. that goes along with this Evil will answer to the King Of Kings very soon and Hell is where these immoral corrupted filthy people will go.  Keep your filth and things because in the end it all stays here for the next person so what is the gain, Nothing in the end. Christ said what's a man to gain from the world but to lose his soul, Just paraphrasing here folks. Amen

  10. UN Agenda 2030 : globally every citizen become more creative like mother nature help each other i mean co-operate co-ordinate for future GOAL N ACHIEVEMENTS B the part of this agenda…….all must join to make it easy n achievable rksharma1091

  11. Thanks Money GPS for this information; Sadly the sheeple will remain sheeple until its to late to do anything. This is why God said don't be part of the world, As you can see God is always right. The hole world is corrupt to the core, these people sell their soul for wealth and money at which point it stays here when you pass on. These people are all heading for HELL. Satan comes to destroy and kill man kind, we are 100% in the days of Noah folks, Satan corrupted the world back in Genesis and God had no choice but to destroy it. The modified seeds will cause world famine and one with a sound mind will see where this is all going soon, that's right DARKNESS and it will be no one fault but man's so don't blame God when this all comes to pass people. I tell you I'm looking for Christ to come back and save us from all this evil that's taking over the planet. I can go on but for what, you get the idea that man is totally corrupt. Amen come Lord Jesus.