What Is Program 21/2030 Lasting Growth? Please Flow

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  1. Hi James Corbett! I believe you are a real YouTube channel not some fake brainwashing garbage. Thank you ! I liked, subcribed and here is my positive comment… Please be a gentleman and subscribe to my channel. TonyMichaelLeeBritish ComedyHighTea Political. My channel is one mans view of being a Target Human being. I crush all scumbag government agencies without physical violence. THEY (:(; can be violent unfortunatley… I loved the clear explantion of Agenda 21 !!! JUST WHAT WE NEEDED !!! UPDATED !
    ROSA KOIRE is absolutely fearless and awesome. Agenda 30 is a super nutty program drawn up by fruitcake government agents…

  2. This agenda can not be stopped! It is one of the largest lies, they are using to bring about the one world political system ( the first beast in Rev Ch 13). It is written in the Bible, our Heavenly Fathers Word! And it will come to pass just as it is written!!!
    The ? Is , what side will you be on ? Will you worship satan when he comes claiming to be Jesus, or will you seek, truly seek, Jesus and wait for his return at the last (7th) trump.

  3. An Orwellian nightmare straight out of the book 1984. Get on your local community boards and go to town meetings or the next time a disaster strikes your area you may not be able to rebuild because of all the agenda21 red tape you have to go through which all revolves around money and making it harder for people to rebuild. This is being implemented everywhere, every city has their own version and the names vary but they all have one thing in common and that is control of the population and manipulation of all the resources as if we can't make our own decisions in our life. Our rights are being stripped away one by one and it's time to get involved on the local level in your communities since that's where this all starts even though it is UN agenda. Thy pay your town to implement an agenda that they haven't even read over folks, so get involved and find out what's happening in your own neck of the woods

  4. Agenda 21 is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all plants, all minerals, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, all education, and all human beings in the world.