A Go through Auschwitz I Prisoner-of-war Camp|In 1080 p HD

Auschwitz prisoner-of-war camp was a network of focus and also death camp constructed and also run by the Third Reich in Gloss locations linked by Nazi Germany throughout The Second World War. It was the biggest of the German prisoner-of-war camp, containing Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II– Birkenau and also Auschwitz III– Monowitz, additionally called Buna– Monowitz (a labor camp). On top of that there were 45 satellite camps.

Caution: Audiences might discover some scenes traumatic.

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  1. My great grand father was in a concentration camp after being captured at Dunkirk he said they would shoot/kill someone a day to keep everyone quiet he was lucky to survive cause he learnt German and could speak to the guards so he became friends with them just so they wouldn't kill him

  2. I feel we are forgetting what happened here! Jews are still persecuted for who they are. Why isn't the European Union, unfortunately it's one big state now with no borders, going above and beyond to help the Jews who are being run out of France and Germany etc by the invading Muslim 'Refugees"?

  3. I feel we are forgetting what happened here! Jews are still persecuted for who they are. Why isn't the European Union, unfortunately it's one big state now with no borders, going above and beyond to help the Jews who are being run out of France and Germany etc by the invading Muslim 'Refugees"?

  4. Can I ask a strange question some people say birds don't fly over these camps where so many people died is this true ? I have never been to visit any of these camps I always watch these YouTube videos to see all the sad stories of people who died and some serviving such awful stories ☹️😢thank you for sharing your video x

  5. I want to believe that there is a God who looks after us,to whom we can go to at the time of a crisis. I am a Hindu by belief. The only thought that prevents me in my belief is , if he is there why did he not act when so many innocent jews were burning in the ovens of Auschwitz.Hell! God even helped Hitler when Stauffenberg tried to kill him in Operation Valkyrie. Hitler escaped.
    Would some Jew friend please explain how they believe in God who is not impotent , who is just and who does not remain idle when injustice reigns

  6. how could someone do such a thing, this truly brings me to tears and i can barely wrap my head around that hitler was capable of doing such a gruesome thing. i couldnt imagine what i would do if i were a jew during the holocaust. My oma (grandma,i call her oma bc its grandma in german) was alive during this time period and she lived in germany at the time and she told me many stories that brought me to tears. i would just like to say that i am very very very infinitely against the nazis/hitler and all the inhumanly acts they committed but my oma told me that her family and many other german families were against the nazis my oma told me she would cry every night before she went to bed, she was only around 16 at the time. My oma had 4 brothers and she told me they sent letters to every house hold and if they had any men in the house they will be forced to be a nazi within the next 2 days. my oma told me her brothers started crying and her mom started to cry she said she can remember that moment so vividly. She told me that that night they had too leave they had to get away before the nazis forced her brothers to become one, so that night when everyone was home they left. they took a boat ride along with other german families to flee germany to avoid being nazis. and thats her story i can say to you that you should be grateful for the life you have to day, the ability to express yourself, the fact that you have food and a roof over your heads be thankful.

  7. I have gone through life wondering how humans could do this to others but now if they built a death camp for Muslims I would happily kick them into the oven with a smile, hatred for ones enemy can completely change your whole outlook and any civilisation is only two steps from genocide. People forget that Germany didn't want to kill the Jews they just wanted rid of them but no other country would take them, only the rich Jews that could get to Britain or America through bribes survived. Too much is made of this because of the Jewish ran media, rarely do those not Jewish get mentioned Polish and gypsys, the mentally disabled and faggots. Rarely a week goes by without a holocaust documentary yet other examples are never covered. Who benefited most from WW2? Jews and America, even Germany and japan were rebuilt while great Britain and Russia were still left in ruins and starving. Also the allies knew about the death camps for years but didn't care as while everyone else resisted or fought the Jews went to their deaths like cattle, so why risk fighting men for cattle? Most modern technology is derived from nazi work and they only ruled a few years. WW2 got us space travel, mechanisation, computers, jet engines, advanced medicine and surgery, microchips, agricultural advances and genetics. The sad truth is war is the key to humanities advances while peace breeds laziness, perversion and devolution as does religion. WW3 is inevitable and history has and will always be written by the winners

  8. I am against every war, but I see such things as a Karma. Locations such as concentration camps are the first to be very good for business, and secondly, to idolize Hitler as a most horrible man ever, so that today's war criminals can hide behind Hitler's back, while making wars all over the planet. They work very hard to show generation to generation how Yew's are the only victims in the world, and how the Germans were bad, ''Nazi' fanatics, just so that people will never wonder what was the reason that Germans had to act this way.

  9. Way to many hateful disrespectful comments on this video the holocaust did happen it is part of history and also I saw some comments saying the whole world hates Jews I WOULD LIKE TO SAY I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH JEWS SO SPEAK FOR YOUR DAMN SELVES AND THE ONLY PEOPLE LYING ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THE JEWS LIED THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED STOP DENYING THE TRUTH