Captured on Video Clip: Militaries Educating To Hurd People Into FEMA Camps

Startling video clip footage from a UNITED STATE Militaries training drill which occurred in Arizona last month reveals armed soldiers ferreting out unmanageable residents inside a simulated internment camp while function gamers shout for food and also water.

The Militaries will unquestionably declare that these workouts are to get ready for abroad battle and also line of work objectives, yet UNITED STATE Military handbooks have actually made it clear that such procedures additionally relate to the Continental USA (CONUS), and also will certainly be made use of versus American residents throughout a nationwide emergency situation.

Worries over such workouts have actually been elevated after the statement of Jade Helm, an across the country army workout readied to start in July throughout which soldiers will certainly run covert among regional populaces.

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  1. This is the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen! No US Marine would ever take part in something like that. Those of you who has never had the balls to stand on those yellow footprints need to themselves then by all means, stop being a puss and step up to that plate and after just the boot camp alone, you'll know why this vid is just bs

  2. I'd rather take my chances free then take my chances being forced into a camp and shot . The military is working for the citizens . It bas to do what the citizens say . The whole government works for citizens not the other way around . If we are too stupid then we would still be too stupid. But we are not so stupid . We need to fire these ass hole anti American "rulers".
    Fundamentally they are not doing their job if they tell us what to do . It is not supposed to be backwards , or secret . How can it be secret if they only are supposed to do what we them ? How the hell could we not know what we told them to do ?

  3. REPENT: Consider: the "Covenant with many" and the "New World Order" could happen this month as President Trump is helping REFORM the United Nations. Reform means new laws. Will they establish mandatory days of no work which oppress the Jews and oppose the commandments and laws of the God of Israel, the ONE TRUE GOD of the whole world, our Creator and Savior?
    Will the man of sin be revealed as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church which ALREADY replaced the laws of God and His holy Sabbath times of no work as prophesied in DANIEL 7:25?

    Are WE, Christians, etc. the apostate Church living according to the Sunday Law and "holy" days of rest and remembrance celebrations established by POPES (Sundays, Christmas and Easter, etc.) opposing Yahuveh, the God of Israel's written holy days commandments in LEVITICUS 23 and oppressing the children of Israel and His saints which follow the TRUE Sabbath days as written in the Bible? Deuteronomy 4:2 says not to add to nor diminish our God’s commandments.

    President Trump can help RESTORE the written holy days as prophesied in DANIEL 7:21-28, IF, IF, IF WE "repent and turn from our wicked ways", and tell our President we want the written holy days of no work in the Bible to be the standard of our days of no work for our nation so we can truly be "One Nation Under God."

    ALL judgment against all nations is found in LEVITICUS 26 and DEUTERONOMY 28-30.
    Declare YOUR decision; THIS IS the "Valley of Decision" and the battle for our eternal life. DO NOT let our leaders make mandatory the false days of NO work.

  4. Now, who is in charge !! Who ever is at the top must be removed by any means . This was planned out way before Trump got in office. I'm thinking there is a few people that needs to be removed. They are rewriting our constitution by taking all our rights, sounds like communist like China who really is taking over everything. Now they control everyone in government. I'm sure the UN is part of of this agenda.