“Conspiracy Theorists were right!” – One Globe Federal Government – Penis Morris/ Sean Hannity

DM:”Those people who have been yelling ‘oh the UN is gonna take over … global government’ …”
SH:”Conspiracy Theorists”
DM:”Conspiracy Theorists … they’ve been crazy, but now, they’re right! … it’s happening.”
SH:”When Geithner said he would be open to the idea of a Global Currency last year, those Conspiracy people have said and suggested that for years. You’re not wrong.”

G20 Top in London has actually strategies prepared to relocate the Federal Book as well as SEC under the control of the IMF. This is under the semblance of Sychronisation of International Financial Policy. The global lenders (that currently regulate cash as well as have enormous political power) are pressing to relocate all their regulated financial systems under one globe federal government, which they would certainly regulate. These exclusive financial systems have tricking names like Federal Book, Financial Institution of Canada, etc. Individuals inaccurately assume that these establishments are federal government regulated financial institutions– they are not, they remain in truth exclusive financial institutions run by unelected people.

Nations worldwide, consisting of the United States as well as Canada, have actually blown up of the capacity to publish their very own currency/money to these global lenders as well as their misleading establishments. These lenders run the globe since they regulate federal governments via the printing of their cash. Federal governments obtain their very own cash from these exclusive lenders as well as have to pay rate of interest to do so.
Tax obligation payers are stuck to the costs. That’s why the United States populace owes Trillions of bucks, as well as Canadians owe some 500 B to these lenders.

Timothy Geithner quote:.

Americans view any one of these clips to comprehend:.

Canadians remain in the exact same watercraft– view this motion picture to comprehend:.

A lot more on Sychronisation of International Financial Policy:.


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  1. Hi there people
    I used the audio sample from this video in an attempted emotional piece of deep chilled dubstep production
    sorry I'm not trying to spam my song here for publicity, just seeing if anyone might feel a bit more at ease with all this shit going on in the world right now, If it ain't your cup of your tea that's cool 🙂

    Many apologies if this post has been off topic in regards to the video clip.

  2. lol hahah see conspiracy people had it right on world government,….IF you arent familar with it yet, you need to do some youtube searches of these speakers talking about implementing a world government just listen it is true, doesnt mean were going to end up in fema camps, it just means they want more power of money globally

  3. Oh course and to Hitler's followers fascism was the way forward. I rather have a one world government and no wars. What could this potentially Royal leader want that 7 billion people can't offer without realising. We are already paying the bills of 200 world governments. I rather have 1 government that spends a quarter of that. More efficient.

  4. It started with the Rothschilds and then they couldn't be the only bankers (after they took the wealth of England in a market manipulation on 6/18/1815, upon the conclusion of Waterloo and Napoleon's loss) so they funded other royal bloodlines to start other "competing" banks.
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild (who funded/founded Bavarian Illuminati on May 1 1776) said "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws."
    The banks, (mainly the Rothschild barons) run the world.

  5. Learn about all aspects of the New World Order, including the upcoming reincarnation of the Antichrist, who came up with the idea for the New World Order about 4,500 years ago. He will be brought back to life using modern DNA technology, fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 17:8 This is proven in my FREE book I just released at the site below, including who the Antichrist is, how the New World Order started/progressed, what is to come, and what you should do. Peace! samaritansentinel (dot) com

  6. The UN is using the phony "GLOBAL WARMING" nonsense still to push Agenda 21 and other UN initiatives to control the population (that's right…death panels) and control the world's wealth. We, the people, are merely drones in their evil game.

  7. You are so right, they want one world government in order to control us in various ways. Those who protest will be put in Fema-camps probably in these huge cans they have everywhere. The rothschilds and rockfellers are earning billions by creating war, terrorism and medication..

  8. The thing is, if their intentions..the evil were to unite us with freedom and peace, I wouldn't argue, the thing is they want to have control over the whole worlds population by creating a world order. By introducing high tech "security", which means videocameras everywhere, all these "antiterroism"-laws and much more scary stuff, like FEMA-CAMPS, and strange huge black cans their putting everywhere in usa…this is serious, and will in fact happen..unless we fight for our freedom!

  9. Yes, it's the same people that ultimately in control the international financial institutions (IMF, WB, IBS, FR, etc.). Unfortunately, i can't change the video. I no longer have time to devote to these topics. And please keep in mind, that the vast majority of people can't grasp the fact that the Federal Reserve is a private bank, let alone be able to digest the exact control structures of international banking.

  10. I don't watch TV news any more — it's almost all garbage but they sometimes slip up and we occasionally get a dose of reality. For me, what's interesting is how Hannity (he's a complete piece of shit, by the way) catches himself about to say "conspiracy theorists", changes his mind, and says "conspiracy people" instead. Because, they know that the term "conspiracy theorists" is supposed to mean "crazy person" which is not what he wanted to say. Anyway. It's a rare moment on TV.

  11. @LiamistheBest13 the people pushing for one world government are the same people causing all the wars and suffering. They are the biggest criminals and biggest deceivers. Spend time researching topics like NWO, UN, CFR, IMF, World Bank, Vatican, the various Secret Societies such as the Illuminati, Freemasons etc. and you will see how everything is connected and how the same people are behind all this. The names of Rothschild and Rockefeller will pop up over and over again.

  12. Don't forget those chemtrails that they've been drenching the globe in for the last 12 years. They will eventually kill you, which they are meant to do. Study those, also in relation to GM crops, the Gates/Rockefeller/Monsanto coalition, aluminum resistant crops. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.


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