10 Surprising Holy Bible Verses You Will Not Think

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This is NOT a pro-Atheist or Anti-Christian Video clip. It additionally makes no effort to be pro-Christian or anti-Atheist. Its merely just what the holy bible claims in video clip type. That’s it. What individuals remove from it is, greater than likely, established by their very own preconceived notions of just what they assume the Scriptures claims, or just what they assume it implies.

Please do not classify me a Bible-hater or a Scriptures pusher and also cast a disapproval after this video clip. All I ask is that you be truthful concerning just what the holy bible claims and also simply take care of the message, not the one that brings you the message … its NOT concerning just what I think or do not think. Its an effort to have a look at just what one of the most PREFERRED publication on the planet needs to state concerning some attractive UNPOPULAR and also culturally warm subjects.

The holy bible has actually drastically affected the societies of nearly every individuals team on this whole earth. Its most likely a smart idea to see just what this enormously convincing manuscript needs to state concerning specific topics that might affect the habits of those that STATE they stick to its trainings.

Whatever you think concerning the holy bible, you obtained ta confess that it does state just what it claims … so allows take close consider a few of its lower recognized teachings.

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Think it or otherwise, the Scriptures claims:.

1.) God Despises individuals that function iniquity.
2.) God is the leading reason of fatality amongst human beings.
3.) God developed wickedness.
4.) Jesus damaged the Sabboth (and also was still called “sinless”).
5.) Ladies are not to talk in church.
6.) God triggered households to cannibalize each various other.
7.) God regulated moms and dads to eliminate a disobedient child.
8.) God maintains individuals from being conserved.
9.) God determined prior to time started that would certainly most likely to paradise and also that would certainly go to heck.
10) Jesus claims if you do not dislike your family members, you can not be his devotee.



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Comment (0)

  1. I honor you with a thumb up.
    You are absolutely right because HE is God, He has the power and ability (eg. to kill and to make alive, compare Jobs and Jonah, Abraham and Moses). HE can DO everything and BE anything but we can't. (HE is the "I am who I am").

    Sound like a tyrant, right?

    His righteousness of fairness, right and wrong is not what we were taught. (His way is not our way, His thought is not our thought).

    He is real not a religion (Religion is just a sign board pointing to God, trying) but is invisible to us and He is not what the church and pastor say who He really is because they try to depend God and say HE is a good guy. God is neither a good guy nor a bad guy but He is the Creator (yes even for good and evil which are both His servants to serve His purpose), an objective driven being. He created all of us.

    That is why, I believe wholeheartedly (not blindly) this God, His name is YHWH, the Creator GOD not a morally driven GOD. I believe not because I hearsay or read whatever book or scroll that men wrote, but I seek evidence of what I hearsay and read and found the evidence which I personally experience HIS reality.

    Since then, HE shown me HIS name and let me enjoy my heart desire (like "heaven") that I did not even pray for it and brought me through "hell" that I have never believe I would so "unlucky" got it except for that death He spared me. He even shown me all the reason why. He even stop me from going to church and kick me out out church even though I struggled with HIM with my own human understanding that I learnt from all the famous churches and pastors. I Keep a journal of my encounter with HIM ever since. I can send you the evidence if you want to.

    I am a researcher in Science and Technology and a passionate inventor, I own a self-funded R&D and manufacturing company which HE led me into it and given me all that I need (Resources like materials, tools, knowledge, money and time etc.) to make what HE shown me happen even I am like Jonah running away from HIM but HE is still faithful.

    Go to my channel and read the "about" and know a little bit of what I believe (there are much more if you are interest to know more).

    YHWH is real and HE is not exactly what the christian and church say who he is and that result from many are ignorant of YHWH the Creator, just like many reject Donald Trump based on his moral standing though he is doing good to the nation.

    I frequent your channel and Donald Trump twit (he is a God sent President, support him against the Democrat and Establishment).

    Though the bible (bible itself is already an error) has many errors and even it is true that God is not what you think who HE should be (but HE desire your return just like sin and Satan desire human kind), that should not stop us from finding the truth and HIM embedded in the errors and lies written in the bible. Just like some food and medicine have some amount of poison but we still eat it.

    Seek HIM, desire HIM and acknowledge HIS works and doing, and HE may show HIS reality to you in HIS time.

  2. I will expail this quotes through the original ancient greek bible and herbew, (it has some latin too).

    The kill … child
    It was samuel words towards saul (he ordered it)
    he was before christ, the old testament was corrupted and
    that's they reason christ came to take all their sins.
    Samaria… open
    the same as the above
    Psalm 137:9
    was made by man without god
    god said it himself there would be many heresies
    Psalm 7:11
    written by man and asks god to help him kill his enemies
    i will continue it later
    i am out of time

    in answear to your comments, what you should believe is the words of the ones that wrote the words of god (the 11 apostoles)
    christ himself told there would be a lot of heresies.

  3. yeah…I think it's quite funny, that most christians think that the bible is literally the "word of god" & follow "his teachings", but they will pick out the things that they don't like. I think it's quite hypocritical. There's quite a bit of fucked up things in there

  4. You sound like a Demon preaching to sheep anyone who has known god or knows him now will see the lies you have placed your twisting the verses use the whole bible sections you read from you can't understand a parable if you only hear a fraction of the word


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