NWO: the Vatican, one globe faith and also enforcement of the mark of the monster

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Credit ratings to priest Nicholas at NicholasPoGM, my faithful sibling in Christ and also real male of God. Please see his internet site at remnantofgod.org and also his video clip internet site at john1429 org.

As Christians prepare for the brewing return of the Child of one of the most High, Holy bible revelation shows that the globe will certainly quickly experience unmatched modifications, which will certainly take the fantastic bulk people by shock.

Satan, the papa of lies and also opponent of God, understands his time is brief as pythonic indications aim the brewing wonderful return of the Child of God and also Saviour of the mankind, Jesus the Christ. Satan is utilizing the Antichrist pope and also a myriad of secret cultures and also federal government companies to regulate, control and also reduce the globe’s populace with activated catastrophes, presented incorrect flag strikes and also various other fear-mongering strategies to reduce specific legal rights and also produce a one globe federal government consisting of a one globe faith, armed forces, economic and also financial system, with the Antichrist pope leading the cost. They are producing mayhem in the world, in expectancy of Satan’s last effort at tricking the choose of the God– the 144 000– that maintain the rules of one of the most High and also the belief of Christ (Discovery 14: 12).

Satan, as the incorrect messiah, will certainly come in the flesh and also impersonate himself as Christ to a tricked globe, which has actually denied the Christ of the Holy Bible and also His Regulation of love, His divine and also everlasting 10 rules. The incorrect messiah will certainly alter the 7th day Sabbath rule of one of the most High which indicates Him as the Maker to SUNday, the age-old day of the sunlight, in collaboration with the Antichrist pope, to produce Sunday regulations worldwide.

Sunday praise will certainly be the enforced mark of the Vatican monster, the forecasted initial monster of Discovery 13 and also slut of Babylon in Discovery17 This is just what the Vatican monster needs to claim concerning its mark: “Sunday is our MARK of our authority […] The church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact”.– Catholic Document of London, Ontario. Sept. 1,1923

Those that approve Sunday instead of the regulated 7th day Sabbath of God will certainly pay an unpleasant rate for disobeying an upset God. The 7 plagues of one of the most High will certainly quickly drop after those that will certainly take the mark of the monster (Sunday remainder and also praise)– instead of observing the rules of one of the most High consisting of the 7th day Sabbath rule (Exodus 20:8-11) – and also their destiny will certainly be an undesirable one, as discussed in Discovery 14:9-10

Sunday observation could not be discovered in the Holy bible. Christ or His apostles never ever commissioned or regulated an adjustment in the day off from the 7th day of the week to the 1st.

The Catholic church has actually also confessed this truth with the adhering to declaration: “From beginning to end of Scripture, there is not a single passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week [Saturday] to the first [Sunday].” Catholic Press, Sydney, Australia, August,1900

Quickly, every male, lady and also kid will certainly need to make an essential choice that will certainly modify their destiny: either welcome Christ and also His rules consisting of the 7th day Sabbath rule or follow the Vatican’s pope and also his day off

In Discovery phase 14 knowledgeable 12 and also in Discovery phase 22 knowledgeable 14, those that will certainly get immortality in Christ’s kingdom are recognized as the saints that maintain the rules of God and also have the belief of Christ. On the other hand, those that voluntarily decline God’s rules, consisting of the 7th day Sabbath rule, will certainly need their disobedience given that the incomes of wrong is fatality (Romans 6: 23).

Make the best selection: pick Christ, placed your belief and also rely on the Child of God, maintain His divine 10 rules with the Holy Spirit (Exodus 20:1-17) and also Christ will certainly compensate you, as a present, with immortality in His long lasting kingdom of love, tranquility and also pleasure (Discovery 14: 12; Discovery 22: 14).

For more details and also video clips on Christian ideas and also revelation, please go to www.theseventhdayremnantchurch.org; www.remnantofgod.org, www.sdrministries.org, www.john1429 org, together with cregen124 and also NicholasPoGM’s YouTube networks.


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  1. We are set apart ones in Hebrew thereby separating us from so called christians we are supposed to be a peculiar people Yeshua's true remnant
    I pray those "christians " that are of Laodicean church an all not of Philadelphia are not fooled by cheap magic tricks of the enemy


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