Rap Artist Gunplay Warns of Illuminati and also Bilderberg Team’s Power

Rap artist Gunplay speaks up concerning the Illuminati and also the Bilderberg Team, the usually failed to remember Illuminati front-group that satisfies every springtime to outline the training course of the globe. Is Gunplay into something, or is he simply an additional conspiracy theory philosopher? Celeb Illuminati conspiracy theory concepts have actually ended up being incredibly popular. Right here’s the tale.

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  1. That's silly nigger Gunplay is their true nature. But he's one of those few actually was a decent brain. But this "hole thang" about being irresponsible with Firearms as your schtick really pisses me off. Like you know pulling a gun on your accountant? 2nd Amendment is precious to me, I don't want to "gibs dems" you know democπŸ€s.

  2. Goddamn I hate Mark Dice!!! Piece of shit racist mother fucker, honestly I truly hope he dies, if I didn't see this video was about Gunplay I would have never clicked and supported Dices page. What exactly was the point of briefly trying to talk ghetto while quoting Gunplay???? Gunplay is from a totally different world than this born rich faggot Mark Dice, he is apart of the industry, he does have his eyes open, just because of his background it makes him completely inept to his surroundings??

  3. Nope, because you know why that rapper was pissed about paying all that income tax money, and you said nothing. You just trying to pimp us, instead of inform us. That rapper was on point and you skirted around and chose to criminalize the guy instead of highlighting the truth. Everybody wants to make a dollar, but you could have used this to educate people more. The accountant should have had his ass kicked, there are ways around being taxed and his dumb ass didn't do it for his client. So he got pay the Bilderbergs like he some common thug, because his accountant sold him out. Anyways, educate when you can and stop pimping people.

  4. So I got a serious question???? So,when we hear things on social media about celebrities so called "dying" they're really dead but they create a clone, to replace them and everyone is like the whole entire article fake??? Lol idk maybe I'm over thinking this πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  5. it is suppose to be more than just guns, that true but more of a distraction of deeper sorts… if guns are so targeted it is because we will be in a position where they do not want fighters, no way to fight back no shoot outs…that means something very controlling and world movement is coming sooner than later and all will be shocked, the only way this very long standing plan will l not happen if there are super natural that intervenes !


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