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FACTS: Why Trump is Right on Chloroquine! | Louder with Crowder

Steven Crowder exposes the media’s lies regarding chloroquine and also connections it right into the Left’s readiness to place public lives in jeopardy in order to rack up factors versusTrump Want to see the complete program everyday? Join #MugClub!….

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TIGER KING TV Review – Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin

Netflix struck gold with their real criminal activity docu-series, yet none are as absolutely head scraping as well as past understanding than “Tiger King”. Joe Exotic is a gun-toting, flamboyant man with a mullet that runs a tiger zoo. He…

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"Alex Jones" Exposed 28 – "a guy that lived in Austin" (Kevin Booth)

“AlexJones” phone callsKevinBooth” a person that resided in(************************************************************************** )” on the(Discordian )(************************************************* )(**************************** )(************************************************************* )however on his program he states “Me as well as Kevin are old good friends, this is bad right here …” The job is up, you…

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Peter König zu Coronavirus und EVENT 201 – IWF, FED -Wer profitiert von der steigenden Verschuldung?

Peter König ist Ökonom– Volkswirtschaftler – und geopolitischerAnalyst Er battle über 30 Jahre als Mitarbeiter der Weltbank worldwide tätig, vorwiegend in den Bereichen ‚Wasser’ und ‚Umwelt’. Während dieser Zeit arbeitete emergency room parallel ca. 10 Jahre bei der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (THAT)…

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