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World War 3 (WWIII) According to Albert Pike (1871) - Zionist vs Islam - Muslims

World War 3 (WWIII) According to Albert Pike (1871) – Zionist vs Islam – Muslims

2Esdras 15 & 16 (Apocrypha). Matthew24:6 And ye will come across battles as well as rumours of battles: see that ye be not bothered: for all these points have to occur, however completion is not yet. Matthew24:7 For country will climb versus country, as well as kingdom versus kingdom: as well as there will be scarcities, as well as plagues, as well as quakes, in scuba divers areas. Matthew24:8 All these are the start of sadness. Dr J. R. Church goes over the vision of one of the most renowned Freemason leader in background, Albert Pike (1809-1891).
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BePreparedNews - posted on July 23, 2014 1:21 pm

crazy! This is bible prophecy and what he is saying is going accord to it.

simon bendor - posted on September 15, 2014 11:29 pm

Sam Tak Albet Pike never wrote any letters outlining any world wars he had served in one and was sick of them, He is not the most famous Leader of Freemasons in History

99knight - posted on November 14, 2014 6:13 pm

did he predict when will it happen? ww3?

abraham lincoln - posted on January 11, 2015 2:17 pm

If we seeing this according to abrahamic religion historical perspective and read about all of the prophet friend and enemy in 3 Abraham religion.
This war is between Zionist vs Muslim.. As we know Zionist or a lot of jews are the one whom not obey god,denied the messages by God's,and killed the messengers even after seeing the miracles of them, so they are the enemy of god and if we see definition of Muslim, Muslims are the one who submit their Will to God, Obey their god and accepted the message by God's messenger. So the Jews which who submit their will to god,obey god at the time of moses they are Muslims too.Christians are not included in this war because I read the Bible there is not a Christianity in the bible. Even if Christianity claimed their religion is from Abraham too, their concept of God is different from Abraham's belief. If they joined in this war, might be they just a pawn for the Zionist to defeat muslim. While according to muslim belief, christianity is a religion which is corrupted by rome so they just want to correcting christian faith and they will ask Christian to work together and beat zionist. I think the Christianity and the other religion except Islam, is not a threats to Jews.
I talk to rabbi and Muslim scholar about this.

igor stein - posted on July 14, 2015 1:12 pm

Muhammed was The Ant-Christ

Joyie Echteld - posted on November 18, 2015 3:34 am

Every person is the same. Good or bad you decide. Allah speaks too people. Too you in paticular. The book of allah might be from the devil as well (Koran). Remember this. Its logical to think it might not be the truth as the bible and koran speak of devilish things.
Not everything in the Koran or Bible is meant to be good. There are devils too.
Decide for yourself whats true and whats good.
Is it good to kill or hate someone who can be ur friend?
Is it good to kill or hate someone who looks like you and has a family just like you?

What if u were that person? You may say "The devil disguises" . Start asking urself this. Aren't you the devil if you know that u have killed someone or that you hate someone so much you expel him from your society?

Does your death bring happiness? Wake up. No one in the world deserves to be dead.
I dont have a god. I am not saying it doesn't exist nor im saying he does.
But what i do know. The bible and koran are good for some parts.

However i do think that the Koran has some extreme thoughts. Yet again. If you believe in allah, himself will give you the power, information and his book. Not some guy from the store or family. Meaning not everything in the book is created by Allah.

I have muslim friends i know it is "Allah and only Allah decides". Why let ur parents or someone else speak too you whats good or whats bad. It doesn't make sense why people have extreme thoughts just by being influenced by someone else than Allah.

If you listen too other people and not Allah in my eyes you are not a muslim.

XodiacHD - posted on December 1, 2015 4:08 am

The creation of Israel in 1948 was the birth of World War III. Already, the same Communist-Marxist powers which have taken over Israel and the United States, have also taken over Iraq and Afghanistan. After conquering their nations. They bring in two Illuminati puppets for the newly elected Democratic leader. The people are told they have a choice in voting. Democracy! What a scam! In reality, their control is GONE! Next on their Illuminati hit list is Syria, whom they've been blaming lately for attacking Jordan. ISIS (CIA/Mossad) is another Boogie-man like Al-Qaeda (Al-CIA-da). Whatever it takes, the Illuminati will demonize Syria and take them out! Then Jordan. Then Iraq. Then Iran last (or some order like that). The Illuminati will conquer all of the Middle East. That's why the wanted Israel in 1948. Albert Pike predicted WWI, WWII, and WWIII before his death in 1892. Pike has been 100% accurate so far. The reason why is because it was all PLANNED this way.

It appears that U.S. President Obama or his successor, possibly former Florida governor Jeb Bush in 2016, will lead the U.S. into an unprovoked war against Iran. Everything is being staged. Tragically, there will be much needless bloodshed! Iran will defend itself by launching attacks against America. It is very possible that we will see a preemptive U.S. nuclear strike on Iran. The sabers have been rattling for a long time, war is imminent. The global criminal elite want Iran badly and they will get it!! Once this final acquisition is completed and another million people are dead (if not several million), the Masonic Zionists will own and control the entire Middle East.

Shortly after Iran is conquered, Chinese troops will likely police American streets, torturing and shooting patriots and Bible-believing Christians who fight against the New World Order. The North American Union will be completed in 2012 (which will effectively eliminate the Mexican and Canadian borders). Elderly Losing Their Paid Homes Because of High Property Taxes (Hell will be filled with bankers). America is falling apart across the board. Our economy has gone to ruin because of the criminal Federal Reserve Banksters (owned by the Rothschilds and other Illuminati families). As of November 2011, 10,400,000 American Families Are Sliding Toward Losing Their Homes in Foreclosure.

We will likely see schools and buses being exploded in the U.S. with massive bloodshed. Iranians have not attacked anybody. Much lying propaganda is being fabricated to demonize the Iranian people. They ought to call it “impropaganda,” because there's nothing “proper” about all the bogus and malicious propaganda being fed to the American people. We are being lied to. We already know that WWIII will be initiated by tension between the Arabs nations and Israel, and the world will be dragged into the conflict. I don't claim to understand it all, because I don't. I DO know that Satan is the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4). I DO know that the Illuminati exist (who are Satan's willing servants, who rule the world), and that they have 100% hi-jacked the United States government via The White House since George H. Bush took office as U.S. President in 1988.

Islamic Jihadist refugees are being forced into European and American culture. Our national borders are deliberately being left wide open by Illuminati-controlled top government departments for illegal immigrants to flood in by the tens-of-millions. President John F. Kennedy Warned The American Public About A Secret Society Takeover. The Illuminati's goal is to destroy national borders, Christianity, individualism, traditional marriage, the family, culture and language. To succeed in constructing their diabolical New World Order, they first have to destroy the Old World Order. This is what the Latin words displayed on the back of every U.S. one dollar bill mean… “ONE OUT OF MANY,” or, “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”! The Latin 'E Pluribus Unum' means 'One out of many' (that is, order out of chaos) which is the foundation of the New World Order's plan to unify the world's governments, courts, religions and money systems under one umbrella so the world can effectively be controlled. WHY THE ANTICHRIST MUST COME SOON!!!

SONGWRITERS COVE - posted on December 18, 2015 4:10 pm

Praise God and his wonderfull Son Christ Jesus !

Prince Michael - posted on January 7, 2016 3:41 am

Please  don't hold  your breathe  Jesus  Is not Christ  Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, (Jesus )saying,  That  I am Christ; and shall deceive many.  Iam Prince  Michael  you Liar

Prince Michael - posted on January 7, 2016 3:41 am

Please  don't hold  your breathe  Jesus  Is not Christ  Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, (Jesus )saying,  That  I am Christ; and shall deceive many.  Iam Prince  Michael  you Liar

Prince Michael - posted on January 7, 2016 3:41 am

Please  don't hold  your breathe  Jesus  Is not Christ  Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, (Jesus )saying,  That  I am Christ; and shall deceive many.  Iam Prince  Michael  you Liar

Will Derby - posted on October 24, 2017 1:18 pm

The Albert Pike letter to Mazini was written by W G Carr in the 1950's to sell a book "Pawns in the Game"

Harjeet Singh - posted on December 20, 2018 8:20 pm

End then Kali will come according to Hinduism and kill lucifer

Hiram Abiff - posted on January 20, 2019 3:38 pm

Lol second coming of Jesus …. get outta here with that malarky

Kevin Perkins - posted on April 27, 2019 3:11 am

Lying douche bag.
Pike clearly instructed you freemason monsters to make the 3rd world war between CHRISTIANS & MUSLIMS, in a way that they mutually destroy each other ( nothing to do with Zionist, in fact, zionists are behind it ) and that is why you're cramming Muslims in to Christian Cages, so we'll fight each other, you monsters!

global amnesia - posted on May 28, 2019 7:19 am

you have no historical, orthodox christianity, you have just a name of christians, not power of christ, thats why you never will be able to stop satanic movements in your country, if you cant stop the wind, you will never stop the waves

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