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Dr. Dan treats a coronavirus patient [馃帣 PODCAST]

Dr. Dan treats a coronavirus patient [馃帣 PODCAST]

Dr Dan Eichenberger, MD, is back to fire even more peace of mind right into a sensationalized scenario. As Christians we are regulated to follow what our federal government desires us to do in this scenario. But that does not imply we need to acquire right into the worry brought on by a media that is hyping this whole coronavirus problem. The media is skewing statistics and also reporting half-truths.Dr Dan fixes the false information and also offers us a first-hand account of dealing with a coronavirus person himself. Here are a few of the inquiries and also problems Frank and alsoDr Dan review:. 路 Why is the media not reporting the fatality price? What is the fatality price? 路 How infectious is this contrasted to various other infections? 路 You’re dealing with a coronavirus person now. What medications are functioning? 路 We listen to a whole lot concerning squashing the contour. Explain what that is, and also will we succeed? 路 California guv Gavin Newsom assumes 25 million in his state of 40 million will certainly obtain contaminated. Is that practical? 路 We hear we have less healthcare facility beds thanEurope How does that offer the incorrect perception? 路 Why is Korea past the trouble however Italy still has it? 路 What do you assume will occur in the United States with the infection price in the coming months? 路 What is your recommendations to the Christians and also non-Christians paying attention to this? Please share this with others. 猬 猬 猬 猬 猬 猬. 鈼廎acebook: 鈼廡witter: _ Turek. 鈼廔nstagram: 鈼 Pinterest: 猬 猬 猬 猬 猬 猬. Website: Store: 猬 猬 猬 猬 猬 猬. iTunes: Spotify: #(******************************************** )#Frank Turek #CrossExaminedPodcast.
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Corey Weedon - posted on March 22, 2020 8:04 am

Finally brother someone sees the truth people need to wake up to Jesus Christ and repent so that it will be easier in their lives鉂ゐ煍モ殹

Tim - posted on March 22, 2020 8:10 am

cool content

Diba Anwar - posted on March 22, 2020 8:33 am

Finally, Pope Francis decided to apply the bible …

Pope Francis asked priests on Tuesday 10.03.2020 to "have the courage to go out and go and see" the patients suffering from the coronavirus, during his morning mass delivered in his hotel residence, the Sainte Marthe house.

A TRUE Christian should, according to [Mark 16: 17-18], drink poison and hydrochloric acid without worry, speak new languages, grab snakes and by extension not be eaten by dangerous animals, cure coronavirus patients by touching only with their hands on their bodies …

Jesus said to his true disciples : 鈥淭hese are the miracles that will accompany those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak new languages; they will seize snakes; if they drink some deadly drink, it will not harm them; they will lay hands on the sick, and the sick will be healed 鈥漑The Bible, Mark 16: 17-18].

But why the pope, if he is truly a believer, to go and see the sick them self, touch them and heal them !!! ???

Everyone knows that Christian believers do not really have faith, and to escape this test, they used the magic word "PARABLE" !!!

younghorseVRH - posted on March 22, 2020 8:34 am

Thank you so much Dr. Turek . God bless you and yours

Lennert Pan - posted on March 22, 2020 9:04 am

For those who still are not taking COVID-19 seriously and/or praying for divine intervention, then consider this: in recent years, about 1,700 people died every day in Italy, from all causes. Today 800 people died in Italy just from the virus.

Ken Cress - posted on March 22, 2020 9:19 am

Praise God almighty..
Mahalo for the podcast

Frank 00 Fleming - posted on March 22, 2020 9:20 am

Just because this is a creationist channel, I doubt he鈥檚 even a doctor. Creationists are liars from the get go.
Not people who can be trusted.

Janez Marn - posted on March 22, 2020 9:25 am

what is wrong with this doctor dude… Italy health care system is top of the line… much better than US… especialy the Lombardy region that is one of the most wealthy regions in europe… so stay home people

Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel - posted on March 22, 2020 9:31 am

Whoever is reading now is a time to love and forgive those that hurt you even if they dont deserve it. Lets stand in unity. God bless you all

Frank 00 Fleming - posted on March 22, 2020 9:35 am

So Iran鈥檚 leader says Covid-19 is an American plot directed specifically towards Iranians.
Completely ignoring the fact it is killing indiscriminately around the world.
Sounds just like the persecution complex of creationists.

Jermaine Jones - posted on March 22, 2020 10:03 am

I knew it wasn't as bad as the Hollywood Media said it was…

John Sparks - posted on March 22, 2020 11:20 am

March 19th 2019 400000 cases of the flu 41% hospitalized if you're running out a masks somebody didn't do your job quit lying about it. Last year 68000 people Died from the flu 52%. Were vaccinated . So out of all the people that died half of them were vaccinated no difference. People will get sick and probably die and with one trillion dollars lots of people are going to get filthy rich.鈽犫槧鈽

Anthony Maurice - posted on March 22, 2020 12:16 pm

Coronavirus is good news for the atheist.. they believe in thinning out the herd Darwinism馃憤

BigIdeaSeeker - posted on March 22, 2020 1:12 pm

If these guys are wrong about this, especially with such an air if certainty, God鈥檚 gonna be ticked. Seems a bit haughty to me. Frank鈥檚 own words, 鈥淚s this responsible reporting or is this a ratings grab?鈥 Yes, don鈥檛 be in hysterics, but do be cautious. Seems appropriate caution is lacking here.

BigIdeaSeeker - posted on March 22, 2020 1:19 pm

44:00 鈥淪occer star died of Leukemia.鈥 That鈥檚 not false reporting when media says coronavirus brought on this death. The reality is all around us- in your churches, people- there are compromises immune systems and THUS coronavirus will have a great impact on lives lost.

Al膿theias - posted on March 22, 2020 1:23 pm

Great content!

Jesus Is our LORD Amen - posted on March 22, 2020 1:59 pm

Check the book: The eyes of Darkness from Dean Koontz published 1981.
In it you will find a lot revealed about this virus on page 193 .
Do not be deceived. Put your trust in Christ .

May the Lord our God be with you, wherever you go.

Torah Keeper - posted on March 22, 2020 2:02 pm

We need more of messages about the MOST HIGH instead of being reminded 24/7 of this manmade cold. People focus on the wrong things my focus is on the PROBLEM SOLVER instead of the problem.people shouldn鈥檛 have to tell people to practice personal hygiene use wisdom and teach the children from the get go

Psalms 91:7-8 7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; [but] it shall not come nigh thee. 8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

Lee Rios - posted on March 22, 2020 2:36 pm


Dark Knighte Apologeticz - posted on March 22, 2020 4:29 pm

Good points. God bless. I love this ministry. Keep up the good work.

Adnan Salihovi膰 - posted on March 22, 2020 6:14 pm

Allah is Only God and Jesus is human

True Colors - posted on March 22, 2020 7:27 pm

Italy's corona death count is 5,500 or so…Big Number Right? Well only if you think .0001% of Italy's Entire Population is allot.

Kathy D - posted on March 22, 2020 8:39 pm

Thank you Frank and Dr. Dan.
I'd like to 'Love' this video.
What a breathe of fresh air to hear from a man in the trenches. And who is not succumbing to hysteria.
I am healthy, so are my children, I work for Starbucks and can still work, and
I Do Not Want to Panic.

I am Canadian but I will take Dr. Dan's and Frank's wisdom and apply it to my life up here. God commands all Christians to follow governing bodies unless they tell us to sin, even us here in the Great White North.
Blessings and G'day, eh.

True Colors - posted on March 22, 2020 10:16 pm

370,000,000 Lives Matter

Originalyou - posted on March 23, 2020 8:19 am

What about the images of people laying in rows on hospital floors in Spain… Because there are not enough beds??!!

Filmbay - posted on March 23, 2020 3:41 pm

A communal act of faith in Christ. Amen

God is a divine community

In John 17 we are given a glimpse of God as he is in himself. Three times Jesus speaks of the Father鈥檚 love for him (verses 23, 24, 26). Jesus prays that those who trust in his name may 鈥渟ee my glory that you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world.鈥(verse 24). From all eternity the Trinity has existed in love. The Father loved the Son before time began. God has always existed not as a solitary individual, but as divine community. God is persons-in-relationship. God is not only loving; he聽is聽love (1 John 4:8, 16). Love is his identity: it is that which defines his character.


August Life - posted on March 23, 2020 3:56 pm

I agree that mass hysteria is not necessary and listening to media instead of peer reviewed sources is not wise. That being said there is no reason to criticize a government who is taking extra measures to reduce the instances of Covid-19, which is new.

G K - posted on March 23, 2020 4:24 pm

If deaths don鈥檛 exceed the deaths that occur from the common flu, it will be because of all the measures that have been taken and put in place for people to follow. What should be done along with keeping track of deaths of coronavirus, they should keep track of people dying from the flu. See if those numbers are much less than other years. Keeping in mind that all the measures have been put in place mostly since March, 2020 and the flu season started back in October. Hopefully people are more meticulous with hand washing and staying home when sick in years to come , so we can cut down on the flu killing so many yearly by just practicing preventative measures.

Jack Jones - posted on March 23, 2020 6:00 pm

Great interview Frank! As Christians we ought to be the standard bearers for clarification and truth-telling. Christ is the very definition of hope and love and it is a most loving thing to help ensure veracity in regards to the issues and concerns of our time.

Tim Veal - posted on March 23, 2020 7:11 pm

Dr Turek, I love your channel and you do a great deal to spread the word of God and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. However, here in England we have just been put on lockdown. Our media, especially BBC news is not funded by advertisers and is paid for by the public in form of a TV licence. They have no need to lie to make money. If anything if there was a conspiracy about how bad this virus really is then surely they would benefit more from exposing that. The Doctor states that less people are dying in America on a daily basis but infections are rising. Simple mathematics surely comes into play here. The virus does not kill immediately, so the amount of deaths against a rising number of infections is obviously going to be a lower percentage, you will only have an accurate figure of deaths when you look again in say 15 days when the virus has potentially come to fruition. I checked the European data that the doctor mentions and you have a lot of cases in the states and it is rising, please check it out for yourself. This is serious. People are dying. Please please do not think that this is media control. In these times of need we need to make sure that our loved ones are protected and safe. Thank you Dr Turek for everything you do in your ministry you are a good man and I have utmost respect for you.

螒 - posted on March 23, 2020 8:18 pm

I thought the same until a health nut friend of mine got it and is in icu. without a ventilator he would be dead it is far worse than the flu

Ajk Music - posted on March 24, 2020 8:22 pm

We will leave from this one

Forged Not Cast - posted on March 28, 2020 3:37 am

Hey Frank, a week later 1200 people have died. What are you trying too say? What is your agenda?

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