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Students Celebrate Marxist Che Guevara

Will Witt mosted likely to the Che Cafe at UC San Diego called after communist revolutionary Che Guevara as well as asked what pupils think of it. Check it out! source ...
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Who Is Karl Marx?

When writing The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx believed he was offering a roadway to paradise, however almost everywhere his concepts were attempted, they caused disaster as well as mass murder. In this video clip, Paul Kengor, Professor of Political Science ...
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Trivia: Kardashians vs. Communists

Have university student been showed anything concerning Mao's social change and also the murder of 10s of countless individuals? Or do they recognize extra concerning the Kardashians? Will Witt mosted likely to discover.???? Brace on your own. source ...
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Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

When people think of humanity's greatest evils, why is "communism" rarely mentioned? After all, it has caused more suffering than any other ideology, including Nazism. Watch Dennis Prager's account of communism's horrific legacy. Donate today to PragerU! Have you ...
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Fireside Chat Ep. 118 — Why Millennials Support Communism

More than a 3rd of millennials currently authorize of communism. Dennis Prager goes over why this troubling reality is an outcome of the bad education and learning system. Students today are not shown to comprehend the wickedness of communism as ...
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