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Fireside Chat Ep. 118 — Why Millennials Support Communism

More than a 3rd of millennials currently authorize of communism. Dennis Prager goes over why this troubling reality is an outcome of the bad education and learning system. Students today are not shown to comprehend the wickedness of communism as well as why it is a harmful ideological background. 5-Minute Video: Why Isn’ t Communism as Hated as Nazism? 0: 00 Hello And Thanks For The OttoLove 0: 50 Millennials Approving OfCommunism 2: 00 Dennis Studied CommunistAffairs 3: 20 Our Poor EducationSystem 4: 49 Most Important Subjects ToLearn 6: 09 Live Free OrDie 7: 26 Tremendous CommunistSuffering 10: 06 Preferred Pronouns Are Not AnIssue 11: 55 EnforcedIgnorance 12: 30 Too Much Money Given To Israel? 15: 53 Romanticizing The LGBTLifestyle 20: 38 Key Attributes ForSuccess 24: 06 We Have Defined SuccessIncorrectly 25: 08 Who Cares What College You WentTo 27: 40 What Does Success Mean? 30: 30 All Firesides Are Valuable AndRelevant
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