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Is Capitalism Moral?

Is Capitalism Moral?

Is commercialism ethical or money grubbing? If it’s based upon greed as well as narcissism, what’s the very best alternate financial system? Perhaps socialism? And if commercialism is ethical, what makes it so? Walter Williams, a popular economic expert at George Mason University, responses these concerns as well as even more. Donate today to Prager U! JoiningPrager U is cost-free! Sign up currently to obtain all our video clips as quickly as they’re launched. DownloadPragerpedia on your apple iphone or Android! Thousands of resources as well as truths within your reaches. apple iphone: Android: JoinPrager United to obtain brand-new boodle every quarter, special very early accessibility to our video clips, as well as a yearly TownHall telephone call with Dennis Prager! JoinPrager U’s message listing to have these video clips, cost-free goods free gifts as well as damaging news sent out straight to your phone! Do you go shopping on Amazon? Click as well as a portion of every Amazon acquisition will certainly be given away to Prager U. Same terrific items. Same affordable price. Shopping made significant. SEE Prager U! FOLLOW us! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Prager U gets on Snapchat! SIGN UP WITH Prager REQUIRE! ForStudents: SgPaX. JOIN our Educators Network! Script:. Many individuals think that free enterprise commercialism is self-indulgent, also unethical. They state it has to do with greed, regarding a wish for cash as well as power; that it assists the abundant as well as harms the inadequate. They’re incorrect. The free enterprise is not just financially premium, it is ethically above differently of arranging financial habits. Here’s why. The free enterprise asks for volunteer activities in between people. There’s no browbeating. In a free enterprise, if I desire something from you, I need to flatter you. Let’s state I cut your grass as well as you pay me twenty bucks. What does that twenty bucks actually indicate? When I most likely to the grocer as well as state, “I want to have 4 extra pounds of steak” He, basically, claims to me, “You desire a great deal of individuals to offer you– breeders, truckers, butchers, as well as packagers. All these individuals need to be paid. What did you do to offer your fellow guy?”. “Well,” I state, “I cut my fellow guy’s grass.” And the grocer claims, “Prove it.” Then I supply him the twenty bucks. Think of the cash that you have actually gained as a certification of efficiency. It’s evidence that you have actually offered your fellow guy. People implicate the free enterprise of not being ethical due to the fact that they state it’s a zero-sum video game, like texas hold’em, where if you win, it indicates that I need to shed. But the free enterprise is not a zero-sum video game. It’s a favorable amount video game. You do something great for me, such as provide me that steak as well as I’ll do something great for you– provide you twenty bucks. I’m much better off due to the fact that I valued the steak greater than I valued the $20 as well as the grocer is much better off due to the fact that he valued the $20 greater than he valued the steak. We both win. Ironically, it’s the federal government, not the free enterprise, that develops zero-sum video games in our economic situation. If you make use of the federal government to obtain a food stamp, a ranch aid or a service bond out, you will certainly profit– yet at the expenditure of your fellow-countryman. Isn’t it a lot more ethical to need that individuals offer their fellow guy in order to have a case on what he creates as opposed to not offer others as well as still have a case? But, a great deal of individuals ask, what regarding large firms? Don’t they have excessive power over our lives? Not in a free enterprise. Because in a free enterprise We, the People, make a decision the destiny of firms that desire our service. Free market commercialism will certainly penalize a firm that does not please consumers or stops working to make use of sources successfully. Businesses, huge as well as tiny, that dream to succeed are held responsible by the individuals that elect with their bucks. And, once again, it’s the federal government that can reverse this. For the full manuscript, browse through
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Seth M - posted on September 12, 2019 4:28 am

Wow. What a great video. Terrific job

tutaAbsoluta - posted on September 12, 2019 7:24 am

come on……there's nothing the clients can do about Amazon, Nestle & other huge companies. Or if you think they can…..please explain it to me…..

tankiebihhh - posted on September 14, 2019 3:13 am

capitalism is only a system, theres nothing moral or immoral about it. its the capitalist pigs that take part in this system that are immoral.

Richard Lieber - posted on September 15, 2019 5:05 pm

Capitalism has its weakness, for one it is motivated by profit that can lead to environmental disasters.  When profit  is the only thing that matters and the opportunity to make more profit without regard to others and their environment, this will lead to dissension and possibility of war. Capitalism can and does lead to self destruct if it is not controlled by responsible management, if responsible management is not present then to prevent it from imploding and destroying the environment government must step in and put restriction or regulations on its abuse.  A good example of this is in Oregon, the Columbia river has a dwindling salmon run in it. Some of the fisherman would love to see all restrictions lifted so they fish all they desire and make the profit they desire, the problem that would result is a complete destruction and depletion of the native fish run and in the long term would put all fishermen out of work permanently and society would never have the enjoyment or pleasure of eating fresh fish from the river.  Regulations prevent this disaster from taking place because of uncontrolled greed that capitalism engenders in selfish men. As long as there are men with greed and selfishness and irresponsible to the environment, we definitely need regulations to limit Capitalisms destruction. Capitalism could be a blessing with good responsible people but a destructive curse by selfish men and irresponsible government that we are saddled with today.  Capitalism does lead to larger corporations which leads to economic inequality which we have much of today.  This Capitalism can be a blessing as I stated , but can also end in a very big curse and large destruction for all under it.

Kill Me - posted on September 15, 2019 9:34 pm

No, Capitalism is not moral. Please stop making a complex topic look simple and black and white when it is not.

loli poi - posted on September 16, 2019 9:41 am

A very interesting argumentation and I agree in several points, but I have also some critic. Firstly the market mechanism is based on the price theory which basically means that the prices have to be closest to the actual production value to be a win-win situation. This is only possible in a perfect competition scenario, which will not prevail in a absolute free market situation as monopoly and cartel building do destroy this mechanism. Therefore the government has to provide the framework for a near perfect competition scenario for the market mechanism to work properly and thereby interfere with the "market". Secondly there are many goods, that are not possible to be accounted for by solely monetary means. Air, infrastructure and natural resources are an example. For instance if a company is polluting the air in its area the people living there are paying the price of bad living conditions and falling house prices. The costumers of the company however might be on a completely different continent. As the company is not taking this cost in their pricing mechanism the cost remains unpaid and the ones how carry the consequences are not the ones benefiting. This is the case with many often public resources and this a point where the pricing mechanism and therefore the market mechanism fails. In economics these are called negative externalities and these can only be prevented by the government interfering. What governments should do in this matter is to internalize this costs to the firms so they take this cost into account and let their costumer pay the real price of their product.

In general I believe that the market mechanism is the most efficient way of organizing ones economy, but even this mechanism is not perfect and needs adjustment. In that regard the government has to provide the necessary conditions and this is not possible with the often by liberalists proclaimed nightswatcher state.

Lapis Lazarus - posted on September 19, 2019 5:40 am

If you over simplify it. It'd be nice if this were true

Брянский - posted on September 19, 2019 10:28 am

This video should be called so: "Why the absolute majority of the planet lives in absolute poverty, and the vast minority in excess of luxury or Paradise for the rich is made by blood and then poor".

And then we'll talk about justice)

Robert Parker - posted on September 23, 2019 8:46 pm

true Capitalism or laissez faire capitalism s the only moral economic system because it's between the consent of parties involved as individuals.
Crony Capitalism is the proxy by Corporations and State and therefore not voluntary consent by the individual.

Edy Rovelo - posted on September 24, 2019 1:03 pm

Right on!

ChanMan 2802 - posted on September 26, 2019 11:23 am

So I'm guessing "What you put in is what you get out" is considered immoral?

Emil 666 - posted on September 27, 2019 9:46 am

There is a difference between Predatory free-market capitalism (the one that we currently have ) and Productive social-capitalism. Make your decision wrong and you doom us all.

MiDaS_KoNShUS - posted on September 27, 2019 6:11 pm

IMMORAL. By playing this "game" we all LOSE & we ENSLAVE OURSELVES! Do no buy his "trade time for fiat$" POOPYcock. I can envision a much RICHER and FARRR better world for my "fellow man" & I than this proposterous pyramid fiat casino rigged scheme we refer to as "Capitalism & Free Trade" & would endeavor to embattle it into mortal combat, conflict to the death, or WAR with the_NeW_GlobaL_ConstitutioN ofHumanRights_&SoverignTy. TheGloballyUnifiedDeclaration: "WeThePeople_WithdrawOurConsent_ToBeGovernedOrRuled_ByALLorANYotherThan_OURSELVES" & "WeThePeople_FormallyRecognize&_Declare_ALLcurrentlyExistingOperatingAuthorativeEntitie's[ALLnationaL&WorldGOVERNMENTS], as ILLEGITIMATE.andROUGE.+aGLOBAL+CRIMINAL+ENTERPRISE (S) of MONOLITHICscope/&TREASONOUSintention_2EnSLaVE humanity+along_with+our children's future planetary inherritance, as well as that of our progenitors.
The Rebirth of Humanity through a New Institution of Egalitarian Idealized Social-Economic ReOrganization into a vastly more benefecial, intuitive Collective. A ResourceBased_Economy_of abundance "of_By_&_4,_WeThe PeopleOfEarth"
Simply we, Trade Competition for Collaboration. Counter Conflict with Cooperation. Exchange Artifical Scarcity, DebT & MOB/CIA Economic's for instead…A WORLD OF INFINITE LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE, one not ruled by The Motivation For Profit & Individual Material Accumulation to satisfy our Spirit & Psyche…. But instead a world Ruled by Mankind's LOVE for Mother Earth, Himself/His Faith, His Neighbors, & a realization/activation of Collective Conciousness Elevation to a Level of Unity or Cosmic Awareness (Akasha) where ALL of Creation exists as separate parts which ALL belong in Harmony AS ONE or Part of THE Greater Whole, Divine Resonant Frequency or Creator Source Energy. It resides within us all in our DNA, the inactive dormant genetic codes which even now grow anxious for activation! A New World where egalitarian/ free energy wielding/ sovereign creative humans shed their ancient metaphysical bonds of debt enslavement & power squabbling over proverbial heaps of squalor. This New Improved Mankind stands Aligned with his Brothers & All Life Universal, ReForged as a positive force of "Human Exceptionalism" with a new Egalitarian Resource Based Economy of Potentially LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE. Furthermore, due to (global energy independence) the resulting Benevolently & Collectively Managed, Global Natural, Industrial, Technological & Innovative (inTUITiVE) Resources will be at Humanity's full disposal and serve the common Man & his Progeny for Millenia to come on planet Earth & Beyond into The Stars.
Dare to Aspire. Aspire to Dare. ReaL_EYES>realize<REAL_Lies. AWAKEN NOW HUMANITY, REJOICE & CLAIM this SAGE's Visionary Manifestations for the FUTURE of our ONE RACE. I am Him#11of144k, who by working from within to bring into "the here, now & soon to be", through Activation of (Old Soul/Spirit)Master_Healer_TorroidaL_Energies@Intuitive Empath×LiGHTworking[SAGITTARIUS_&theCUSPof_REVOLUTION]+Master#11×infj×Indigo×Vega*SEED Vision & Realization of Makind's Greatest Destiny would gift to ALL a TRUE Utopian Reminiscent Society and way of life. Supportive automated robotic manufacturing infrastructure, the aquisition/production of raw materiel's, free shared exchange of knowledge, mechanical engineering, new technologies & breakthrough 8iNNOVATIiVE8iDEAS8 throughout ALL NATIONS AND PEOPLES OF EARTH & BEYOND for the benefit of all, FOREVER & EVER, IN GRACE & GRATTITUDE, AMEN. ALOHA & may Akua BLESS your path(s) with the illuminated Light of Truth & Love, not the Reigning False light of Deception, soon to meet Oblivion via Exile.

p.s. BLESS & RIP: Nicola TESLA & John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr
Demand Truth & Disclosure from the US Government. DEMAND SHUTDOWN OF NATIONAL CLANDESTINE SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE APPARATUSES. CEASE ALL FUNDING. REPATRIATE EXISTING GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS & SATTELITE INFRASTRUCTURES(the internet) and INSTITUTE A HISTORICAL FIRST FOR HUMANITY. govern yourselves, boxchain/self governance via Voip & CrowdSource ALL PATENTS, INNOVATIONS, & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY as the " Legacy for a Better Humanity & Earth"…… screw the middlemen who scheme against your interests & plot your demise and euthinization……. Namaste-balance-yin÷yang

Syeda Shobnam - posted on September 29, 2019 7:48 pm

Why would government do that what is the go vestments benefits

Autonova - posted on October 1, 2019 11:11 am

It’s amoral. It has no morals. It doesn’t care if it causes catastrophic climate change or millions of people to lose their homes. Those are called externalities. All that matters is profit. It’s not an evil system, it just doesn’t recognise the evil behaviour it encourages.

Kev Shre - posted on October 2, 2019 1:00 am


S N - posted on October 2, 2019 5:20 pm

Free Market is a fantasy that does not exist. Its pointless even discussing this theory. Huawei ZTE experience in the US, US banking bailouts, US medical R&D funding, Military R&D funding, Bombadier C Series experience. The US government has been deciding which company makes money. So all this "Moral" fantasy the presenter is alluding to does and has never existed in his own country.

ATruePointGuard - posted on October 4, 2019 5:01 am

Very conveniently forgot to point out that the corporations pay politicians ie the govt to bail them out and pass laws and regulations that benefit the corporation. Funny they want less govt but then run to the govt to bail them out. Corporations run the government

Tyrina Moran - posted on October 5, 2019 8:25 pm

Thank you for a very good, well explained notion of Capitalism

Norma Tranquilina - posted on October 6, 2019 12:47 pm

This is the kind of shit I cannot stand when people are advocating for capitalism. They imply servitude to others! They're using collectivist premises. That's against the whole concept of Capitalism! That we are free individuals and that our individual rights are protected!

Norma Tranquilina - posted on October 6, 2019 12:48 pm

Capitalism is the ONLY moral and rational system FIT for a human being's survival

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