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New Curriculum “Deep Equity” Deeply Racist, Demonizes Whites.

Equity Programs Are Indoctrinating Kids Across United States, Tells Teachers To Reject Parents WhoDisagree Via FoxNew s. source ...
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Eastern Carver Co. Schools Exposed

Eastern CarverCo Schools Exposed: A Scandal of Politicizing MinnesotaSchools School Equity Agenda - Scandal on the politicizing of Minnesota Schools that currently entails Attorney General KeithEllison A stunning, extensive Special Report that reveals careless costs by a Minnesota School Board ...
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Woodbury MN: Racial Equity Training

The City of Woodbury is aiming to accomplish racial equity by being associated with a year long educating program. source ...
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Teacher Exposes Racial Equity in Schools

Teacher, Aaron Benner, claimed the area was stopping working black pupils by permitting mostly-black class to be interfered with, as well as by not holding misbehaving black pupils liable for their activities. He just recently resolved his revenge fit with ...
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