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What other errors does baptismal regeneration promote?

What other errors does baptismal regeneration promote?

The mistake of Baptismal Regeneration is not the only one. Other mistakes are related to it.
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Lynn Oakes - posted on January 17, 2020 1:46 pm

Gods Word is Awesome!!!!

John Brown - posted on January 17, 2020 3:28 pm

Thank you for doing this. I was raised in the Boston movement

lallen - posted on January 17, 2020 3:39 pm

This is a great format! You should do more of these!

W. F. - posted on January 17, 2020 7:00 pm

I was in coc many years
Your exegesis was used by the Lord to free me

Ignatius of Antioch - posted on January 18, 2020 4:59 am

You call them knowledgeable but I doubt they finished high school personally and what they said isn't what the CoC teaches in seminary or at most churches. You cite Romans 3:28 but the context is works of the law of Moses all over from verses 20 to 28. Now you cite Romans 4:1-4 first lets address so let's first address faith "pistis" and believe "pisteuo." "In the case of "pistis" in Iliad 2.124 was what troops did when they ceased fighting pledged to a truce. In "pisteuo" in the "Commentary on Sophocles:" of "Philoctetes" chapter 986 "pisteuo" was the pledge and act of guarding people all night. John 3:36 the opposite of "believe" or "pisteuo" is to obey and if you don't obey you won't be saved. Now lets do a history lesson in Genesis now Luther and you guys are biblically illiterate and have only read Genesis 15:6 lets go back to Genesis 12:1-5 here God tells Abraham what to do and that he is going to give him a vision and inheritance if he obeys him and he does and it continues all the way until Genesis 15 with stuff had to do to obey God not just work but with a pledge. Work outside of your pledge or fidelity to "fide" (to show Luther didn't know Greek or Latin well) won't save you. Now back to Romans verses 1-2 are talking about initial justification which man has does no work and this is another area where Protestants don't read context go read Ephesians 2:1-6 with 8-10 you're first unable to undo you wrongs and need an act of God and then without way to work he saves then you are delivered to works. Romans 2:6-9 says your rendered salvation according to your works and you will suffer the consequences for not doing them. Romans 6:22 says your saved by sanctification and James 2:24 says you're saved by works, not by faith alone. If one of you says it is working before men read the chapter and see there two separate unrelated parts with a different context and those words are not on the same end. Romans 5:1 doesn't say "alone. and Galatians 2:16 is another verse about the law of Moses. Your argument about the thief the cross doesn't work because of 6 verses 1 being Romans 4:25 which says that justification didn't because and until the resurrection. Your election and predestination verses aren't all salvation or absolution or limited. In John 12:32 Jesus says he will draw all people to himself so is election absolute? Galatians and Timothy say it's not.

Jeff Robertson - posted on January 18, 2020 8:45 am

What's this in my feed????!

Well, hello, Matt Slick! This is cool..

Elias - posted on January 20, 2020 5:03 pm

Amen brother !!! i am saved always saved .. there is nothing to keep my salvation there is no works to save it or keep it . Not everyone in the pulpit is called to the ministry or to feed the sheep and or if they are then maybe they should wait a little longer and learn the word of God correctly.. i know way too many who are not called or are not ready to go and preach in the pulpit .. but its ok we are not perfect

hqdisoch - posted on January 24, 2020 3:14 pm

The bible is very clear, to test EVERYTHING, and to hold on to what is good! 1 Thessalonians 5:21… one mentions how they probably didn’t graduate from High School… does that statement makes you better? And do you know them to make those comments? Is the what the Holy Spirit is asking you to say? Did those that agreed without doing it yourself, can you take this guy’s word just because he has videos in youtube? Even when i was studying to become a paster for the assemblies of god, under the course for reaching out and salvation they teach baptism of water and spirit bit the sweep it under the rug due to a 17th century that evolved in the sinner’s prayer, and also studying through assemblies of god, sample after sample of baptisms in the book of acts and then doing my own studies and questioning everything else, I was able to come to my own conclusions and that was with being born i to a roman catholic environment, so as another statement says “i was raised in the boston movement”, i’m sure you had a bible you could open and read everything for yourself, why didn’t you? And those that were liberated from their teaching… why didn’t you question things? Imm sure everyone is aware how satan deceived Eve and Adam, because they never called upon His name to get things straighten out with God and the snake (satan) in the first place, oh please!none of the apostles had an equivalent of a diploma, yet see what they did, don’t minimize someone because of their education either. Everyone who is lead by the Spirit of God is aware of humility and grace when preaching the gospel of Christ, arrogance is never from the Lord.

dustin combs - posted on February 18, 2020 8:09 pm

Hello I am currently at Church of Christ member. I am having trouble holding two Sola Fide I found your video very helpful. Can you please help me understand the promise given and Acts 2:38 of the Holy Spirit given to all that are far off as many as our Lord God will call. That alone paired with the sermons and discourses by the ante-nicene fathers who appear to have taught or at least thought that baptismal regeneration was a thing is very convincing. I've read your article on this and I see direct quotes from Ephesians 2 but that is only the apostolic fathers quoting scripture. From what I see these father were saying, is that water regenerates a person. I personally believe regeneration precedes faith but I am having a hard time with reconciling Acts 2:38 the promise and the overwhelming body of evidence at least I feel that the church fathers who would have had direct access to the apostles believed that you are regenerated buy water baptism. I only Googled ante Nicene Church fathers on baptism and found many many quotes that seem to point this way thank you

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